EXTRA – Watch highlights from Sead Kolasinac – Arsenal’s newest defender (video)

Arsenal’s new signing Sead Kolasinac was voted into the Bundesliga team of the season this summer, and the Gunners were very lucky to have got him on a free transfer. His stats make Moreal and Gibbs look ordinary and he will be an essential part of our title challenge next season.

Not many Arsenal fans had really heard of him before his arrival from Schalke, so I thought it maybe a good idea to find a video showing his skills and ability from last season’s games, so you can see what we are getting.

Watch and enjoy!

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  1. He’s a beast, Just what we have been missing, am excited, if wenger gets the right players before the first game, I will give him my 100% support, am always going to support the team, it’s wenger that needs to use the players well, don’t put lacazette on the forking wing pls..

    1. It seems Giroud changed his mind about leaving the club the moment he saw Sead’s signing. He’s like “this dude is capable of sending those wonderful crosses I need in the 18 yards box. I ain’t going nowhere”

  2. Yeah he is an absolute beast. And of course we have been dying out for someone like hin for over a decade.

  3. Someone should please prevail on Wenger NOT to sell Perez and to give him game time because he is a good versatile player that is pacy and can play on both wings and as a central striker. Reports on many web sites say that Wenger wants to bring in Caldrado from Juventus . If it’s true , then Wenger as usual is planning to fail .Caldrado made 45 appearances for Juventus last season in all competitions and scored 3 (three) goals!
    Lucas Perez total game time for last season in all competitions was 950 minutes . He scored 7 (seven ) goals with 6 assists .He recorded a hat trick in a Champions League match away from home last season but Wenger still shut him out! This is the player Wenger hates so much that he wants to send him away for Caldrado (that is inferior )with a bid of 17million pounds!
    Somebody should whittle down Wenger’s dictatorial power that is affecting the Club negatively .

    1. Who told you Wenger wants Cuadrado. Did you hear him say it? Is there any reliable sources to back up your claim? and why on this earth would we take up an epl Chelsea flop? This isn’t 2007 where our transfer budget was just 30m. Stop being a media brainwashed twat and analyse the rumors and do your research before spouting off your mouth.

      1. You just make me laugh ,you are a true gunner who wants the best of arsenal. How can on earth Wenger brings some chelsea’s flop by us. He better keep Lucas rather than getting that flop . To be fair Lucas is a good striker when i compare him with Walcot, Giroud, Welbeck he is far better than them. Last season they let us down they scores few after they couldnt, Games i was expecting Wenger to put Lucas to assist with winning Wenger didnt.

        i am glad Sanchez wont go to Buyern they just signed Rodrigues on loan from Madrid that Shows he is staying there is no way Wenger can strengthen Man City , He knows fans can do harm on him.

  4. After watching that and considering thats his best captions ?? He looks strong enough to cope with the premier league, isn’t afraid to stick a boot in and he’s nice and sly with the afters (in a tackle) he seems one dimensional with his ball control, dribbling etc. I reckon that he’ll give Xhaka a run for his money to see who picks up the most Red cards/ suspension. He can head the ball, All in all he’s not bad, nothing spectacular, mustn’t grumble for a Freeeebie! ?

    1. Couldn’t agree more…Looks like he will gain a few reds and yellows for sure.
      Looks tough though which we need.

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