Fabrizio confirms Trossard to Arsenal deal for 27million – Here we go!

Well, this transfer has been done and dusted quicker than it takes Mykhailo Mudryk to write and instagram post about how much he’s always loved Chelsea!

It was rumoured this morning that the Gunners were in talks with Brighton over taking the out of favour forward to the Emirates, and barely six hours later we hear that he is being lined up for his medical! Full agreement with Brighton, personal terms sorted, contracts being prepared…. What’s going on LOL!

So here it is, we have a much cheaper forward that is Premier League-proven and far more experienced of English football than Mudryk, so as far as I’m concerned we have probably got lucky by missing out on the Ukranian.

The good news is that Trossard worked with Airport Alnert for year previously so it shouldn’t take him long to settle in, and he won’t even have to move house living down on the South Coast.



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  1. All things considered, looks like Mudryk was a smokescreen to trap Chelsea to overpay lol.

    Very good deal this one. Great signing!

      1. Maybe far fetched but you never know. Knowing Chealsea are behind your back to hijack the deal, Arsenal could have played them. But nevertheless, happy how everything played out.

  2. I think it is a sensible signing. Fee is not that high and a player that I believe will help us in difficult moments this season and beyond.

  3. Caution caution caution.

    Until it’s confirmed on our official website, let’s wait.

    I seem to remember an article on JA, talking about our NEXT signing… as we had already got Mudryk!!!

    If it does become official – an excellent signing and for a reasonable price – well done MA and Edu.

    1. I think it’s done Ken
      Apparently having medical now and should be registered for Man Utd on Sunday if all paperwork sealed by 12 pm tomorrow .

  4. Terrible signing we have signed the worst possible Brighton player mind you I thought that about Ben white but he has been sensational since he came but with trossard I’m not convinced. I would of liked us to put a bid in for zaha and rice

    1. You thought that about Ben White and was wrong, shouldn’t that have been enough to make you keep your thoughts to yourself? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. This so exellent. This is a sensible fee that indicates future in someone although he’s 28yrs. But here we are, we should get atleast a strike to replace nkietiah coz i don’t trust him in man united clash on sunday so they should get him before

  6. IMO it’s wise and a very good signing. Trossard is in his prime, a flexible attacker,. He is a PL-player, no waste of time to adapt, and can score vital goals for us. Can’t wait to see him shine for Arsenal. Now Arteta has a needed rotation option in our attack. That’s very important for Arsenal.

    1. Agree Websurfer and Dan. If Arteta can improve his attitude, which has been poor at Brighton lately, Trossard will prove to be a very good signing for all the reasons stated. As far as his poor attitude is concerned there are two sides at least, to his difficulties with his Brighton manager.

  7. Good signing IMO ,everytime I’ve watched Brighton he as always stood out and he’s been pretty good the first half of this season .
    27 million could be a steal .
    OT Chelsea just spent another 30 million on the impressive lad from PSV ,deep deep pockets at SB

  8. I wouldn’t say we got lucky losing Mudryk but this is a very decent signing. I think he will be very useful for us upfront and he will give us goals for sure.

  9. Reported on BBC as “£21m plus add-ons”.

    At £21m this makes my reservations much less than they were. If it doesn’t work out then the loss is probably not that great.

    The speed personal terms were agreed (reported to have been sorted out long before the fee was agreed between the clubs) suggests that they’re not too bad either.

    And the kid wasn’t in much of a position to negotiate tbh – if you’ve got to leave your existing club and the league leaders want you… don’t you take whatever you can get and hope to do well and negotiate a better deal later (hopefully with a PL and/or EL winner’s medal in your pocket)?

    Has anyone seen any detail on the personal terms?

    1. IDKWIC How very much I appreciate logical thinking and the sensible analysis that being logical then brings.

      Your post makes perfect sense!

  10. BTW it shows how quickly our guys move when the other parties are sensible.

    Those people posting stuff recently about “Arsenal needs to act quicker” and “should keep our targets quiet” really need a reality check.

