FA investigate Arsenal player for bet-fixing – Could it be Xhaka? (plus video)

There is some very worrying news that an Arsenal player is being investigated by the FA after some irregular betting patterns have been red-flagged. This news was broken by the Athletic last night and also confirmed by the Racing Post this morning…

This bombshell prompted Arsenal fans on Twitter to do some digging of their own, as revealed by our friends over at benchwarmers.ie, who have given us some serious food for thought.

Of course, it could be any other Arsenal player, but as Xhaka seems to be our most carded player on a regular basis it is no wonder that he was the first one to come under the spotlight.

So they found this tweet from December 18th, the day that Arsenal easily beat Leeds, and found a massive amount placed on Xhaka to get booked with only 10 minutes to go in the match….

So then people fished out coverage of the game, and this is what happened after the bets were placed.

Now if you look at this as an outsider, you would certainly wonder why Xhaka would try to bring the wrath of the referee down on him when you are winning easily and cruising to the end of the game.

Obviously, this may not be the incident or the Arsenal player under investigation, but would you agree that this seems to be suspicious?


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  1. There should be an inquiry on how Leicester City gave away a two goal lead in the 99th minute against Spurs this morning..

      1. I think the punter would have been lucky to make a £10 profit on a 65k bet… 🤣

        In the interest of fairness though, why not wait until the investigation is done before going down the twittersphere rabbit holes of speculation?

  2. Even by Xhaka’s high stupidity levels, that looks very suspicious to me, given the state of the game and the little time remaining. Oh dear. Still if it helps to move him on, that’s got to be a good thing.

    1. Why would some one paid 100,000k p/w risk losing
      a plum job on a betting scam?
      Makes no sense.
      It is in fact nonsense

  3. Hopefully the FA can find those cunning players. The managers, the footballers and their relatives should be banned from gambling

    1. Dey should investigate arsenal fc….their pattern is very inconsistent.

      They easily loose to smaller teams and win some unxpected games.

      Betting and soccer….a very old scam😋

  4. Clearly it’s either a player or the ref, showing a 30 second clip doesn’t give any context but if I remember rightly that Leeds game did get a little feisty and if a match is turning that way xhaka is the idiot who will go to far! So smart money would naturally be on the guy in the duncecap! If he is under investigation he is 1 player you have to look at bigger picture with!! There is a god chance bookmakers gave xhaka to much credit :/ or we find out he been collecting his cards on purpose could be nothing or a long term fraud which will have cost us as a club tens of millions! We just have to wait and see whether they find any rot within our club!

  5. I’m sure that admin could replay every single booking that our players have received and find something fishy about it.

    If I remember correctly, MA himself was booked during a game… as of course was AW, before I’m accused of a biased thought!!!

    No one but a section of the Arsenal fans could try and discredit one of their own players in such a way as this article and some of the comments above have.

    I truly despair at the hatred… and that is what it is… being shown here and, like Silentstan says above, I hope Xhaka reads the comments and does take action.
    Innocent until proven guilty? Not where Xhaka is concerned.

    1. KEN I agree with you 100% and if I were XHAKA, SO UNFAIRLY ACCUSED, I would for 100% certainty, sue Ad Pat and JA for defamation of character. I hope Xhaka does so too.

      I have no doubt PAT will now try to wriggle out of his false accusation by reminding me that I constantly criticise Xhaka as a player.


  6. Xhaka is on a lose lose situation at AFC. The things he does wrong are amplified and those he gets right are ignored and why he didn’t move last season escapes me. It seems there has to be a hate figure, Ozil’s gone so now it’s Xhaka and when he goes another one will take his place.

    1. Auba seems poised to be the player you are speaking of my friend. There has to be a bad guy in every story I guess, but Xhaka and Auba have not done themselves any favors.

      Xhaka gets back into the team, plays so good football, then inevitably s&*ts the bed again. Has happened far too often over his near 6 year stay at the club.

      1. Durand, you could be right about Auba if he stays. Xhaka has always been an accident waiting to happen but doesn’t deserve the flak he seems to get for ANY mistake he makes. I remember a post I made when Auba was offered a huge 3 year extension to his contract. I merely said, “don’t stop scoring goals or else”. We don’t know for sure what has happened to him lately but obviously something has. The perpetual smile has gone and his goals have dried up and at 33 so to have his options. A great shame but I really wish him well. At his peak he was one of the most exciting strikers I have seen.

  7. I AM APPALLED AT HOW EASILY CERTAIN PEOPLE, and in particular this JA admin , is quite happy to try and then to convict a person, without ANY actual EVIDENCE, either to whom the person in question is AND even if there is any evidence or not, instead of mere hearsay against ANY of our players.
    THANK GOD THAT YOU, AD PAT, DO NOT RUN OUR COUNTRYS LEGAL SYSTEM. Or else most of our citizens would already be in prison, even though charged with nothing.

    Admin Pat,you should hurriedly withdraw this slur and then apologise to a man not even yet tried, let alone found guilty. Shame on you Pat!


  8. This response is typical – read what’s been said and the author of this charade is also included in the suggestion that Xhaka could / should read what’s been said and then act as he sees fit.
    It wouldn’t be the first time he’s openly challenged some of the fanbase and their actions.
    The one thing that it seems we do agree on, is the fact that it is a charade and that the usual Xhaka haters have jumped on the bandwagon, without any proof whatsoever.

    1. your naivety regarding both the legal system, as it pertains to online defamation, and the manufactured attempts by Xhaka to repair his image are duly noted…as for this particular article, there’s nothing “criminal” about postulating and/or speculating about whom the perp might be, especially if you phrase it in the form of a question, but there’s no doubt he was attempting to bait those with previously held negative views of this player, as we’re all well-aware of his affinity for said player, especially considering his braggadocios behaviour after he predicted that Xhaka would stay in North London…this attempt was so weaselly that it makes me wonder if AdPat actually knows something that we’re not privy to

  9. Haller Haller Haller.
    Wow. We should go for Haller. A top Striker. A bullet header. Tired of these Vlahovic nonsense. Seems Vlahovic doesn’t fancy Arsenal. Haller is the man

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