FA Cup Champions – Arsenal deserved winners in exciting tie

Arsenal have beaten London rivals Chelsea to become FA Cup champions today, earning ourselves entry to the Europa League.

The Gunners started the game very-much on the backfoot, with the Blues pushing forward with force, and even took a reasonably early lead thanks to Christian Pulisic.

A clearance deflected into the path of Olivier Giroud, who cleverly found team-mate Pulisic to open the scoring, but from that point onwards, the match turned.

Mikel Arteta’s side really reacted to the goal in emphatic fashion, and that pressure resulted in us getting a penalty to level the scoring, with Cesar Azpilicueta pulling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to the floor inside the box to give away a clear penalty.

The Gabonese striker had no hesitation in putting the ball away, sending Willy Caballero the wrong way, and we continued to push on from there.

Arsenal were the best side for the last hour of the match, continually turning the screw in on our rivals, and that man Aubameyang was the man to put us in front also.

PEA lost his man to pass the last defender to give himself a one-on-one with Willy, to chip it over the goalkeeper and into the open net.

Not long after taking the lead, we get a fortunate advantage over our rivals with the referee giving a second yellow card to Matteo Kovacic which allows us to see out the game a man up, but upon reviewing the replays, you can’t help but think that the second bookable offence, wasn’t so bookable…

You can’t blame us for enjoying the win, and the fact that we were already on top, as well as winning the match, can leave those disgruntled Chelsea fans firmly in their place.

The best team won, and the best team will now be playing in Europe.

Arsenal are the DESERVED CHAMPIONS, and there is no doubt that the future is bright.

Will the club now back the manager in the transfer market to bring us back into contention for the top-four, as well as the title?


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  1. Last chance saloon taken!!!!
    What a performance! We just love Wembley!! So glad for the team, Luiz (😉), Arteta and us fans!!!
    What an end to the season!!
    Thank you boys, brilliant!!
    Now Auba, please sign!!!!

    1. Yes Sue. Up Gunners. we deserve it. we need to sign Thomas Partey and Coutinho. Aubemayang will sign the contract

    2. Sue I told you didn’t I ? 😉 And you’d think Arsenal winning 13 fa cups prior to this one they’d know how to hold the bloody fa cup 🤦‍♂️😂😂🤩🤩

      1. You sure did, Meg… I mean Kev 😉
        What a performance!! Everything gelled again… so many great displays…
        Roll on MOTD… and oooh to be hey, Kev 🏆

        1. You’ll never doubt me again Sue 😉😂 oh it was lovely Sue I’ve seen us win it many times but I think I’ve enjoyed this more than any of the others 😁🏆yeah Sue to be a gooner 😁👊 Auba 🤩🤩

          1. That’s for sure!! Now polish your crystal ball ready for next season 😉
            It was sweet, Kev, real sweet >Giroud>Cashley 🤣 loved it!!
            Now we wait for Auba news….

          2. Haha Sue I’m having it cleaned for the community shield 😂😂🏆 and sweeter the Totts must compete in the qualifying rounds of Europa League 😉 and Wolves will have to win the Europa League to play European football next season 🤣 Arteta should have brought the contract and a pen to Wembley with him 😂😂

          3. It’s even sweeter, Kev 😜 haha he better had!! Speaking of pens, did you see that picture of Emery? He left.the lid on!! I’m not being mean, but it did make me chuckle!

          4. Haha the pen lid he won’t get much written on that paper 😂😂 Its been a long time since I left school but I still remember how to remove a lid 😂😂😂 take it in Sue number 14 I’m just loving it I just wish Auba hadn’t of lifted that trophy with the base still attached 🤦‍♂️😂

          5. It was hilarious!!
            It’s been a while since he last lifted a trophy 😁 let’s hope he loved the feeling and will fire us to more next season!!

          6. Haha he needed me to show him how it’s lifted 😂😂 if he doesn’t sign now I’d be very surprised if we can win trophies in turmoil think what we can do when Arteta has his feet under the table the sky is the limit oh and enjoy the qualifiers Totts 😆😆😆

    3. Yes Sue probably the biggest game ever, in context, for Arsenal for a good few decades. Very satisfying win and desperately needed. Well done Arteta

  2. Massive well done to Arteta

    We looked like a decent team, hopefully the board will back him now

    1. Not the prettiest attacking display aside from the magical second goal. But truly a complete artful desire for the trophy. Champions before, Champions again.


  3. All hail Aubameyang! So pacey and clinical in penalty box

    The whole team also replied so well after allowing Chelsea to score too early

  4. Awww look at the smiles on their faces
    .. aww and Emi’s crying… bless him!! You’ve been immense and deserve that medal!!

