FA Cup win means Arsenal stars get some of their pay cut money back

Arsenal had asked their players to take a pay cut when the coronavirus pandemic first struck the world of football and the players have earned some of that money back after winning the FA Cup to mark a return to Europe.

Mikel Arteta has made the Gunners a stronger team and he was involved as the club tried to convince their players to take pay cuts and help the team out of financial trouble when Covid19 first struck.

The players were promised that they will get their money back by simply qualifying for the Champions League.

They failed to do that, but winning the FA Cup and reaching the group stages of the Europa League means that their pay cut will now be just 7.5 percent of their wages instead of the 12.5 that it was originally to be as reported in the Sun.

That means the players have now clawed back £12million in wages and the Gunners will have saved just £18m in wages instead of the £30m they originally should have saved.

This comes after the club guaranteed £25m in earnings that will come to them for their participation in the Europa League.

The players are the only individuals at the club who will get their refund because Mikel Arteta and some other executives agreed to a 30% reduction on their salary without refund.

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  1. Must have been rough on the
    guys, hopefully Auba can now
    afford another custom, million
    dollar plus Lambo to add to his

    Now back to the REAL world most
    Gunners affectionately refer to.as

  2. Apparently, Auba will receive a one-off bonus payment of 300k after his prolific season in front of goal… a new Lamborghini incoming?! 😁

    1. Sue I was reading about Martinez and his tough upbringing in Argentina, his parents had to skip meals so him and his brother could eat, very sad 🥺 and some of these players wanting more than 200 grand a week it’s absolute greed they know nothing about hardship they simply don’t live in the real world.

      1. At least he appreciates everything he has… he was also heard on Saturday saying he didn’t care about the money. How refreshing, hey Kev?! So glad for him….

        Jeez that play off has been dire!!

        1. Yeah Sue he’s a top pro, lives in the real world and is very humble and it’s very refreshing 🙂 I hope we can keep him he’s a top class keeper 😊 it wasn’t great was it? So Scotty has got Fulham up at the first time of trying and there’s a whole documentary about bielsa like he’s just won the treble unbeaten 😂

          1. So much for ‘BMW’ for Brentford!! Benrahma will be in the PL, for sure.. but where?
            And don’t forget there’s a spud documentary coming on Prime soon.. 😂😂😂

          2. I hear the Jadon Sancho deal is on the verge of collapse, oh Sue I hope so just to shut those mouthy supporters up.. they were bragging we’ve got Sancho and yous are getting Willian 😂😂

          3. What documentary Sue ? The last time we won a trophy during the 1919 flu pandemic ? 😂😂 Chelsea? I read they were interested ?

          4. I ain’t buying that, Kev.. I reckon it’ll go through.. just a smokescreen, for whatever reason. I wonder what their annual wage bill is? Astronomical!!!
            Hahaha why the hell are they even bothering?! Just to prove to all and sundry that they do have a trophy cabinet? Albeit just a tiny flat pack one from IKEA 😂😂

          5. I would love for someone else to come in and sign him lol he would jump at joining Liverpool but man utd fans think he’s desperate to work under Ole over Klopp 😂😂 yeah definitely Sue I read Rashford is on 350k a week ? Whoever decided he was worth that sort of money should be in prison because that is criminal 😂 haha Sue brilliant 😂 the last trophy they won was we drew at the nou camp against a Barcelona c team, maybe that’s what the documentary is about? 😜

  3. So this multi-billionaire whose wife is the Walmart heiress expects the AFC staff and players to take a pay cut to limit the losses to the club. If we were a club like Barca who are owned by the supporters, it would be more acceptable or if a large part of the savings would be used to help the local community, care workers and the NHS. If that were the case I think ALL the players would have participated. In my opinion all potential losses should be covered by Stan Kroenke who has 100% ownership of the club.

  4. Sue, I saw a great post on Facebook by a gooner stating that in 8 months Mikel Arteta has equalled the number of trophies the Spuds have won in 29 years!!! By the the way, the Spuds are so desperate they describe the Community Shield as a major trophy on their website.

    1. That’s brilliant, Andrew 😂 They really are
      I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned ‘The Audi Cup’ that they won in preseason last year 😂😂
      I think it’s hilarious that there’s a clock ticking since they last won one – 12 years, 15 days……..love it!

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