FA stitch Arsenal up again with Man United referee

You might think that the English FA felt that they should be careful not to do anything bad to Arsenal after the debacle with Mike Dean a couple of weeks ago when he got everything wrong, cost us a vital game and had to have his daft and biased decisions reversed after the game.

Well you would be wrong because in our next big game against Manchester United, the FA in their infinite wisdom have given the game to a referee from Manchester. Not only that, but Anthony Taylor has a poor history with Arsenal games. He was the man that gave Aston Villa two penalties, one of them blatantly wrong, and sent off Laurent Koscielny (wrong again) when we lost our opening game of the season two years ago.

He also sent off Calum Chambers for the softest of second yellows last year while completely ignoring Charle Adam throttling Alexis Sanchez. He has never given a penalty or a red card against Man United though, so what on earth are the FA trying to do to us?

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  1. I think we the supporters make too much of referees being bias, no referee will risk their 100K + a year apart from Mike Dean his the exception

  2. EPL referees will botch it up anyway so it is always sfe to assume that they will make mistakes during the game. Let’s just hope their mistakes will not cost us.
    But we should not worry about referee, we should just focus, don’t give them space and defend as a team. The draw should be always kept as an option. We will be off very soon with the hardest games during the season so we can only hope we will not drop points. Play for the result today. We can do it.

    1. That’s we have stats, form and records from the past that help to forcast future and present situations, in every aspect of life!
      You can’t just say” Oh well ? happens” lets just play for the result! .. A result will occur in one way or another!
      You can do better than that Mr wenger wanna be ?

      As for this ref, the records show that we are in for a rough ride, with plenty of injustices!
      And as for previous home games against Utd,
      They will just sit back and counter attack us and score against the run of play!
      Our home form of late is terrible too and our players seem to pick and choose when they will actually turn up for a game!
      All in all it doesn’t look good for us today!
      So is this being Negative or realistic, when history is pointing to an outcome?

      We need something extraordinary today!
      And I hope we find it.


    1. I hope he gives home team benefit of doubt as we must be the only home team which doesn’t get lucky decisions. Seems that way.

  3. Danny Ings, completely unmarked, scored a good header, ironically giving Liverpool the lead while they were the second best. Watch out, Arsenal defence.

  4. Loool… What an equalizer from Lukaku punishing Liverpool defence as Can fails to clear it out.

  5. As a football fan quite a few interesting matches today
    1. Arsenal v United (historical rivalry)
    2. Everton v Liverpool (although usually Low scoring)
    3. Bayern v Dortmund (Lewandowski, Reus, Aubmeyang, Hummels, Gundogan, Subiotic, Hunter, Bender, Ribery, Alonso, Boateng, Robben, Gotze, Muller, Kahn- so many top quality )

    BUT as an Arsenal fan, the only match I care about is Arsenal


  6. Why can’t they give it to Michael Oliver? Best referee for me. Not only considering FA cup quarter final game, he does his job very good.

  7. I don’t think you will find any other league which would play a ref hailing from a city which one of the teams itself is hailed. I find this bizarre, and have mentioned before how these officials must have grown up liking disliking and even supporting certain clubs ..especially given the profession they have chosen. But this definitely tops it taking the entire biscuit.

    Just to be clear though, has he grown up living in that city or has he recently situated there. I don’t like either answer but one is definitely worse than the other.

    1. YingYang69: the referee association always stops officials refereeing a match where the referee or family members are supporters of one of the teams or even supporting a rival team in the town or county where the match officials hails from. So this referee cannot even support Man City as he will be biased against Man United. I’m sure you haven’t thought of that!

  8. Dont look for Excuses before the match even startet. How is it possible that every ref seems to be against us? Are we trying to turn full Morinhio aswell or what? Pityfull fan base we are. The worst.

    Losers tend to look for every tiny excuse to excuse incompetence. No there is no hidden agenda against us, if we deserve to win today we will win, if not, then not. COYG. Brains tells me will draw, but hoping to win, even if it mean F… at all for the title race.

  9. Let’s not set the excuses up before the game.
    We have to play well and win, anything else is irrelevant.

  10. *OT*
    Just heard the team sheet on SKY. WOW!!! Ozil paying on the right…Sure hope he helps out Hector.

  11. We are already looking for excuses before a ball is kicked in anger. Please let’s all stop this and hope our team doesn’t lose this game whatever the circumstance or obstacle. In actual fact, let’s go and win it as we will be just sitting on the shoulder of Man City. What confidence that will give the team! Massive!!!!! COYGs!

  12. ADMIN.
    The thing I love most about just Arsenal is the banter and humour amongst the fans on this site!

    I understand your concerns regarding swearing etc,
    But I think you are being harsh with the word “pissed off”
    Or the picture of ?
    I can’t think of anything else I did wrong!
    Unless my joke regarding Mo dating wengers x-wife to be, was seen as offensive!

    If so.. please accept my apologies, no offence was intended

    1. ADMIN.
      Maybe you should consider
      doing a junior version of this site
      for the younger supporters!

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