Fabregas v Arsenal – Cech v Chelsea – Respect or hostility?

Sport loves a bit of drama. It makes it compelling for viewers, supporters and the players alike when there is a little off-the-field action that makes the on-field action spicy. We are talking about the Gunners’ prodigal son Cesc Fabregas.

The Spaniard was a crowd favourite during his time at the Emirates Stadium. He was their talisman and captain for a long time before his boyhood club Barcelona came calling. Arsene Wenger came calling when he was still a boy at Catalan club and help him become a man at the North London club.

The 28-year-old has since made a sensational move back to the Premier League by choosing to sign for Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea. Of course, Wenger passed the chance to re-sign his old favourite but the fans could never reconcile with the fact that he signed for the local rivals.

Wenger helped Fabregas shape into one of the finest midfielders in Europe. He had his own reasons for turning up on the idea of signing him back. The Spanish international was afforded a mixed reaction when he returned to his old ground last April. A section of the supporters booed him but generally he received a warm welcome. But, there was hostility in the air.

And when the action resumes this weekend with the season opener in the Community Shield, Fabregas will be bracing for more hostility. However, he thinks that nothing can detract from his time under Wenger, which he still cherishes.

”Whatever it is, it is. The love I have for that club will never change whatever happens and what is the most important is what I have with me are the memories,” said Fabregas.

Fabregas spent eight years at the club and always gave his best to the club. Though there is animosity over the move to Stamford Bridge, no one can ever doubt his affection to the club or Wenger.

So, when the action starts for the new season, there will be a reunion for two players. Fabregas will look to rekindle some old memories but still win it for his current team. And so will Petr Cech! The venerable goal keeper has signed for Arsenal at the start of the transfer window and will love to prove a point to Mourinho.

Fabregas also accepted that Chelsea will have to be at their very best throughout the new campaign to retain the title, with a number of clubs ready to challenge for the title.

The Spaniard knows very well that Arsenal will be one of the toughest competitors for his club this season. With the two teams vying for bragging rights at the Wembley, it would be interesting to see how the match is played.

It may well not be an important trophy but this season Community Shield is fast turning out to be an intriguing one.



    1. I think Fab n Cech had different transfer situations. Fab abandoned us while Cech left Chelshit to keep his career fine.

  1. I hope the reception is bad for both player, fans anger and hostility always make a good atmosphere for games like these. Bring the good ol days! very entertaining

  2. Let’s move on already…Cech is an Arsenal Player while Fabregas now plays for Chelsea…

    Most Chelsea fans or the real ones will agree that Cech is a legend without sentiments

    While most of us (gunners) will agree that Fabregas is not an arsenal legend after leaving us for Barcelona.

    He switched to Chelsea from Barcelona. We didn’t sign Him back simply because we don’t want Him..

    Can’t wait for Sunday. Finally, football season aint far off!

    1. Fab left us and won
      trophies at Barca.
      He wanted to come back
      but the club said no so he
      went to Chelsea where he won the league.
      Fab did nothing wrong just wanted to win trophies.
      Cech coming to us is no big deal either.
      Players move around that’s football.
      Get over it.

  3. Reus,benzema,abumeyang,lacazzete, all want to stay in their clubs,so no special player is available for wenger to sign.We are not signing any other player you deluded akbs open your eyes its 9 days to start the season!!

  4. I could only Booo RVP and that’s becouse of his Goal celebration against us, it sickened me, to think he was injured most of his career and AW supported him for years and just as he come good he pi!!5ed off, and the way he run in the arms of SAF after scoring unforgivable peace of 5hit

    1. Guess he got what he deserves…and to think we accommodated his glass legs for so many years…

  5. Dont understand the Boos for Febregas…we didn’t boo Henry…We couldn’t accommodate Feb back cos we’d moved on with Car and Ozil…Guess Febregas move was a blessing in disguise for us..
    Save the boos for players like Nasri, Sagna and RVP…

    1. Henry left becouse we needed the money fab left for the glory, and why not let’s not forget footballers career is a short one if you can leve with grace good luck

  6. Wow wow wow it’s gonna be a survival of the fittest, it’ll be a remarkable game in the history of the Community Shield Cup, an to all it’s fans most especially to Arsenal fans, I love the Gunners wish them the best in there 2015/16 camping….

  7. Dimaria has disappeared from manchester,van persie out,degea out,also saw this depay last night overrated he is not better than OX,5 central midfielders van gaal is a mad man they will not be in the title race

  8. 30days running………… 1 opportunistic signing!……..call me stupid, but i’m still counting…..haha!……….. Now it takes us 30days to sign one 1st team player……. How many days will it take to sign two more?…… A mathematician is needed here?….. Where pythagoras at?

  9. I looked at last post about people writing about Benzema’s and Giroud’s goalscoring tally being quite the same, labeling them on the same page and I can’t believe how ignorant people are.

    If Benzema scores only few goals more than Giroud, that’s fine. But you lot are completely ignoring how many assists he makes. They don’t make fun of Ronaldo as tap in specialist without a reason.

    The great Bergkamp scored 87 goals in 315 appearances for us, and his goal ratio is probably lower than Giroud’s but how many assists did he make? DOZENS.

    Quick check shows Benzema’s stats starting from 2009, in all competitions (club and national), he’s got 120 goals and 66 assists in 194 starts (+ 57 subs).

    So that’s directly involved in 186 goals in 194 starts. Not bad now is it?

  10. Flamini has rejected a move to Galatasaray & WILL remain at Arsenal until the end of the season

    65/w is too good to let go I guess

    1. I won’t be surprised if Wenger offer him a new contract deal, the same applied to Giroud …

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