Fabrizio confirms Brighton have signed a new midfielder – Caicedo replacement?

These rumours about Arsenal signing Brighton’s midfielder Moises Caicedo still look to be on the cards, despite the Seasgulls banning Caicedo from training and rejecting Arsenal’s second big money bid for the Ecuadorian last night.

in case it doesn’t go through, or Brighton demand too much money, then I sincerely hope that Arteta and Edu have got a backup ready to go, because it is imperative that we get some sort of midfielder into the squad this January.

But the chances of the deal going through has suddenly increased, as just now Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that the Seasulls have just sealed a deal for a Swedish midfielder by the name of Yasin Ayari, a 19 year-old who already has two caps for Sweden under his belt…

Ayari looks to be the type of player that Arsenal would target in terms of his age and potential, and going by past form, the Gunners will probably be bidding 50 million for him in a few years time!


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    1. Caicedo is not on £3k a week you muppet. You clearly believe one report that has been spun time and time again by those demanding he is freed to feed his 9 other siblings in Ecuador. Comedy gold

    2. Because he plays for Brighton who do not generate the same finances as us and they signed him for a rock bottom bargain price. Same as Martinelli bought for peanuts and now worth 80 million, also on a low wage until recently.

  1. I repeat a post I made earlier, Jim White from Sky and Talksport said Brighton were not budging so who knows?

    1. White is no longer on Sky, Sue. Not for some time in fact. But I listen in to White and Jordan most weekday mornings, 10-1pm. By far the best programme on that generally ragbag station.

      I suspect that BRIGHTONS NEW SIGNING , MEDICAL NOW COMPLETED, MEANS CAICEDO WILL COME TO US. A game of poker and who blinks first, IMO!

  2. Caicedo is as important to Brighton and Odegaad is to AFC. I don’t quite understand why anyone would think that a team would sell one of their best players midseason..

    1. Because Bloom said it himself that when trying to sign players,they tell them that Brighton is just a stepping stone to a move to a bigger team/club,so why get in the way of the player’s dream move?it may not happen again.also, Brighton are in no danger of relegation and they may never get that much for Caicedo again.

      1. Seems Arsenal are going in with a third bid for CAICEDO.

        75 million pounds should be enough to sign this guy

  3. Seems Arsenal are going in with a third bid for CAICEDO.

    75 million pounds should be enough to sign this guy

  4. Not sure 75M will be enough tbh probably looking at between £80M-£90M to make Brighton budge.

  5. Ayari is potentially as good as Saka and Martinelli and I have no doubt be will be successful at Brighton who have the best recruitment team in England.Mitoma against Liverpool proved you do not have to cost a lot to be as good, if not better than guys like Nunez and Gabpo.Hats off to Brighton for unearthing yet another gem who will make them a fortune when he is sold on in due course.Surely they are the most efficiently run Club in the EPL and an example to others who simply perpetuate the transfer madness of today.

  6. Why is it that Brighton are able to find these young, players who have the potential to become successful. Is it because we dispensed with our scouting team and have to rely upon other sources who may be giving information to other clubs as well as ourselves.
    It all very well relying on data inputs but perhaps seeing players in action is still very important. Data can be very misleading and made to present things in a way that suits the presenter.

    1. You do understand that Brighton are heavily run by data. Tony Blooms entire history is linked to algorithms and using data to predict results. If you think Brighton are well run and an example to follow your making the case for a more data driven approach not less.

  7. Caicedo’s form is versatile so arsenal should put much emphasis on the move regardless of the asking price being raised

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