    1. He was 4th or 5th choice for Arsenal the other 4 were or are not available, at the price we paid. Every team knew his price, including spuds but Arsenal went in (probably because of the mudryc affair) and paid the price to get him. We needed a winger and he should help towards the league battle. Not first choice but was easily gettable, as long as someone stumped up the money.

  11. I hope, he will be a good back-up for Nketiah untill we have Jesus back, and if he fits in, I suppose he can deputise on the wing also.
    Fingers crossed, it will work out.

  12. I think that this is really good business – he fills a need and provides cover. He is proven in EPL and at 20 M plus 6 M in add-ons for four years it is devastating if he doesn’t play out.

    I can’t imagine that the personality issue wasn’t reviewed and players in England will know that Arteta is a bit of a hardass based on how he has managed personnel at Arsenal.

    The players all talk and compare notes – it is a pretty tight little fraternity – especially in last number of years with so much more movement.

    1. meant to say that it is not devastating if it doesn’t work…not wishing for that of course!

    2. I agree 100% Stewart. Trossard is PL ready and fills an immediate need for the run in – quality enough for rotation or replacement if unfortunate enough to need, and can see games out without giving up an offensive threat. Can return to the “project” of young potential stars in the summer, but happy to see Edu & Arteta are seeing to the title challenge first. Now a good DM.

  13. Sky Sports saying its 20 million pounds + add ons.

    Fantastic buy. Brightons top scorer this season and last season, and he’s primarily a winger.

    Hes not better than Saka or Martinelli but if those 2 are not available, our quality on the pitch will not downgrade significantly with Trossard starting.

  14. The deal seems to have been completed with the speed of light. In less than Six hours we’ve not just negotiated the fee but also terms of contract. Looks like this deal was going on underground for a while now. I remember De Zerbi saying it seems Trossard’s agent wants to negotiate a lesser transfer fee. Definitely has me thinking; was Mudryk a smokescreen? According to Shaktar, our terms were not favorable like Mudryk winning the Balon D’or lol, really? Mudryk, Balon d’or? Seems we just stayed in it till the last minute to get Chelsea to overpay. If so great strategy by Edu.
    Lovely job if and when official.

  15. A very good buy. He already has the premiership experience.We still need another quality defensive mid fielder to deputise for Thomas Partey in case of injury.

  16. A tempting fan led theory but it is plain to all proper thinkers that the abortive Mudryk negotiations were DEFINITELY NOT a trap for Chelsea to fall into.

    I can of course understand the temptation to convince ourselves that this was so, but plainly it was not.

    Unless you choose to believe in conspiracy theories, which I NEVER DO!

    1. I haven’t seen any fan say with assertion that the Mudryk deal was a Chelsea trap, but rather most are thinking “maybe”. And it’s clear to see why a lot of fans are probably thinking that way based on current developments. Personally I believe we were genuinely in for Mudryk but that doesn’t stop us from considering another view.

      As for never believing in Conspiracy theories, really? Do you know how many conspiracy theories have been proven right? From Bilderberg to Bohemian to Samsung selling weapons to Rolls Royce selling weapons to countless others.

  17. well every player is important,is very much good to have player like trossard I love the way he played, he’s a quality player

  18. Welcome to Arsenal Leo Trossard 🔴⚪

    Just need that midfield signing now and we ready to fight right until the end for this PL title 💪🏾

  19. If we can negotiate with west ham for Declan rice it will be an impressive Jan window. 2 areas we needed filled. Epl champions 😊COYG. On tonight’s game 🥴🥴 hate spuds, don’t them to win or draw ever, but tonight?? I don’t want shitty to win either. Sooooo torn

  20. I expect Trossard to be a bench warmer, possibly super sub and to help out when needed. To win the Premiership or get into the Champions League we need much better….

