Fabregas reveals more about his move from Arsenal to Barcelona

Cesc Fabregas has given more detail about his move to Barcelona in 2011 and how it was difficult for him to approach Arsene Wenger over an exit from the club.

Arsenal brought the Spaniard to London as a teenager and gave him chances to play first-team football at around 16.

Fabregas would develop into one of the finest midfielders in the world at the club and even became its captain.

But he asked to leave in 2011 and return to Barcelona, a decision that seemed very hurtful to Wenger and when he wanted to return to England in 2014, the Frenchman decided against adding him to his Arsenal squad.

Fabregas would eventually earn a move to Chelsea, where he won even more trophies. Regarding the exit, Fabregas said on Kammy and Ben’s Proper Football Podcast: ‘I always said it was the most difficult decision. 

‘In my heart, it was the easiest decision in a way because of what I had in my past, because I was always a supporter and it was my dream to play for Barcelona first team since I was a child. 

‘But it was really hard because Arsenal gave me so, so, so much and I felt so loved by the whole club, by the fans. The trust that they had given me from a very, very young age… it was super, super hard for me to have to go to Arsene, to the guy that gave me everything, to actually say, “please, I want to go back home.” 

‘If it wasn’t Barcelona, for sure, I would have stayed at Arsenal. No matter what.

‘I think timing is always so important in football. Looking back now, probably I should have waited a little bit more until Xavi faded a little bit more – and just go there and take over his place.’ 

Just Arsenal Opinion

We believed Fabregas was one of our own and never expected him to ask to quit the club as he eventually did.

Fabregas was an idol to most fans and players coming through at the club, so after he asked to leave, it was almost certain his relationship with the club would be damaged.

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  1. “Looking back now, probably I should have waited a little bit more until Xavi faded a little bit more – and just go there and take over his place”

    This is so true in a way (don’t think Xavi was on the decline at the time, so it might have been a long wait!) but I’m shocked he said it. There was no clear role for him at barca, but arsenal was built around him. Shame – he was on track to be a great imo

  2. His time at The Arsenal has not been damaged for me, as I understand exactly why he wanted to return to his home club.

    AW and CF had a great working relationship and I note with interest that he is always around the periphery of our club, rather than Barca or Chelsea.

    AW should have activated the return clause and Cesc should have finished his time at our club, but what a career he has had.

    Great player and man – just wish the parting of the ways weren’t so controversial.

  3. The 🐀 should be nowhere near the club. No problem with him wanting to leave and go back to his boyhood club, but at least do it the right way and don’t go on strike !!

    1. That was the only way he could do it, as the club refused to accept his decision.
      Would you have kept him then?

      1. It could’ve been avoided if the club had paid the £18m that Liverpool wanted for Alonso, instead of stopping at £16m. Fabregas had talked to Alonso about the move, and Alonso was up for it. We ended losing out on 2 players due to £2m.

        Once he went on strike, the club should’ve kept fining him and let it be known in the MSM. Instead they let him go cheaply.

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