Fabregas reveals what separates Wenger from modern managers

Cesc Fabregas has played under some of the best managers in the world, and the former Arsenal midfielder is still in active football as he winds down his career at the second division Italian side, Como.

He is a part-owner of the club, and it would not be a surprise if he were to go into management when he stops playing.

The Spaniard has won some of the world’s biggest trophies, and he believes the modern manager lacks a key attribute that helped Arsene Wenger to succeed in his career.

The midfielder told the Daily Mail:

 “I always spoke up, gave my opinion, I’ve had discussions with players, with coaches, always in a constructive way. Giving your honest opinion.

“Arsene was always very open with communication, very open to dialogue – ‘What do you think about this?’ – asking questions. He was always testing you mentally.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Wenger is one of the best-ever football managers, and Arsenal benefited the most from his expertise.

Having played under some of the best managers around, Fabregas is qualified to make a case for Wenger having a key attribute that is missing in the game today.

If he becomes a coach, we expect him to incorporate this into his managerial style.

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  1. Wenger open to discussion, its the I am out of ideas syndrome.. lets move away from Wenger and former
    Arsenal players except mabey Kevin Campell whom I rate

  2. I wish he did himself a great favor by resigning when he should have.
    But he’s a great human being and treat most of his players nearly perfect. In more than 20+ years of service at the club you will only see few players talk ill of him. His human management is not being recognized enough in football. George best comment about Wenger would makes you realize how great wenger was as a man.

  3. The French man is one of the world’s greatest human being ever involved in football.

    His idea of how the off side rule should be imposed is a master stroke, not will it only eliminate confusion but will make the game more exciting.

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