Fabrizio: Arsenal Medical being scheduled for Zinchenko

So it looks like Arsenal have wrapped up their 5th signing of the summer as Oleksandr Zinchenko has agree to rejoin up with Mikel Arteta and Gabriel Jesus at the Emirates. It looks like talks on personal terms went swiftly and smoothly after the 30m transfer fee was agreed with Man City, and Fabrizio Romano reported last night that everything was in place to finalize the deal. “Here we go”!

Now this morning the transfer guru has reported that the contracts are being prepared for signing, and then we will be only a medical test away from confirming our fifth signing….

Well, this transfer window has been a whirlwind for Arsenal fans, with targets being decided on and quickly dealt with. One can only say that Edu has done an excellent job to get so many of our targets in before the season even starts, so we should be much better prepared for the new campaign compared to last year.

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  1. He is a very good player so I hope he does end up coming. He is a very welcome addition to defence and midfield.

    Hopefully Xhaka /elneny make some space in the squad and we can get paqueta or someone else in too.

  2. How are we supposed to catch up to Liverpool and man city if we keep on buying players who are not good enough to start for them ?

    1. The difference between top 2 and top 4 is huge. We need to close that gap first. Also, the bulk of investment has been in 19-23 year olds who, in theory at least, have the potential to become top 2 players in seasons to come. When the gap is closed, we’ll likely see the strategy change to signing one or two top quality players rather than having to improve multiple areas of the squad in one window.

      1. Valid points raised and a big hug to Mikel for having a vision and the mental toughness to embark on a mission to attain our vision. Rather than signing names for signing’s sake, we now hire real deals at bargain fees. So proud to have Mikel even over Erik who seems clueless. Even Tavares on a bad day is much better to watch than Andre Santos or Kolasinac or Oleg Luzhny

        1. LC, Who is Erik? I agree with almost everything you ever write, but until I know who Erik is , well, I can’t agree or disagree!

            1. And “even over” ten hag(for which I thank you)implies to my mind that you rate TENHAG highly, though you describe him as useless.
              I find the phrase “even above”at odds with all else you write.

            1. He’s certainly not clueless but it will be an interesting season ahead for Utd. They are not at all stable with so much previous chopping and changing.

              Other managers with good pedigrees have had mixed fortunes since Fergie

              1. @Sue P
                In all fairness to Ten Hag, it looked as though he got them off to a decent enough start the way the beat Pool in the friendly…IJS

      2. You hit the nail on the head brother.We need to close the wide gap first.Basically I think we are moving in the right direction.We just have to make sure we won’t sell our best players.The age group we have is fantastic.The boys are hungry for success and I love the togetherness within the squad.Competition for places will definitely improve us as a squad.GO GUNNERS GO.

      3. We could not clear our mess so we are clearing other mess. We cannot offload our fringe players but we want to get other club fringe player as if Arteta is Mr Agent for mancity. Mancity getting over 100mil for bench warmer is fantastic piece of business but I cannot say same for us. We cannot even get good return from our most expensive player. We just seem to follow Manu path by buying and buying player with no clear cut goal and direction. Only time will tell but not much excited about coming season.

    2. The ball is round. Come think of it, Gael Clichy, Bacary Sagna, Emmanuel Adebayoh, the other French guy, what his name again Samir Nasri, all went to City from Arsenal, an exodus of players in a short period of time. It is payback time, it is time Arsenal does the same

      1. Mancity got our starters but we are getting their bench warmers. So there is difference. They robbed us getting our players and now they are robbing our bank by selling their fringe players. It’s win win for mancity not arsenal.

    3. It really doesn’t work that way, does it? It all depends on how the player adapts to the tactics

  3. We supposedly sorted LB last season. Yet we started with a known injury risk in Tierney, a cheap unknown quantity in Tavares and a known flop in Kolasinac. Kolasinac not unexpectedly failed totally. Tavares was all over the shop and Tierney missed the back half of the season with his known injury issues. The 30m spend on a third LB does not immediately scream good business but is simply spending good money after bad cleaning up last seasons bad transfer business. Fingers crossed this time around.

    1. I beg to differ, Tavares is only 21yrs and has a lot of years ahead of him to improve and reach his full potentials, could also develop into a much better forward in my opinion if trained properly, and we got him for €12m. I won’t conclude that he’s bad business with his first season in a foreign league.