  21. A keep saying some times it feels like there is a big conspiracy to hand us the big jug.

    Jesus and Zinchenko availability
    That city lost to Brentford.
    Man United draw against Palace
    This Chelsea signing of the little rat.
    This red hot winger just wants out of his club

    Ofcourse I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but it will have some people thinking

  22. I’ll wait till I see him on the Arsenal website before I say welcome but if it happens that would be a nice signing. He’s played very well this season for Brighton

  23. Looks like a good signing at a reasonable price under the circumstances. Good business. I wonder if that’s it or will they pull another rabbit out of the hat?

  24. Well! Despite my reservations regarding Trossard’s age of at 28 year old forward player. Which looks to make him a bit unsuitable for recruitment by Arsenal this winter window to strengthened. Moreso if one takes into cognizant of Arsenal recruitment new players of young age profile. And coupled with the reported fact that said Trossard was ill-disciplined at Brighton before Arsenal signed him. This could be a concern, but may not surface when he’s at Arsenal playing.
    And I can see, that, save, if Trossard proved to be exceptional in the position he’ll be playing from in the team, to be performing regularly at top level. But at 28. wouldn’t he start to get slower in pace? And subsequently turnout to become a Lacazette 2.0 in the team for Arsenal as he advances in age duing the reported 4 year contract deal that Arsenal gave him?
    I am not being negative as I hope Trossard will prove me wrong for me to take positive from his signing by Arsenal particularly for their winter campaign as they push to win the treble this season. And the next seasons that will follow.
    So therefore, I give kudos to Arteta, Edu and the Arsenal Board for their doing this Trossard signing this term.

  25. One of Trossard’s major qualities is that he wins the ball back more than most players. He is great in the press. I think Edu/Arteta have scored a big one here…a real player.

  26. Well, if it’s true, that’s great addition. This is the type of signings we need atm. PL experienced goal scorer. They should also go for a PL or even a Championship experienced DM & striker asap. We need depth in the team. Kudos to edu and arteta. We move!

  27. We never make this kind of signing so will be very interesting to see how he does.

    – Established in EPL
    – At prime age
    – Reasonably priced

    Very odd for us but Im glad we not breaking the bank when we have so many attackers on the books already. If we can bank a top DM this will be a highly successful window.

  28. Tottenham 1 up.
    44 minutes.
    Yippee… Points of city.
    Hope it stays like that till the full time whistle

      1. PJ-SA I can scarcely believe you wanted a draw, when a Spuds win wasby far the best result for us.

        SADLY IT DIDN’T HAPPEN BUT IT WAS WHAT ALL SENSIBLE Gooners wanted from the start.

        Spuds are not serious rivals to us and if they won it would have made no difference to us. But City winning makes our task far harder. That is OBVIOUS to sensible Gooners!

  29. Looks like a value-for-money signing and for us a second-tier player.

    I was expecting us to target someone and then pay a little over the top to get it done, like a 60-odd mil bid for Raphina or Feran Torres was my thinking, for us to pay a bit more than what Barca forked out. Either something along those lines or else for us to uncover a relative unknown who turns out to be a young up-and-coming monster potentially speaking.

    I hope I’m wrong about Trossard and he ends up looking like a genuine first-team option. I don’t like signing players that are second-team written all over them. Better to try and bring in first-tier players to fight it out with.

    Anyway, good luck, and welcome home Trossard

  30. Would you have considered Diogo Jota ‘second-tier player’ when Liverpool signed him from Wolves although he is 2 years younger than Trossard?

    Also, would you bet Arsenal would be 8 points clear and potentially 11 if the City-Spur games ends in favor of Spurs and Arsenal wins on Sunday?

    My point is Arsenal are not looking for a player to bench either of Martinelli and Saka. What we are focused on is getting capable competition for them to maintain our league position and challenge as well in the cup games, which is critical to our season will end and be judged. Also remember Saka and Martinelli’s new contract will be improved to reveal they are now ‘Key players” not just “First Team players”.

    What this means is any incoming player will have to agree to be a squad/first team player and this will also be reflected in their wage.

  31. At this stage of the transfer window I’m happy with any signing(s) which gives Arsenal options beyond Vierra and Elneny. Beyond this season however I fear Chelsea’s have the better investment in Mudryk. Nothing worse than misinformed breast eating, Jon Fox.

