Fabrizio gives updates on Lisandro and Raphinha – Arsenal still in the running for both

There have been many reports that the Leeds United winger Raphinha has decided that he wants to go to Barcelona, but with Arsenal and Chelsea offers already on the table, the Brazilian’s move to Spain is far from being a foregone conclusion.

Fabrizio Romano has quoted the Barca president Laporta as stating that Barca is Raphinha’s prefered destination but the other proposals are still being considered. Romano Tweeted…..

For me, I don’t think that Raphinha should be such a big priority right now, and the acquisition of Lisandro Martinez is a far more pressing need for Arteta, and with the https://theathletic.com/news/arsenal-manchester-united-lisandro-martinez-transfer/qtHHPIBMe4mp/ reporting that the Gunners are set for further talks with Ajax next week, the boss is still making him a top target.

It is also being reported that the player himself is very keen to move to the Premier League, but will it be with the Arsenal project or the Ten Hag rebuild at Old Trafford?

This is what Fabrizio says…..

With United in upheaval right now while Arsenal can offer a chance in the Europa League, maybe would prefer to carry on playing in Red And White?


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  1. Once again, we are supposedly in the running for a player who doesn’t even want to come to us…Sad as well as desperate. IJS

    1. Most players in the world want to play for Barca but at the same time, many will not. Given the chance though it would he almost impossible not to. They are simply to big. That doesn’t mean the player wouldn’t be happy at another big club. The problem is, if they were to join Arsenal for instance, it would only be a matter of time before moving on. Just like T Henry for example. And many more. It’s the nature of the beast.

  2. RAPHINA, VERY plainly, is NOT coming to us. And, as his heart his set on BARCA, nor should he!

    JA should waste no more time on something that I at least, along with most Gooners, know for 100% certain, will not happen. DSreamers amongus will of course still hope , in vain. All clubs fanbases have dreamers but I HAVE NEVER BEEN, NEVER WILL BE , AMONG THEM.

    MARTINEZ will equally plainly come to the Prem and EITHER we pay the asking price THIS WEEK, OR he goes to Old Trafford.
    Simple as that, in both cases.

    1. I’m a dreamer and love it…..I don’t have to believe the rumour but enjoy the dream…..seriously I prefer the academy players to be promoted to the first team….hope to see Patino getting a lot of game time this season….but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming……)

      1. Jakes, Credit to you for publicly admitting to being a dreamer. I would be too embarrassed to admit I was still a child, IF( which of course I could never be) I happeend to be a dreamer.


          1. Btw don’t believe in any rumors unless it’s on the official Arsenal website or it’s confirmed on sky sports.
            Advice to all gooners

    2. You are very correct
      Let them keep on dreaming.
      They better go and pay 50M$
      and get Lisandro before it’s too late.

  3. Fabrizio has made it absolutely clear that it is possible that one or both of these players may indeed come to Arsenal although it is quite possible one or either may not come to Arsenal depending on transaction issues affecting one or both players or their clubs with respect to interest from other clubs Fabrizio as he always does is to assure us that these deals are a definite maybe. Fabrizio like David Ornstein actually have absolutely no idea about if or when any of these transactions may take place so just take everything they say with a pinch of salt turn to the east blink twice and repeat your favourite lotto numbers and you will be as close, no, you will actually be closer to knowing the truth than the plethora of unsustaniated ramblings of Fabrizio 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Transfer dealing is not as how we view it and should not be.

    It is the club to convince the right player to join us and not necessarily because the player want to join us we should jump and sign that particular player.

    Sometimes the players that wants to join us are not the right player, though it helps a great deal when the right player wants to join.

    Hard work by a player that wants to join us can only take us to a point, the right players make things happen almost effortlessly

  5. Hard to believe anything in the press atm with us being linked with just about anyone
    This guy reported a week ago that we had signed Jesus & it was done & dusted but still no announcement, not sure why the delay from us?
    Plenty of time left in the window so no need to panic yet but we do seem to faff about a lot when it comes to signings when others can get them completed in days
    There does seem to be a distinct lack of interest in some of our players that are needing to be moved on so maybe that is holding us up, just guess work from me as none of us work for the club so who knows what is going on behind the scenes but i am sure the club will do the best they can for us all
    Just for the record these are the players i would like us to sign
    Zinchenko as he is proven in the prem & could cover a few different positions
    Toney as he would offer us a different option to our other strikers
    Maddison as he is pure quality & would improve our midfield massively, i think we have no chance here but i can still dream right?
    Just my thoughts & have a great Sunday fellow Gooners 🙂

  6. GunneRay the great Henry is a poor example of the point you are trying to make.

    We got the best out of the Legend though he had the opportunity many times to move on during his prime years,

    I was okay when he finally did, he serves us well and will always be a gooner

  7. Gut feeling is that both these transfers will end up badly for us. That is if we are even on for them – so much misinformation floating around and Arsenal are pretty tight-lipped about negotiations.

    If true, I’m more worried about Plan B and Plan C. In the same way as we all want players whose first choice is Arsenal, players are human and probably want to go somewhere that they feel they are wanted and not second or third choice. Or maybe they just want the money…

  8. We can dream or wish all we like but that’s purely what it is. The only people who definitely know what players we are interested in are the people at the club. Pundits can only know exactly what the club knows when the club issues a press release,for they are like the rest of us just throwing it out there and hoping one sticks. Most sensible fans realise that in all probability 95% of the so called player interest is just press hype and has no real foundation at all. Who we sign, if anyone,will be announced by the club when it has been sealed and delivered and not before. Lets hope the G Jesus signing is announced in the next few days.

  9. I really think we should pull the plug on Raphinha. Overpriced and not keen on coming. Would take all of our budget in a position that’s not our priority ie a luxury we can’t currently afford. But he won’t come anyway – Barca will find a dodgy financial deal to get him as they always do.
    Still want Martinez but reckon its 70/30 against purely due to the ten Hag factor.
    Have a feeling we may just get Tielemans and/or Onana along with a budget LB.
    Nketia looked red hot vs Ipswich. On the pitch for 45 mins for 3 goals and an assist.

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