      1. New if we played to our capacity we could get a result….that’s to all you arteta doubters and pepe doubters too up your and up thee arsenal

  5. Greatly impressed with many of our players.
    They gave it all…
    MA is the right man….

    Special thanx to Aubameyang(That 2nd goal was 💯,that was not a chip )

  6. I’m forced to wonder if we would have won that Europa League final had Arteta been in charge. Although we messed it up this season early on, and also I don’t know if Arteta would have been able to guide us to that final in the first place. The truth remains that Arteta seems sound and can help his team manage games very well.

    1. FA Cup started in January. Arteta joined in December. What are you saying? You definitely John but no Legend

    2. Arsenal lost the Europa League Final to Chelsea, because the players had downed tools on the head coach and didn’t turn up in Baku.
      Today the players turned up and got the result.

      1. John, this is like saying Arsenal under Emery would have beaten Olympiakos in the Europa League this year. All if’s, but’s and maybe’s

  7. Somebody in the comments called this result perfectly. Chelsea to score first and Arsenal to win 2-1. Kudos to that man (or woman) and COYFG!!!

  8. “The best team will play in Europe”?? The way you said it make it seems that chelsea arent gonna be in the champions league next season… Smh.. Congratulations for the win lads we definitely deserved the win.. We were so lucky with many circumstances but at the end the most important thing is we won! Now lets get Partey!!

    1. As things seem now getting partey is pretty hard but he is one of puzzle pieces we need next season for sure

      1. Man I really wish we get him.. Don’t think the greedy yank would pay but a man can only wish

    2. Gut said Rashid…Of cource I am really happy about winning the trophy, but we should have dictated the play much more after the red card. Arteta should have also brought on some fresh legs earlier, cause some players were clearly struggling… The first half was really nice to watch, whereas the second one was abysmal apart from Aubas goal…We got pretty lucky as well today..Firstly Chelsea’s best defender in Aspilicueta and then their best attacker in Pulisic got injured, then the soft red card; Chelsea fans should be gutted! Nevertheless kudos to the whole team for giving us a big reason to smile after the disappointing run in the Premiership! Let’s see some ambition now with some big signings!

    1. Ozil is in Turkey. I hope he met with the representatives of Turkish football clubs there, to discuss his transfer

  9. From the time we scored our second goal, the ref began to show fully where his loyalty lies.
    Now we have our own ref, bring on next season.

  10. How wonderful Auba made the tactic so, so, so so simply simple!
    Emi Martinez just kept giving Chelsea to play, and Chelsea didn’t see it , just attacking bus blockade!
    How wonderful, how marvellous!!!!!!!

  11. Good old Arsenal,
    Good old Arsenal,
    we’re proud to say that name.
    And while we sing this song,
    we’ll win the game!!

    Love the 14s on the back of all their shirts!

    1. 👍👍!fair play for your positivity Sue,even after conceding,you said we had time to reverse the game!I didn’t to comment until the final whistle just in case!👏

    1. I read that if we win the cup spuds will have to have three qualifying games for EC, not much summer for the potatoes

        1. Taylor just treated Arsenal fairly today, when Chelsea tried to kick Arsenal off the park. Look at the foul count.

  12. London is Red, Wembley is ARSENAL.

    Roller coaster season but to end with a trophy feeeeelssssss so great…

  13. Hindsight is a great thing but looking at the Chelsea players getting injured,not fit,tired…our slow start at the restart might have been a good thing,it looks like Lampard overworked his players no?

  14. So long mate. Keeps our heads up. Well done to all of u guys for winning FA Cup and automatically qualified for Europa League. Really hope that Martinez will stick to be 1st choice GK and also hope that Aubameyang Sign Da Thing. Arsenal 4 Ever

  15. I am happy arsenal won but what England has become a mockery league it was like the ref was doing anything to hand is the title. Ref was my man of the match almost or will I say all the big calls went our way..

    1. That’s a good thing, for a change we’re the ones benefitting for once. We’ve been on the receiving end for far too long. If mikel (who the media adores) keeps weaving his magic and turns this arsenal side into something special we might become the next darlings of English football and get 20 penalties a season who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️

        1. SK
          We are all jumping around, ecstatic and England is a mockery league
          I just felt he should be enjoying the moment.

    2. Yes, second yellow for Kovovic was harsh, but first studs up challenge could arguably have been a straight red. Plus Arsenal had a goal ruled out for a marginal, but correct offside.
      As Frank Lampard said in a roundabout way, Arsenal deserved to win.

