‘Lost the plot’ – Cesc Fabregas blasts pundit’s deluded opinion on Dennis Bergkamp


Former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas jumped to the defence of Gunners great Dennis Bergkamp after one pundit hinted that the Dutchman was overrated.

“Is this guy serious?” – this is how Cesc Fabregas responded to talkSPORT host Adrian Durham after the broadcaster questioned whether Dennis Bergkamp “was really that good” during his 11 years with the Gunners.

We aren’t even going to repeat anymore of the senseless claims that were made live on air, imagine questioning the legacy of a Premier League great that has a statue outside the Emirates Stadium…

Bergkamp is one of the best attackers to ever grace the Premier League, the silky Dutchman is also responsible for some of the greatest goals that have been seen in England’s top-flight.

Bergkamp won three Premier League titles, as well as four FA Cups during his spell in England. He’s one of the most decorated players in Arsenal’s history.

Take a look at the Spaniard’s response to Durham’s senseless claims:

Bergkamp has scored 87 goals and registered 94 assists in 315 Premier League appearances. This is fact – not some sensationalised opinion to gather attention.

The Dutchman is fifth on the all-time rankings for assists in the Premier League.

Credit to Fabregas for jumping to the Arsenal great’s defence on social media, if only things with the Spaniard didn’t end on such a bad note all those years ago.

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      1. @John
        Please spare is the nonsense.
        Bergkamp was a dominant figure in the final 3rd. He could do everything in the final 3rd, not just ome dimensional like some of our so called big star players in the current team.
        We have been brought up in the likes if Bergkamp that had multiple aspects to their game. They were hard men that dominated in their specific areas.

        This is why some of us use the likes of Bergkamp as the criteria to measure our current players. Hence the the constant bickering back and forth between us about what constitutes a world class player in our current squads.

  1. Bergkamp is one of my favourite 5 Gunners of all time
    1. Henry
    2. Bergkamp
    3. Pires
    4. Tony Adams
    5. Ian Wright

    1. Innit
      Hey what about me…?
      Liam Brady..who may I say did walk on water
      And I also agree with your list

  2. Cesc was right, Durham,who ever he is, knows absolutely nothing about football. Dennis Bergkamp in my opinion is the greatest ever Premier League player, he made Thierry Henry the player he became and was 100% instrumental in Arsene Wenger’s first great ten years. Durham’s just an argumentative idiot who just happens to work for a second rate radio station, however I’m there’s probably some people on this site who find him knowledgeable. LOL

    1. With you all the way on this Kenny.He would have walked into ANY team in the world he was that good but chose to stay with Arsenal.The greatest player EVER at our Club

    2. Agree with you 100% Kenny, my all time Arsenal great. Supporter for over 60 years, never seen a more complete footballer. His spell with our club was the best 10 years in the Arsenal’s history. Unforgettable!!!

  3. most of these pundits are just talk guys..no brains!!… They are paid to talk without thinking… nansense!!

    1. The definition of a pundit is ‘an expert in a particular subject or field’. It doesn’t say anything about being a big mouth or a pain in the a**e as most of them are.

  4. Commentator plays devil’s advocate to spark controversial debate: Shocker!!! I don’t think Adrian Durham believes his own assertion because Bergkamp’s magnificent class is clear for all to see. If you’re the kind of person who listens to Talksport, your opinion probably isn’t worth taking seriously.

    1. I don’t think even Adrian Durham believe half of the things he say on his show. He keeps saying so many stupid things in order to be “The controversial pundit”.

      He seems to be a bit of a narcissist. Love to be talked about. Bet he has always wanted to be a big TV celebrity of some sort. But his looks got in the way to be honest. His whole appearance is what being a Radio Presenter is all about if you asked me.

      1. Yes, he courts controversy in a similar way to James O’Brian on LBC and I think they are both ginger, says it all really 👨🏼‍🦰

        1. Haha Declan, I happen to be a fan of James O’Brian too. His provocative arguments are based on logical reasoning at least.

    2. Agree with that Welbeck , you can count the minutes on one hand the the time I’ve spent listening to that cheap second rate radio station

  5. Do people take Adrian Durham seriously?
    He likes being controversial on his show in order to get this kind of free publicity for himself.

    I used to enjoy the “Daily Arsenal”. He used to make fun of us each day for a few seasons for not winning a trophy since the 2005 FA CUP.

    It used to make me chuckle to be honest.

    I have not listened to Talksport since 2015 due to boredom. 😊

  6. This guy is the biggest clown ever. He is the reason I stopped listening to this station years ago.

    Just stop listening gooners, the only way he gets an audience is to provoke responses…he is an absolute waste of space.

  7. Durham is very clever. It’s all clickbait.
    He says something like this and we all rise to it.
    He got exactly what he wanted.
    Lots of publicity, everyone talking about it, job done.

    1. It’s all done for ratings, he’s the radio equivalent of Jeremy Kyle. Divisive entertainment for the dumbed-down masses.

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