Fabrizio confirms Arsenal’s latest enormous bid for Mykhaylo Mudryk

It looks like the Mudryk to Arsenal saga is now approaching the end-game, with the latest news from Fabrizio Romano confirming Arsenal’s latest bid and that we are all simply waiting for Shakhtar to finally agree to the terms.

Romano tweeted just now….

Well this really needs to be settled as quickly as possible. It has simply been going on for far too long as far as I’m concerned, so it is about time us Gunners were put out of our misery.

It is obvious that the Ukranian side are trying to squeeze every last penny out of Arsenal, knowing that the talks have gone much too far for us to back out now.

I personally think they are being a little bit too greedy for my liking, but if Mudryk turns out to be as good as everyone thinks he is, and helps us to win the Premier League, it will be worth all the hassle, won’t it?

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  1. I’m not sure I’m particularly happy about this deal. It sounds too expensive for my liking.
    Let’s just hope Arteta’s seen enough of Mudryk to be persuaded that he’s worth all that money. I also hope we were not harried by Chelsea’s reported interest to pay over the board for the player.
    That’s how Napoli made us overpay for Pepe.

    1. I have to agree here. I am really concerned paying so much for someone whose played around 50 games in the Ukrainian league. Of course,Arteta & Edu up to now have made shrewd & very good signings so of course we have to trust their judgement. Fingers toes & eyes crossed its a success story.

      1. It was the interest from Napoli that made Lile to stand there ground for that 72m if you dont know.

  2. I want us to walk away from this deal if Shaktar try to introduce or edit “addendums” in the proposed structure like they’ve been doing. They’ve been taking Edu in circles while hawking Mudryk to the chavs against his wishes just to push the price up.

  3. Not going just off what happened last night, but reading the background to Joao Felix, his temperament etc, he just doesn’t seem like the sort of person Arteta would want, so I doubt we were ever serious about him, despite press reports.

  4. Arsenal later paid close to or what they were told to pay after weeks… Cost us the 2 points with Newcastle game that needed flesh legs.. later settling to pay for what they were told…. Trash,, should have been done this deal earlier before the spurs game,, but I’m doubtful the lad will have time to feature in the game,, cos anything short of 3 points over there,,,we’re at risk

  5. When did all the Arsenal fans turn into Accountants ffs?Sometimes on occasion you pay over the odds for the right player.Its a fact of footballOUR only concern should be if he turns out worth it.

    1. Some of us support the club, not just the team that takes the field.

      Anyone who ignores the future and the club’s costs is not really a supporter of the club, no matter how much you try to disparage them with little quips about “accountants”.

      And… if you don’t realise that with FRS regs, spending £80-100m on one player means you don’t get other players (if your owners are lending the money rather than giving it) then, in my humble opinion, you probably shouldn’t comment.

  6. They should have done the deal much quicker rather than try to save in football terms not a great deal of money, if he helps us win the league and into the Champions League all of that money and more we will get back.

  7. Am glad Arsenal are considering buying Savic and with him in the team Mudryk will become a beast of a player. Feel sorry for defenders having to face Martinelli and Mudryk yo yo yo

  8. If Arsenal pay 70 M + add-ons for Mudryk, I don’t think they will make big purchases in the summer. They’d probably just sign a couple of free agents

    Let’s see how good he will be, compared to Mbappe and Neymar. Hopefully he will play on the left wing and won’t be forced to play on the right side as William was

    Willian’s performance at Fulham showed that he played the wrong role at Arsenal. I always said he didn’t have the pace to play RW anymore, but he was still very skilled for the left wing or central position

    1. Yep, that’s the issue. It will be financed by the usual loans from KSE, with interest due, so FRS regs will limit spending.

      Since there were mutterings last summer about Arsenal being “scrutinised” (I think was the word used) on FRS stuff… it seems likely that there will be no way to finance cover for Partey etc.

