FA cup replay gives Arsenal just 2 days rest after Tottenham

Arsenal and Hull City have finally been given the date for the replay in the 5th round of the FA cup, after both clubs were involved in the discussion about when to fit this match into our busy schedules. I am a little surprised as I thought that we would end up having to move a league game to fit it in but instead we will play on the Tuesday before the 6th round games are set to take place.

So of the Gunners go through there will be very little time to arrange tickets and travel for the visit of Watford but that is not the biggest concern. That is actually getting into the next round and with a massive north London derby against Tottenham to play on the Saturday, I think that Arsene Wenger will have to do some judicious rotating of the Arsenal squad.

It could have been worse according to The Guardian who are reporting that the game would have been set for the Monday if UEFA had not given special permission for it to be on the same night as two Champions League matches. Maybe that is why the kick off will be at 7 p.m. and at least the derby on Saturday kicks off early.

But Hull are at home of course and they also have the advantage of two extra days to rest and prepare as their game prior to the cup replay is on the Thursday. It is at least a big match against another promotion rival Sheffield Wednesday and that is their big priority but so is the Premier League for Arsenal.

So we have three EPL games against Man United, Swansea and the spuds before the cup replay and hopefully we will go to Hull in a great position and with confidence flowing. The question is, will the timing of this match cause Arsenal a big problem?

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  1. Well, we had the chance to put the game to bed and did not…..amd please let no one come on here and talk of some inspired goalkeeping…..if we fail to beat a championship side parading its reserves at our home then we only have ourselves to blame….i just hope they go to old trafford and get the 3 points on Sunday, we can never get a better chance to beat them, out of form,decimated by I jury

    1. we played pretty well versus barca. it was barca FFS! if we show that level of determination versus MU , we have a very good chance to get 3 points. i’d like to see something different up front: giroud is getting jaded. maybe welbeck WITH giroud!? barca have a triplet up front, we dont score much : maybe we need a doublet!

    2. @almostawinner……… Playing pretty well against barca is no saving grace

      in the end, the scoreLine remained 0:2 to our disfavour….. U can go ahead and play the nicest football in the world, but Winners carry the day…

      Prior to the game, didn’t barca say they weren’t ere for Nice football vs Arsenal ?

      Looks like they kept their word and carried the day…. Let’s not cry over spilt milk


  2. “I told my players that it will be a big battle on Saturday(Leicester vs NORWICH). It will be harder than against Arsenal,” – Claudio Ranieri

    can u imagine this?… NORWICH!

    Dunno what to make of it…. But i guess Arsenal have Lost her Respect…


      1. Yes its always the same .
        Wenger will say Martial
        and Depay are actually
        more dangerous than
        Ronaldo and Bale 🙂 and that Van Gaal
        is the greatest manager ever.
        Van Gaal of course will say Wenger is the best ever.
        Anything to avoid complacency and
        anything to avoid firing up the opponent.
        Even before the Chelsea games Wenger and Mourinho
        engaged in cringe worthy brotherly love in’s.
        Wenger will “warn” Arsenal that Hull’s attack is better
        than MSN while Bruce will say Ramsey is better than Zidane 🙂
        Before the second leg Louis Enrique will say Giroud
        and Wellbeck are better than Henri and Ian Wright
        while Wenger has already said the tie is 95% over.
        That’s just the motivational BS which happens every game.

  3. getting motivated by heaping praise on a recently promoted championship side

    now i wonder, before Leicester vs Arsenal, did he in anyway utter something of that sort bout arsenal before their Loss?


  4. The league is our main priority, So why would wenger need to rotate the squad ahead of the Spud game? ?
    Surely this game is far more important than the Hull game?

    Anyways. .. One game at a time…. Utd away next!

  5. Still getting over the article that posed the question are Arsenal one player away from greatness!

    Can we get real!

    We need to win the remaining games to try and win the league and try to make it past hull. Then dominate in Europe , then we can talk about greatness..

  6. don’t forget we can’t get to world class when the squad is so full of bench class. the squad nests an overhaul and wenger must comit to it. some of these players r just blocking a way for us to buy better. if they can all be sold for upgrades I will be happy.

    wenger wester money to buy El nene and that type of attitude were are not moving forward. weno u say u have a midfield crisis and u go buy a solution that he not better than than what u have or r not wiling to use then u r waisting resources.

    we r not a small club. I don’t see a reason why wenergy could.not go out and buy a dm beer than what we have that comes and goes str8t into the 11. if he is not buying a player to go into the 11 next transfer then I he shouldn’t bother.

  7. Be happy it’s after the North London Derby and not before. Even though we should have put that tie away at home, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to do it at Hull. As long as FLAMINI doesn’t play LOL!

    OT: been on a few other sites and it’s amazing how many people want the OX gone or even happy that he’s out injured. I’m not celebrating his injury but Campbell was done wrong there. After all Campbell is part of the reason we even made it to the knockout stages this time around, Girouds hat trick aside.

  8. There is no problem at all.
    Arsenal is playing Hull
    not Liverpool or Chelsea.
    Arsenal has a big squad
    with players like Gibbs Chambers
    Gabriel Elneny Walcott Campbell Iwobi
    Wellbeck Ospina needing game time.
    Wilshere and Cazorla could be given some minutes.
    Our up coming schedule is good too.
    Barca away is an expected loss.
    Spurs and Everton away are doable.
    Sunderland away should be no problem.
    Swansea, WestBrom, Watford, Palace and Norwich
    at home should all be easy 3 pointers.
    A loss to Hull would make things even better if I’m honest
    but win or lose v Hull everything is starting to look
    straight forward even with rescheduled League games.

  9. We’ve won this competition twice! we need to allow the youth and our unused subs (elneny/chambers/gabriel etc etc) to get some game time. Priority should be given to the league at this point, that’s the only competition that should be our biggest focus.

  10. if the ox cant get to the top level he is expected to then we will have no choice but to sell him on. wenger will give him every chance to shine, but if he dont then its adios, we have plenty of younger hungry players coming through who would love to start like jeff reinie adelaide, maitland-niles, iwobi(who is the surprise package of the season so far)who have both been really good on that side of midfield. as well as campbell who has also shown the fighting mentality needed to play for the first team. if west ham want to give us £10 + reece oxford that would do me.

  11. we will go to barca with no fear now i believe and play the underdog role to the full, and maybe get a result. if we just go for it we have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

    o.t looking forward to the half yearly financial report coming sometime soon, we do get a right blinding result with a mountain of cash and dreams of the summer to come.

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