Fabrizio gives brilliant update on Bukayo Saka’s new Arsenal contract

Arsenal’s starboy Bukayo Saka has been making history with Arsenal ever since breaking into the first team three years ago. This weekend saw him become the first Premier League player this season to reach double figures in scoring and assisting and he undoubtedly one of the first names on Mikel Arteta’s teamsheet every week.

But while his contract extension is still awaiting any announcement from Mikel Arteta, many Arsenal fans have been rightly concerned about whether he could be poached with enormous offers from any oil-rich club in Europe, but now we have had a fantastic update from Fabrizio Romano telling us that we have no need to worry any more.

The transfer guru wrote on CaughtOffside’s substack newsletter: “What a performance again from Bukayo Saka yesterday as he picked up two goals and one assist in Arsenal’s 4-1 win over Crystal Palace. For me, he’s undoubtedly a Young Player of the Year contender, he’s an absolutely fantastic talent.

“Unsurprisingly, Arsenal fans keep asking me about his contract! An official announcement depends on the Arsenal media team, but the verbal agreement has been reached weeks ago. Saka has accepted, the new deal is ready so it’s up to the club to meet and sign the documents once final small details are sorted. But rest assured, Saka will extend.”

That will do for me!

Now they need to get William Saliba sorted as well and we’re good to go….


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  1. My fear has never been this set of contract talks but the next. Will Martinelli, Saka, Ødegaard or Saliba extend again in few years time or will they jump ship for mega money? I fear especially for Saka

    1. If we continue to grow as we have done this season, where would these players better themselves?

      Money surely won’t come into it, as by the time their contracts come up for renewal, their personal wealth will be so much, they will want job satisfaction rather than anything else?

      1. You reckon, Ken? Once you’re earning an average annual salary per week I think anything beyond that makes little difference, as even someone on 35k p/w is pulling 1.8m gross and most players will be getting two or three times that amount. Money always comes into imo and the more you get the more you want, especially if they are being poorly advised by unscrupulous agents. Personally, I find the financial element of the game disgusting and distasteful. A 21 y/o boy earning that much money can do bad things to them and there is absolutely no justification for it.

        1. Money isn’t everything, success will be a key element, ask Harry Kane what 200,000 a week I am led to believe, what will he have at the end of his career, England’s top scorer but that will be beaten, possibly PL top scorer, that’s it. The money is good, but the trophies are a tad better I believe. I was offered an extra 150 a week, but I am happy where I am and so I refused it, not everyone is money driven, rather have a balance in my life, than the extra dosh

        2. Refering to your last sentence, yes it can. Look at the example of Ja Morant a young NBA superstar. If you don’t know about him Google what idiotic stuff is he doing. But there is also a factor of sudden fame and people that surround you. Saka is down to earth personality and he earning 35k per week or 250k per week will not change him in my opinion. And if he is that good of a player give him the money that he deserves.

      2. A shrewd observation KEN. I much agree!

        I also find the many rather foolish fears about possibly losing highly committed players unhelpful, both to those who post and to other less worldly wise fans who perhaps read those posts.

    2. Why, maybe they will all want to be part of an Arsenal team that won titles, cups, and possibly the CL, there is great togetherness at Arsenal, so why will they want to leave, I feel there could be great times for Arsenal

    3. If we perform like we have done, players will stay. Some stars will be sold, yes – but they will be replaced. Club is bigger than any player, and will attract stars if we play this well

    4. The heart never forget where it best felt love, Emmanuel petit and countless others will tell you the grass is not always greener on the other side.

  2. Good news. He deserves it and an EPL trophy

    As for Saliba, Arsenal have anticipated the contract rebellion by signing Kiwior. We’ve also still got Holding and Trusty for the sweeper position

  3. Isnt it depressing how plain scared so many of our fans are?

    Why they worry themselves about losing players, who are plainly committed to their and our club and showing that massive committment weekly, is to my logical thinking mind, both a mystery and a foolish emotion of pointless fear expressed needlessly!

  4. I don’t think any fans were worried about possibly losing Saka, he’s one of our own, and Arsenal is a mega-club with ambitions to being the very best

    1. You don’t, eh!?
      Then why not read the MANY threads that talk about our players signing anew? You might THEN see how wrong you are!

  5. I think it is better for any 21 year old player who is playing in the Epl and who is a top quality at a top club like Arsenal. And is contributing his quota in games regularly to help his team immensely. To be earning better salary as he plays for his club side. So that he can have financial guarantee to guaranteed him financial security after he has retired from the game. Or get incapacitated when playing to abstructly stopped playing the game.
    If Arsenal extend Saka’s contract with them by a new long term, it won’t be unexpected. But expected as a welcomed news to the Gooners. Who have been expecting this his contract extension with the club to be announced. As an approval and recognition by the club for his relentless top performances for them in the past two to three seasons.

  6. Very pleased for Saka & the club with the proposed deal which I believe makes him the top earner. I have also seen on Football Transfers that Arsenal is looking to sign Odegaard up until 2030.

  7. Tomiyasu is out for the season. Needs knee operation. Very sad. Hope he has a speedy recovery

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