  16. What joyful ending to the season. The club, the team and the fans deserve this happy ending with all we went through. Congratulations Boyz. Celebration time..🎵🎵🎼🎼 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🍾🍾🍾🍾🎉🎊🎉

  17. A well deserved win. IMPRESSED with the fightback after falling behind to that early goal. Congratulations to all the players and staffs present at Wembley tonight.

  18. 6 months in charge in his first ever managerial gig for the worst arsenal since ever and Arteta clinches his first trophy. He’s gonna be special, this trophy is gonna reinforce that in his mind and in the players’ moving forward. I think we might just be witnessing the rise of a fallen giant in the game again. Oh to be a gunner!

    1. I agree. Mikel has done wonders now let’s see if the board back him, please god they do! He was very confident on speaking of Auba staying, just pay him the 250k he wants and let Ozil go to Turkey however.

      If we manage to get Coutinho & Partey I would be over the moon alongside Saliba (who looks like a monster and is 19/20)

      Few weeks to get our business done and ready for Community Shield v Liverpool.

      FA Cup Champions, 14times and Mikels 1st cup in his 1st 6months of managing a team 👏 Kudos to the man!

  19. Yes deserved the win and probably the most important win in the history of Arsenal football club going forward. Yes we got the rub of the green, injuries, cards, penalty and substitutions all benifited us but we took them with open arms and rammed it down Chelseas throat. The catalyst for this win was Ceballos, Auba, Tierney and Amn, in that order. A massive shout to Martinez, probably worthy of being number one next season. MOms Auba and Ceballos. Most improved talented actor and winner of the Oscar Granite Xhaka, well deserved all. Arteta is now accepted by all as being a serious manager, it remains to be seen wether we can improve our league form going forwards, we all have at least more hope. Two big prizes won today, this has to be the rocket that propels us.

  20. Finally, well deserved after beating Reds,.

    We have to give MOM to Lampard, his formation was simply brilliant:

    Mount in attack with Giroud and Pulisic. No Willian.

    What a midfield without Mount and Barkley, only Kovacic.

    Brilliant stuff.

    Even if he had it right; you could see how much we were focused to not just play but win the game.

    Well done and deserved. Not a close game but a big win, could have scored 2 more for a 4-1, be just right….

    Auba will most likely stay with at least EL.

    I think choice of Niles instead of Saka was the key of this game. He lockeed that area very well and added fighting spirit and balance.

    Got to give to Arteta in this tactical game where Lampard totally failed.

    1. Lampard’s formation was brilliant, but he totally failed in the tactical game… hmmm 🤔

      1. Irony my friend. His formation was laim, therefore tactic a failure matching team.

        No matter formation; the way we step in that field was to win. Their first goal did not at all worried me; you can see how much we were focused for a win
        4′-1 would have been fare result…

    2. ONLY AN ASSISTANT COACH TOO MOGUNNA. Imagine what we could do if we has a proper coach! Don’t get that humble pie you must now be eating allover your face. Your “Assistant coach” jibe has come back to haunt you, SONNY! And make you look the juvenile you are!

      1. He is learning to be a head coach and still has to….

        He started season as an assistant coach and of course grows with experience.

        If we had more experience; we dont win city to lose Villa and almost to Watford, but in CL we still had a shot at…

        He was perfect today…

        He learns and just process for any coach..

        1. You really are a rather silly and clearly VERY young and unworldly wise individual with little humility when you are wrong. We are all wrong at times and a real man says he was wrong and apologises .

          Maybe well worth your while in life, as you are so very inexperienced, to learn that important lesson. Instead of digging yourself further into a silly hole , as your post above this does. Stop digging sonny and grow up. Then you will earn respect from those who know about life and who have many more years on their Arsenal supporting clock than you do. If you continue to insult MA without ANY cause many will join me in telling you where to get off. Sonny!

  21. Where are those who were calling us underdogs? I told you underdogs will be known after the match and now we know them. Never write off Arsenal in FA cup. You do so at your own peril. It is 2017 all over again! Congratularions Mikel and the lads.

  22. I think we used all our boss cheats today! The FA cup was just like in FIFA! We were the final boss for Chelsea and we played in legendary mode. As if that was not enough we even had our 12th man on the pitch! Jokes aside well-done everyone! The players did it and am so happy for such a beautiful end to the season! Now Raul and Edu, wake the F up and complete the Sarr and Partey deals, secure Aubz and Balogun and we are ready to go! COYG!

