Fabregas backs Arteta “He’s got a clear idea of where he wants to go”

The Arsenal and Chelsea legend Cesc Fabregas may now play in Monaco, but he still maintains contacts at the club where Arsene Wenger made him into a star.

He has been talking to TalkSport about Mikel Arteta and his thoughts on how he is doing in his first ever job as head coach, and Cesc is certain everything is going to plan with his fellow Spaniard. “He’s a guy that loves football. He knows what he’s doing. He’s got a clear idea of where he wants to go,” Fabregas told talkSPORT.

“Even now, if you speak to some of the players, they will tell you that they really enjoy playing under him, that the trainings are well, that they feel prepared and they know what they’re doing.”

“He was very lucky in terms of being next to Pep [Guardiola] for I don’t know how many years exactly but it was like super preparation for a young coach,”

“I mean if I could have the chance to do something like that, I think I could grab it without any question because it’s like doing a masters when you are only finishing high school.”

“It’s a difficult job, it really is (because of) where he got the club and where the aim is that Arsenal should be.

“But I think Edu and the board believe a lot in him and hopefully he can be the man to bring this team forward.”

Obviously this coming season will be massive for Arteta and he will have to hit the ground running to keep the fans on board, a task that has been made more difficuly by having Chelsea and Man City to face in the forst three fixtures.

But, from recent statements by the players signing contract extensions and pundits like Fabregas, they all believe that Arteta is the right man for the job, and they are the ones that should know.

We will simply have to wait until the transfer window is over and see how his new team performs before we can judge Arteta’s progress…

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  1. I don’t know what this Fabregas guy wants from Arsenal. He’s always talking about us, shameful.

    This a guy who was Captain of the club at a young age and went on strike at some point to force through a transfer to Barcelona. His father even granted an interview and said we’ve kidnapped him because we are not releasing for Barcelona.

    We gave everything here but he was not appreciative. He reduced his wages to enable him sign for Barcelona.

    He moved from Barcelona to Chelsea and excel winning titles etc but he’s always talking about Arsenal. He should concentrate his thoughts on Barcelona and Chelsea where he won titles.

    He can never be a legend or remembered here as a stalwart of the club after going on strike to force his transfer to Barcelona.

    He’s a very bad personality. Remember the pizzagate and then his misbehaviour on the pitch when we played and Costa slapped Kolsjaeni twice, he was asking the referee to show yellow cards to our players.

    That how terrible human being this Fabregas guy is.

    1. Ahha classical Arsenal fan, attack the personality of someone who doesn’t agree with their vies. Just imagine the crap you just about a man because he shared his own views regarding his ex club

      1. This is not about views but rather a guy who caused us harm. You don’t need to go on strike and force to leave. Henry left but never went on strike so was Van Perse and so forth.

        In my opinion he’s a bad personality. Better he concentrate on his beloved Chelsea and Barcelona and leave us alone.

        1. I’m with you Havyn
          Left us when the first opportunity arose and by all accounts is abit of a snake
          Hes the kinda guy who would switch off someone’s life support to charge his mobile phone .
          Don’t agree that van pervy was any better though ,club stuck by him when he was injured every season and left after one solid season,both cut from the same cloth IMO .
          Personally I wouldn’t want to listen to either of them and what ever opinion they have about our club .

    2. Havyn, Arsenal had the option of first refusal on Cesc Fabregas on his return to the EPL. Fabregas wanted to return to the Emirates; however Arsene Wenger didn’t want him back, thus he went to Chelsea. You can’t blame the player for wanting to play.

    3. You’re spewing crap. Fabregas has arsenal DNA and he loves the club. He had a career opportunity and went for it. Many of us would do the same in our professions. Leaving arsenal after giving all was a career decision and he’s entitled to that. He wanted to return to the club but was turned down. People make mistake.

  2. The constant doing Arteta down before a player has been signed and a few games have gone by in the new season is incredible.

    If he is rubbish after a few games then no doubt the board will take action, but until then, what’s the point? Mid August is still a way a way.

    1. SueP, I just want someone to explain to me, what Arteta’s “clear idea of where he wants to go” is, that Fabregas talks about?
      Maybe at the end of the transfer window, we will have a clearer idea. Loaning a £29 million CB and going into the market for £50 million alternative is surely cause for concern?

      1. You’re constantly talking on a20 year old and 29 million CB is just amusing, has it ever occurred to you that arsenal were probably scammed in the deal? Y did Sanllehi have to leave after shady deals?do you know if Saliba was 10 to 15 million and we were rinsed? I also want to watch Saliba too,but constantly talking like he is the new Baresi is just annoying. And if u want to know Arteta’s clear plan as fabregas said then maybe u have to get his number or go to the Emirates stadium 😂😂😂

      2. Ozziegunner
        Arsenal are traditionally tight lipped
        Someone posted that were we mugged off over his fee?
        I’ve written before that 27 million was a lot of money for an 18 yr old prospect
        I don’t know the answer ozziegunner

    2. If Arteta turns out to be rubbish after a few games, what actions can the board take to turn it around?

      Arsenal’s board are yet to admit that we are a mid-table club stepping into the new season and the manager is seeking huge investments (Champions League budget) for a complete overhaul of the squad with the hope of clinching European qualification.

      Instead of making a tough decision on the manager mid-way through the season, the best best course of action the club can take RIGHT NOW is to publicly put a lid on his hopes of signing any players and to tell him to spend more time on the training ground with his current squad and work it out.

