FA charges Arsenal over players conduct against Man City

The FA has charged Arsenal for the misconduct of their players during the 2-1 loss to Manchester City.

The game was a tense one and within a few minutes in the second half, City scored their equaliser, Arsenal missed a goal and the referee sent Gabriel Magalhaes off for a second bookable offence because of a foul on Gabriel Jesus.

Arsenal players gathered around the referee in protest at his decision to dish out the red card.

The FA considers that an infringement against its rules and has charged the Gunners, according to The Daily Mail.

The club has between now and Friday to respond to the charge.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Refereeing in the Premier League has been questionable in recent weeks and that game saw some very debatable decisions.

Arsenal had control of the game and looked like the much better side before the red card.

Some decisions had also gone against them on the pitch and it was normal that they would protest yet another one.

It remains unclear how Arsenal will respond to the charge, but the FA should be very concerned about the inconsistency of refereeing decisions in matches this season.

Other clubs have also been on the wrong end of poor officiating. Hopefully, that changes in this second half of the season.

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  1. Truth is the players have to learn control. It was a loss of control that lost them the game and a loss of control that has got them in hot water. There is no excuses!!!!!! We will never learn if we dont sort it NOW.

    1. Reggie, what was out of control??? players crowd the ref all the time. Hell, thats exactly what City did to win their penalty? What did the players do for the club to be CHARGED???

      1. We lost the game and lost our heads because they lost the control that they had. Dont try to blame the ref or the opposition, it was the players of Arsenal who did what they did. The ref didnt foul their player in the box, the ref didnt scuff the penalty spot, the ref never caused Gabriel to do two silly things in a short space of time, that got him sent off. I didn’t think the ref had anywhere near the bad game some try to portray to find an excuse but even if he did, it wasn’t an excuse for the players to lose their composure and calm.

        1. reggie, the offense is what what happened in the 59th minute of the game. you are listing a bunch of incidents when we are being charged for one. The only thing that happened in that minute was the players crowding the ref. stay on topic.

          1. They are being charged for not keeping their players under control. I suppose Ramsdale and Gabriel scuffing the penalty spot and Gabriel running and shouting like a mad man at the referee, while being surrounded by players obviously having a go, is being looked as our of control. Im sure if Arsenal didn’t think they were they will have a good reply. They wont be able to use the ref as an excuse though.

  2. And City escape punishment when one of their players runs to the home fans and goads them, the FA is a joke

    1. No he didn’t escape, he got booked just the same as every other player who takes their shirt off, no more or no less.

  3. I’m not sure Arsenal players did or said to the ref that was any different then what we see every weekend. But transparency has never been the FA’s strong point.

    I wouldn’t bother with submitting a response. The FA is going to protect Atwell, at least publicly.

    Regardless, whatever slap on the wrist is given will pale in comparison to the truth that losing their cool cost them three points.

    This will.make them better.

  4. Arsenal players did not react any worse than any other players in similar situations after very tight decisions in passionately fought games.
    Why is there no similar public charges laid against refereeing errors?
    This is to deflect attention from the contentious decisions and discourage further forensic scrutiny of referees and VAR.
    As long as Rodri and Man City are similarly charged I will have no complaint.
    Nothing will come of it. Forgotten tomorrow.
    What ever the outcome City took 3 points we took zero.
    As far as the game was concerned City cruised to victory against a batling valiant Arsenal.
    On a positive note the fact that we are complaining about a loss to the best team in the land shows the level of confidence we now have.
    Its a step by step process and we are on an upward trajectory.

  5. Players crowd the ref every single week. Of course when Arsenal do it, we get charged. Everyone knows the list of favorites that FA has. And if you aren’t on it, they couldn’t care any less.

  6. But we are told by “realists” that there is no bias against The Arsenal and/or corruption within the fa and referees association.

    One has to laugh at such nievity, especially when one witnesses it with their own eyes.
    Will we see what kind of punishment the referee gets – probably awarded the semi final leg at Anfield.

  7. If that game was played in my country, Indonesia.
    The Referee will be punched not only one time.. wkwkwk..
    When Rodri strike down Martinelli, not even yellow been given.. But Gabriel only step on the pinalty spot was booked.. and what happened to Saka also..

    I don’t really know, if even any Clubs can complained to the referee.
    They also made mistake.. And who must pay for their mistake..??

    It will be fair, if the referee also given a red card, I mean when they make mistake, the must not allowed to lead 3 games ahead..

  8. We should prepare a dossier of the refreeing errors and present it to the FA and ask them to present their views. If players are red carded for their mistakes so should the refs be suspended or sacked. It cannot be a one sided affair. No penalty for Ode, no red for stomping Tomi, what a joke!

  9. This is stupid. I’ve seen players apart from Arsenal protests any dubious decisions taken against them by bias match officials. Really ridiculous.

  10. Even the FA saw the poor officiating from the referee, why did not they curson him, what is the penalty given to that referee.

  11. Very very unfair on Arsenal. Hope they do a proper strongly worded appeal, not fair at all.

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