    2. we need to strengthen the squad in the summer

      hence big signings is mandatory

      Media and fans will not allow the club to have a quiet summer window

      at least 3 or 4 major signings is required

  9. Arsenal fans always complained that the club doesn’t spend big. Now people complain that they do spend big! Spending big is risky. Nicholas Pepe is of course a great example of it not working out. But clubs that “Spend big” have a long list of such players, Chelsea and Man U especially have done it countless times. So if the manager/etc reckon he’s so good (And the signings have been great lately) and it gives us a real shot at the league title then it’s got to be done.

    1. To be honest most of us are all nervous about that reported amount of money we are willing to pay for a 22 year old unknown player from the Ukrainian league.
      That’s all. You can understand peoples reservations when it comes to these overhyped big money players, many of them end up being average: Pogba, Laca, Lukaku, Sancho, Pepe, Ozil, Coutinho, Felix, Grealish, Antiny, Mcguire, Richarlison, Dembele, Griezmann etc…

      Even on our own Ben white, Odegaard, Ramsdale etc people were not too sure about the amounts we spent on them individually.

      So Mudryk who last summer was being touted for about £40 million plus add ons maximum. Fast forward to January and his price has more than doubled to £80 million+.

  10. Seems like the Ukrainians have twisted our arms into submission.

    Am massively disappointed, if we are going to really pay this amount, why haven’t we done so a week ago.

    This is a gamble, but if he’s as quick as Mbappe and can kick with both feets with the technical abilities of a typical Brazilian then it may well worth the risk.

  11. I recently read that Mudryk was (with or without the ball) the fastest player in Europe, which by coincidence was also once said about Theo Walcott.

    1. JAX, Weed WALCOTT was IMO the fastest Arsenal signing to disappear without trace, even when “playing”!

      Until Ozil arrived, I long thought Walcott to be our single most ever disappointing player, way overhyped by so many and either injured or invisible much of his overlong, time here.

      1. Ozil, really? Quick how Arsenal fans forget when Ozil was the assisst king of premiership. When a player falls out of favour, then we forget all the good deeds he did for the club.

      2. Imagine calling someone weedy Walcott
        Arsenal –
        Games played 397
        Goals scored 108
        Assists 80
        Some clowns never learn from their stupid comments .

        1. No mention from you about how many times he disappeared during games , how many years he was injured (in total) and how lazy he was .
          Just the usual boringly predictable insult from a low intellect guy like you towards me.

          The man who , if he had his way, would have had MA sacked two years ago, even one year ago, who failed to see what a fraudulent poser in a shirt his hero OZIL WAS FOR MOST OF HIS TIME HERE.
          And you have the nerve to call ME a clown!

          1. Buddy ,you’re football knowledge is on par with a 5 year old ,you jump on comments that have already been posted hoping someone with Half a brain won’t notice ,but I do jonny boy , you have a massive problem with wanting to control what is written from poster and article writers alike ,it’s pretty sad on you’re behalf TBH but that is where you at in your life ,maybe it’s because you have Drawn your pension you think you’re knowledge is above posters below your age ,unfortunately for you i can keep putting you in your place but time and time and time and time again .
            Do better jonny boy as it’s to easy .
            I await you’re next silly comment.

      3. walcott always perform when its due for contract negotiation and just after he signs a new deal and slowly fade away after

  12. To my judgement we should have concentrated on many players… Now we are mid January and looking too desperate for shaktar man…. And they are playing hard to get…. We should have tried other options…. Ferran torres/dembele/ for 50/60 and maybe depay/trossard 40/50 and wait for our tielsman and dincka for free….

  13. Seems almost all Gooners, me included are very wary of us spending what may well be our entire JANUARY budget on an as yet untried ,in a top league, winger.

    It can be a either a stroke of genious or another Pepe type flop. But it is surely arisk, whateve reventullay is thr outcome This post assumes it will now be us who signs him.