      If he turns out to be rubbish and the inevitable happens, at least the next guy will only have a fewer things to worry about, if this summer signings turns out to be the recent and updated versions of Willian or Partey.

      1. That’s a bit harsh
        Arteta was hired by the board and kept on in his job by the board
        They have to support him otherwise what was the point of keeping him on?
        How do you or I know that he won’t come good? My point that he has to start well is stating the bleeding obvious. Even people like me won’t tolerate weakness come mid October. Arteta has been given his chance and must now prove that he can do it. If not then we shall all be lobbing in names to fill the vacancy come the autumn

        1. So what’s the difference sue if some are wanting him out now and as you say be it October you will want him gone then If he hasn’t performed ,at the end of the day we will all want him gone if like you said he hasn’t done well .some of us maybe have seen it a lot quicker than others but are constantly put down as being negative ,so come October we can all call each other negative then .

          1. But Dan, everyone keeps saying that if the team aren’t winning Arteta should be out by October….

            Fair enough, but have you heard anyone mention that we should sack Arteta if we win our first 10 games?????

          2. Dan kit
            I know that Arteta is largely unpopular but even though you and almost everyone else wanted him out, the board took a different view

            All I’m trying to get across is that I’m willing to support him now as there is no point not doing so. He has the job

            What I mean is that spending time moaning about him now is a fruitless exercise. Come October time and we are mid table and looking ropey then action has to be taken and I’ll be along side you calling for his sacking along with everyone else

          3. First of all Pat that will not happen city and Chelsea in the first 3 games will see to that,secondly that is hope anyway more than fact ,as in the so called negative fans have seen what he did last season that is why all the whinging as occurred and yours is hope that he can win the first 10 games but going by what’s happened in the 18 months that bud highly unlikely.

            1. If we win our first 3 games, Arsenal fans will still say he is rookie and just say he got lucky, our opponents had players missing, he won’t keep it up, etc.

              That is called being negative, but seriously, as an optimistic ARsenal SUPPORTER I will say I trust my manager and we WILL win our first three games.

              How can we predict we will definitely lose? Are we gods?

              I prefer to wait for reality facts before saying they will fail in the future…

          4. Well let’s hope he does well then Pat (which all true Arsenal fans want )as I had a bet with Alan 08 that I would donate 100 pounds to a charity of choice if we are top 4 at the start of Jan and I believe Alan himself and Ken also said they would do the same .

        2. I may sound harsh. But, I have the facts by my side.

          Let us consider Arteta’s signings during his first full season. I’m ignoring the winter transfer window when he joined us midway during the previous season, as he had no time to assess the squad at his disposal.

          Cedric and Mari were signed after he assessed them during their loan spell and have fulfilled their role as backups whenever called upon.

          Odegaard loan spell was a mutually beneficial one to both the player and the club. He showed flashes of brilliance and played a starring role in a handful of games.

          Gabriel. though young and inexperienced in the PL, proved to be a good signing. He slotted in seamlessly and learned rapidly. With some guidance and support, he can make a name for himself at Arsenal in the coming seasons.

          Partey was supposed to be the glue that holds the team together and lead from the middle of the park. The club went out all the way to get him just before the transfer window slammed shut, being aware that the player was nursing an injury and unavailable for the start of the season. He was rushed into the thick of action before letting him properly recover, causing him to miss games frequently throughout the season.

          The less I discuss, Runnarson, Ceballos and WILLIAN, the better for everyone.

          Tactically, Arteta has been good. From the moment he took charge of the club, he has won a couple of trophies in less than 10 months and has plugged a porous defence without breaking the bank. The attack was blunt because of his tactics and not because of lack of personnel. And I believe that he’ll find a tactical solution for that too before the start of the new season. I don’t know if he’ll come good or not, but I hope he does.

          But, Arteta has proven NOT to come good when it comes to player management. If he had, we wouldn’t be discussing the roles of players like Willian, Willock, AMN, Matinelli, Torreira, Guendouzi, Laca and Leno in bad light until now.

          The club, particularly Arteta, has the opportunity right now to act properly like a mid-table club and try to improve things on the training ground to get better, instead of acting like serious contenders for the UCL trophy come the end of the season.

          The team is in dire need of a change. But, not just in personnel, but also in the way the resources are managed. Just because the club charges season tickets equivalent to clubs playing in the Champions League doesn’t make the club a CL contender.

          Arteta must start acting like the manager of a mid-table club. Mere hopes and promises won’t take the club into the top-four.

          Will the fans put their money where their mouths are, if the board decide to double the price of tickets and merchandises for the new season with the HOPE and PROMISE of investing in the squad next term when the club qualifies for Europe?

          1. VasC
            You have explained your position more clearly to me which helps a lot

            There are good things you have pointed out that Arteta has achieved and fairly put your concerns across too

            I’m not as enthusiastic about some of the players that you think Arteta has mismanaged. He could well have sticking points with some of them but clearly to me at least, others have responded well to his coaching.

            Perhaps Liverpool and Chelseaplayers have the same problems with Klopp and Tuchel. Shaw did with Mourhino. It happens.
            My take on Arteta has always been that there was an unpleasant undercurrent at the club which has worked hard to remove. He, like a lot of the youngsters are a work in progress. Arteta will be no different to MG and Maitland Niles. All three will/have been moved on if there is a bad fit either as manager or player.

            It is often mentioned in a derogatory way that Arteta has a high opinion of himself; the ego. It would almost be impossible to function in football without one. I suppose it is all about degree though

  3. It’s easy to have the idea and vision of where you want to go….it’s a whole other story whether or not you have the tools and skills to get there!

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