Fabrizio confirms Arsenal’s interest in signing Gundogan

Now that it has been confirmed that Aston Villa have secured the signing of one of the best free-agent midfielders on offer this summer in Youri Tielemans, it would appear that Arsenal have set themselves a higher target in trying to persuade Ilkay Gundogan to be the next player to switch from Man City to the Emirates.

It was Fabrizio Romano who broke the news about Tielemans, and now today he has confirmed that the Gunners are in the running for Gundogan as well….

It was hardly the best kept secret as our very own Per Mertesacker has already made it clear that Mikel Arteta is definitely in the mix, and may even be favourite, due to Gundogan’s previous association with the boss, not to mention Jesus and Zinchenko.

Mertesacker said (in the Metro): ‘I think the clubs are queuing.

‘Because [Mikel] Arteta knows him and we probably haven’t broken off contact, we’re in a good position.

‘I think he’ll let it all sink in first and then choose from one of the four clubs.”

Now that Gundogan has won every accolade possible at Man City, he may well decide it is time for a new challenge, and why not with Arsenal and his old coach Arteta, who are obviously going places ….

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  1. Never going to happen. Arsenal usually get their OAP’s from Chelsea!. Come on guys, we just let Xhaka go because of his age and wages. The only chance of Edu acquiring Gundogan at 32 years old, will be to offload Jorginho, otherwise it’s like Dads Army in midfield!// We need younger midfielders that have high energy and skill. With that being said, sorry guys but once again. “”// Forget Rice and Caicedo. I’ve watched them both play. They may win one or, at a stretch 2 tackles during a game and make simple passes sideways and backwards. Hardly adventurous or positive. They do however make them selves available to receive the ball, but so do our defenders. They are hardly worth more than £50 million each. I would forget those 2 over priced players and invest £120 million in Jude Bellingham. He would make a real difference and he’s worth the money, and he is a lot younger. If you kept him for 7 years and then sold him, with inflation you would easily get your money back and probably earn a profit on him. Win Win. Edu, please read this and put your business head on. You will get a world class player and make a profit on him. No brainer. Imaging Jude Bellingham playing for Arsenal as a box to box player or a DFM. Aim higher guys, while we have the funds availabe, get only “The Worlds Best” to beat the best.

    1. No point, the boy has his sights set on Real anyway, so may as well focus on players interested in joining us

  2. This would be a temporary patch and not what we need in midfield. We need a younger quality midfielder to get his reps now and build around for the future.

    The rebuild process has proven successful by targeting young talented players who can produce now and be even better in subsequent years.

    Gundogan doesn’t fit any of these.

    If it’s about leadership, wasn’t that a selling point of Jesus and Zinchenko? Stick to the young targets and avoid temporary solutions, money is better invested in players with a long term future at Arsenal.

  3. Forget Gundogan for free, forget Bellingham for £88 million. Yeh, you know why, because the media says we can buy Rice and Caicedo for £200 million, and because Arsenal are financially challenged and stupid and soon to be bankrupt, £200 million looks like a bargain for the two ( who always pass Sideways ) players, that will get us those extra much needed extra 6 goals between them, to help us win the treble. In la la land of the financially stupid!

    1. Every article you keep banging on about Bellingham. Give it up, he’s gone to Real Madrid and said months ago he didn’t want to come to us. Having said that, I do believe we could afford anyone but buying both Caicedo and Rice is not going to happen.

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