  23. I think Arteta needs a massive thank you. I am always amazed by Auba. I hope he stays. The whole team were brilliant. We are the Arsenal 🙂

  24. I’m soooooooooo Happppppyyyyyyyyy. I just want to party till tomorrow. Well done Arteta, well done team. Aubame bloodclat yangg…. Get Partey in NOW

      1. Yes Sue. I had my heart in my mouth after Chelsea’s goal. Then when we got a penalty, knowing Caballero has a good penalty saving record in combination with Auba’s bad penalty scoring record, I was somewhere between heaven and earth. I screamed my lungs out when Auba scored. Oh my word, Happy days Sue.. I don’t think I’m gonna sleep tonight. Lol. The huge excitement on Arteta’s face as he hugged the players says it all. Looking forward now to a good transfer window (including Partey and auba signing da ting) auba now has the highest number of goals tally by any epl player since he joined in 2018

        1. I must admit, I threw a little strop after they scored 😂 But it was fine, it was never in doubt haha!!
          I don’t think I’ll sleep either, be on here all bloody night!!
          He’s world class, no doubt about it.. and I hope tomorrow we hear the news we’ve all been waiting for – that he’s signed!!

    1. I can only agree!if people thought Lampard had a difficult job what about MA?and not once did you hear him use excuses or throwing players under the bus like a certain ……!I see a lot of Wenger in the way he conducts himself!!

    1. Ya….. I was surprised too….. I only heard the commentator say it was narrow…… they would’ve only got a free kick anyways….. and Martinez would get a yellow.

      1. Many posters on different sites have said it was level with the line, so I think we may both be wrong! Good to know that VAR reviewed it (seems like it) and didn’t stop play..

  25. Baku defeat hurts at that time…..Glad we got a revenge. Well just like 2017, we defeated mancity and then chelsea to win the trophy.

    Finished the season 8th, our worst finish but to end with a trophy feels so good… that should boost Arteta…. to think it isn’t his full season. Incredible feat…

    Special shout out to Emery and Ljunberg for holding it down (Emirates cup) until Arteta bounced in.

    1. It did hurt, but it was avenged today!!
      I must admit, it was nice to see Giroud subbed and Luiz have a very good game against him! We always do it the hard way 😄 All in all a fantastic day for the gooner family!! 👌

  26. I already started, Sue! Very merry already 😜. Well done to the boys – COYG!!!

    Bring on next season! 👍😀😀😀

  27. 73years supporting Arsenal and this was just as sweet as the other wins !! Had great difficulty stopping tears to my eyes !!

      1. Thank you and bless you Sue ! Watched it thanks. Even better now I’ve learnt we’ve pushed the Shower into Qually and 3 hectic one-offs right at the start of the PL season !!

        1. I’ve just read that sp*rs’ new kit has been made with 100% recycled polyester fabric, which is made from
          recycled plastic bottles 😂😂 and they call us bottle jobs hahaha!!
          They really are the gift that keeps on giving!!

    1. 49 years a gunner always brings a lump to my throat winning cup final congrats to MA and all the lads.

  28. You’re right,no negativity tonight, to all the fans let’s just celebrate for now COYG!!😀👍🍾🎈🎉

  29. Auba is simply the real deal, the way he made way with 3 players trying to block him was simply top class, brilliant as that unsane finishing. Makes it look so easy but not at all.

    Not many of us would have imagined him score when he gets the ball with 3 players blocking his way.

    He is an incredible player who seems to only get better…

  30. The all team did great and deserve 10 as Arteta.. We got caught at start, can happen but everyone gets 10 for overall game.

  31. ÌMikel Arteta has been in charge of Arsenal for eight months and has won the same amount of major trophies Spurs have in 21 years.

    1. Well and in those 8 months he’s managed to beat Liverpool, man city, Man u, Chelsea…… Even Wenger struggled with that.

    2. Was just thinking about those champions league finalists 😂 doesn’t ya winning mean the have to play an extra round of EL qualifiers as well??

      1. Just saw this on Twitter, AlexLaca9:
        Arsenal and Leicester will enter the Europa League at the group stages, scheduled to begin on October 22.

        Spurs will enter in the second qualifying round on September 17 and must play three one-off games to reach the group stages.

          1. Well, considering Maureen was celebrating on the final day as if he’d won the champions league, that does make it all the more sweeter!! 🙂

  32. Auba is pure magic, cant get over that goal…He just left them all stocked in one move, then finished so easily, like a joke…

    1. I believe MA said in the interview that they were working on a deal and said yes when asked if he thought Auba would stay!

  33. Let’s hope to sign that DM and a top CB we do need to settle this team.

    Koulibaly & Partey and we can fight for title.

    Obviously some youngster will need to be loaned to keep progressing.