    1. Joe. S So you cannot see the problem being stored up at Chelsea with them buying so many players?And on long contracts too!

      There are none so blind as those who REFUSE to see. Sigh!

  32. I would have preferred City lose this game given their strength in depth and Guordiola now having a full fit bench to pick from

    Just a reminder for those who would rather City to win, on their bench today are Walker, Dias, Cancello, Laporte, Kalvin Phillips, KDB, Silva and Foden.

    Would you rather they drop points today before getting a grip and stringing together 15 straight victories?

  33. Let’s hope they keep stuttering and not find the rhythm they need to string together 15 straight victories. If they win at Wolves before our game on Saturday, they will be down to 2 points behind Arsenal.

    We need proper squad depth to sustain our fairy start in the first half of the season. For purists, expecting us to land top-targets in January, you need a reality check.

    Any signing that will see us over the line till May is welcome. I don’t care the age or signing fee. We must not lose this huge opportunity to win the league. Till then, I will continue to cheer and celebrate every game City drop points.

  34. Along with Fabio Viera, Trossard gives us lots of backup creativity. It also means that in the FA Cup and Europa League we don’t have to risk both Saka and Martinelli. It’s a protection against injury and burn-out by overplaying our regular forward line. I trust my eyes and watching Trossard it’s clear he is a quality player. His stats at ball recovery and the high press are excellent too. Gives me faith that Edu/Arteta have recognized the mistake of last January window. With a bit of luck we will get a midfielder after the United game and go on to win the big prize….the Premier League. Trossard’s signing gives me confidence that we may well win the PL.

  35. For those who think Trosard isn’t a top quality player simply because his club didn’t value him at 100 million, please stop already. Asides age and pace, Mudryk isn’t better than him right now, maybe in the future and with as much experience he may be, but right now, he isn’t. Trosard is by far a more technical player than Mudryk and scores goals from unexpected angles. My only ish, is that he does like to hold the ball for too long sometimes.

    Dude is a steal for that price. He’s got skills, speed and beautiful techniques. He will definitely make a difference in the team.

  36. Very good signing, and at a fantastic price. He’s not going to push the likes of Gabi and Saka long-term, but a very good backup that can definitely do a job when called upon.

    Lots of Prem experience, so time needed to adapt. That is so important!

  37. This is what our Arsenal needs, cheaper signings, experienced players and the ability to play in multiple roles.

    This guy can play on both sides, a striker or playmaker role; play him!

    Well done!

  38. Conte and Spurs couldnt defend a two goal lead to help their North London neighbours. Very ordinary, giving away soft goals.
    Excellent character shown by Man City.

    1. This is going to be pressure cooker situation now…
      They are 5 points behind us now and they gonna play again on Sunday against wolves before our clash to Utd and if City beat Wolves which is expected then they will be just 2 behind us having played 2 games and extra…
      But that pressure of 2 points and if we fail beat Utd then either gap will be 2 points or 3 points with one game in hand… Now this getting interesting..

      1. Worrying about what Man City may or may not do does not help the team or yourself.
        Arsenal need to focus on the next match.

  39. Not sure where to post this, but do we not do EPL predictions anymore? Why are so many games being missed? Or am I overlooking something?

  40. No brainer for me proven premiership player with lots of qualities and will be a great addition don’t care he’s 28 normally players hit there peak around that age so the next 4 years we should see the best of him!

  41. Welcome to the Emirates Trossard. I am sure with your talent and hard work you will contribute towards the larger success of Arsenal. Best of luck.

    1. What a pleasant surprise.A highly adaptable forward, very much in the mold of Jesus with excellent ball skills in tight areas and difficult to pin down.The bonus is the price and the fact that he is a very good finisher.Adds experience and depth to our attacking options.A very sensible piece of business.

  42. Our squad lacks depth so we need someone who is ready to play when required, not another one “for the future”. Price is sensible. Reminds me of Liverpool signing Shiqiri.

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