    Having watched Felix in his Chelsea debut last night, and ignoring the foolish forwards lunge tackle that earned him a deserved red card(as that is a mere detail, in the longer run), I could easily see his ability, esp in a side that plays on the front foot( which Atletico do NOT!).

    We MAY have missed a good opportunity here in the risky pursuit and priority of Mudryk. Time will tell!

    1. If reports are correct then Felix’s ability was never in question, it’s his character that’s suspect. And that’s important these days at Arsenal.

      A club like Chelsea that buys Aubameyang knowing his history at Arsenal is asking for trouble – and it seems they got it.

      1. That is true,, cause I think thy are just ruining their budget signing unnecessary player at a wrong time. How can you sign a player to a position that already has the owner,, oh no!

      2. Chelsea actually paid around ten mill for that washed up, uninterested(except in money) playboy Auba. What a joke of a club they are, I rejoice to report!

      3. There is little doubt that Felix is a very good player with the potential for greatness.
        Those who paid so much for him at such a young age created a problem. I suspect that much less would have been said about his character if he had not cost so much.
        I think that Chelsea have got a good player there despite his infraction.

  14. If we should spend this big then bring a striker for god’s sake. With ESR back, left wing is covered.
    And certainly not 70M for a guy who was only tested in Ukraine and couple of CL matches even though he is very talented.
    I think bringing him in will mean ESR or Gabi M. will be sold soon or converted to a false nine/striker

  15. With what have seen, Mudryk is an utility player, ready to play anywhere in attack. Therefore, am not surprised we agreed to meet the high demand to sign him.

  16. It’s a huge fee to pay but some the attributes of Mudryk means he is likely to succeed unless he stops trying. He is fast, technical, and can shoot with both feet with fair accuracy. One of the major limitations of players like Pepe and Anthony is that they are one-legged. The only expensive flop in recent time in EPL, in my view, is Lukaku. Others only lacked longevity for their fees.

    1. Im watching Napoli-Juventus right now. That Kvaratskhelia is a better and more proven player on a higher level (CL) and a smaller risk than Mudryk imo.
      Beside that, there’s no other club interested in Mudryk so why such an crazy bid

      1. He is more proven now but will they sell for 100m? I seriously doubt that. Mudryk is a big risk but if he performs the way the manager thought then he can easily double that fee in 2 years.
        P S. I don’t think the total fee we are offering will be up to what is circulating in the media anyway. Maybe that’s why the transfer is taking too long. We won’t pay more than £50m – £60m.

  17. It is a larger fee but we need some reinforcements to have a Better chance at winning the PL.

    We must focus hard on winning this season

    When Leicester won we blew the chance to win because Wenger failed to get a Striker and Defensive midfielder. Arteta mustn’t make the same mistake. We must sign quality players this month

  18. We would have just looked for a random striker to replace g Jesus but not to overspending for an upcoming star who is yet in his early progress. There is no guarantee that he will deliver what arsenal need as per now. To me this might be a risk bet.

  19. Arsenal stop talking of signing one player the period for signing players is short react quickly otherwise no trophy

  20. It is taking a bit long and the agitation on all sides is understandable. But I believe Edu and Arteta made up their minds. I think they know Mudryk is the real deal. From his playing videos, I think the same too. Such a raw talent. Reminds me of young Neymar. Probably the highest talent ceiling in the market, even better than Joao Felix, Dusan Vlahovic and Cody Gakpo. He is able to play at both wings and both no 8 in midfield. Moreover, he is committed and willing to bend over for Arsenal without disrespecting his existing club. That’s a great lad right there. Despite the fact that he looks and plays like a homey with a glock. And he won’t demand high wages like the rest. With Zinchenko and rest of the young lads with the same age bracket, he will fit in very well It seems like an excellent investment. At 21 years old, he can propel the club to greatness for the next decade.

    1. I believe you.. The only Last Player that showed this zeal of joining us was W. Zaha’ thou later it didn’t work out. Simply just buy the lad and lets relax and keep our fingers crossed! He’ll perform.

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