    Wont be much time for Nelson and mainly Martinelli who need to plzy regular football, Willock as well…

  34. A wonderful result from the lads – deserved it from the moment we got the penalty.

    What I’m so pleased about is that Mikel Arteta has beaten city in the semi final and chelsea in the final…just as it happened in 2017 – therefore equaling the run in that AW had.

    Hope this signals even more winning comparisons, now we just need the kronkies to back him up during the transfer window.

    I was thrilled to see AMN show his class, but it was the whole team, the spirit, the fight, the joy – just incredible!!!

    What a day to be a Gooner and still no silverware for our noisy neighbours!!!!!!!

    1. AMN was fantastic and hopefully this puts an end to any possibility that he leaves this transfer window. Love it when the academy kids start coming through.

    2. ken1945 Sir, do you fancy another Arteta (Arsene) Who again? This time being on the right side of the champions league final scoreline of course..

  35. Random thoughts on the game in no special order, apart from the fist one. First one”YEEEEEEESSS”!
    Others are: we totally deserved to win and were the better side for all but the first 15 mins. We were lucky or rather Chelski were unlucky with key injuries and the harsh second yellow. How enjoyable and how richly they deserved their bad luck after all the years of Drogba and Co.
    Great to see CASHLEY HOLE LOOKING SO SAD AND QUIET ON TELLY. I think I enjoyed that as much as anything else!
    Still love Ian Wright and will do so all the days of my life. What a great character!

    Brilliant keeping when Martinez came out of the box but superbly avoided a sending off by having the great nous to turn his body so he was holding the ball just inside. So impressive and so mature and he is fast winning me over to thinking he should now be our first choice, next season. Unlike some, I have been slow to jump on his bandwagon as many of us have done but it now looks as though I had better jump on fast while there is still room. He has been consistently splendid in all his games.

    The lack of spectators means this final will be an historic one , remembered for ever. Most important of all, even the rather silly youngsters who have called MA only an “assistant coach” and not realised what a diamond we have in him, must be feeling very sheepish and silly tonight, as well as happy , presumably!

    Other points are it now looks more hopeful that Auba will decide to stay. A key decision for us of major importance.
    Doubt that Kroenke was even watching from his ranch- probably did not even realise the game was on, Sigh!

      1. Reggie I should HOPE you have written in a different way to mine. The world is not ready for more opinionated and forceful types like me. But so glad to see we agree, as we almost always do on almost everything. TBH, Before the semi against City I had not given us a one in twenty chance of lifting the cup! Shows how wrong I can be and so thrilled to be so!

    1. Good, I remembered telling some people who were hating on Mr Mikel Arteta that they were making a mistake… I knew Mikel was a good coach when we lost 2-1 to Chelsea at the emirates. I put my money where my mouth is, I told the Chelsea fans in my area that this Arsenal is different but they didn’t listen… Just give him time and we’ll see what he’s made of… This win didn’t surprise me as I bet a lot of money on Arsenal winning this match cos I knew it would happen that way

    2. Jon
      I honestly felt like you that if Chelsea scored first we could be overrun.
      But it didn’t turn out that way!!
      They were blooming awesome tonight
      It’s been wonderful catching up with family and friends as this result means so much to us all!!
      Bring on Carrier bag in th EL

      1. Great post SueP and I was totally wrong and thrilled to be so. I have been guilty of underestimating the great effect of a galvanising and all for one and all in it together man like MA. I could of course, as an older person, easily see right from the start that he was a diamond but I never thought he could so quickly achieve what he has done. I do not ONLY mean winning the cup either!

  36. Thanks MA and all the players!!!!

    So glad that he could end this season with such win. Well deserved, he made huge changes and changed the whole mentality of the team, even when he lost he learned and corrected himself. He believed in his players so they did!

    All the players were great, I wasn’t happy with AMN not welling to create chances up front but he was doing well back and Bellerin wasn’t in his great performance today then he made that run where Auba scored the second goal. MA waited and didn’t change immediately because all the players were working well together.

  37. I’ve not read through the comments as there are so many.
    Just want to say it was a fight that we won trough grit and a determination. Luiz did great cancelling out Girouds threat. We had some luck on our side but thats how it goes sometimes and I can’t take away of the glory the team deserves.
    Well done Atreta and the whole team, you did us proud.

  38. I am late commenting because my internet was out.
    Congratulations to Mikel Arteta and the players for a well deserved win against Chelsea in the FA Cup.
    There was not a poor player for Arsenal and for once the referee awarded fouls against an opposition trying to kick our players off the park..
    14 FA Cup wins and given the circumstances of the season, one of the best.

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