      Yes Tierney is injured every now and then, but on his day is arguably the best left back in the league, if he could overcome his injury crisis(which we’ve seen others do) he’s a real asset to Arsenal.

      Getting a cover who can play multiple positions is definitely a good piece of business

  4. We still need xhaka and elneny for squad depth IMO. We are in Europe this upcoming season

  5. Odd, isn’t it,how ALL the players who have worked under MA previously, say what a great coach he is.

    Revealing, I’d say!

    1. PAT by censoring the part of my post that called out those anti MA brigade as being what I said, but THEN leaving in my last line (revealing Id say) IT MAKES MY POST NONSENSICAL.

      REMEMBER WHAT I said about leaving JA, if I am repeatedly censored. I am still serious, so its up to you how draconian you are . But I will not be censored unnecessarily, as in my original post!!

      1. You WILL be censored if you carry on breaking the rules. All has been very calm lately, and you are the only one causing unnecessary problems

      2. That is very poor logic from a 70 plus years old person with a lifetime of experience in following football in the biggest league in the world.

        Very poor logic it makes me sad. With that logic you won’t ever be considered for admission in a thinkers club.

        So what says most about a coach greatness and ability: players showering him with praises or results on the pitch?

        My 3 years old brother can answer that.

  6. Good business once again from Edu and the team. Zinchenko is proven in the Premier League unlike Martinez. I’m actually delighted we walked away from that deal. Man Utd spent about £50m. £30m for Zinchenko is good business. GOYG!!!
    The team is taking shape nicely. I am concerned about the DM position though. But I think we have it covered for now. I don’t think we will be doing anymore business after this, but who knows, anything can happen.

  7. My response to the imminent signing of Zinchenko is at best luke warm for a number of reasons.While he is an intelligent, technically sound central midfielder, the immovable object, which is Xhaka, is still with us, and is unlikely to be sold.Like Xhaka, Zinchenko, by his own admission, is not quick and for that reason he has been found wanting when he has filled in at LB for Man City.I can recall at least three matches where he was completely left for dead by quick wingers, and I suspect he will be exposed in the Arsenal shirt, particularly if Arteta is committed to playing a high line back four.He is basically, a very tidy CM who was unable to hold down such a position with Man City who are of course blessed with “world class” midfielders, following on from the exceptional David Silva.If we were able to move on Xhaka, I would be more receptive to the acquisition of Zinchenko .The absence of an athletic, powerful DM is one of the biggest weaknesses of our current player pool, and it appears that this glaring requirement will not be filled during the current transfer window.

    1. I will wait to see, but i think zinchenko might be more similar to players like Rosicky and hleb – intelligent, technically sound (excellent) players who are quick but not blessed with exceptional pace (different level to xhaka) and who contribute defensively and offensively. I think zinchenko *could* be this type of player for us, but we’ll see. I’m not sure at all how MA plans to use him in any case

    2. Every defender has been left for dead at some point. Especially fullbacks. Okay maybe lahm is the exception. But don’t see anyone in the game as good as he was

  8. Good solid player who will no doubt strengthen our team but an upgrade he is not especially for the LB position,I believe Man City played 2 right backs for the most of last season which shows pep did not trust him at LB .
    Seems we are again giving man city more money to strengthen further why we get their fringe players ,maybe should have gone for cucurella who was one of the best defenders in the prem last season and by all accounts will be cheaper than zinchenko.
    Maybe because he can play in a number of positions is what Arteta is looking for but I dont see him pushing Tierney or Xhaka out of the starting line up .

    1. @Dan Kit
      Like I said before,I think we were duped by Pep into buying this guy. Pep sold us a fringe utility player to finance the buy of who he needed, Cucurella, a LB. We should have just bought Cucurella instead of Zinchenko. Why didn’t we when what we need is a LB, not a fringe utility player…IJA(I’m just askin)

      1. How I see it as well mate ,I think it’s because he can be used in a number of positions.
        Like I said he’s a good solid addition but for 32 million unless he’s a starter it seems a lot for a back up player

  9. Jesus.

    Martinelli. Odegaard. Saka.

    Zinchenko. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. Saliba. Tomiyasu.


    My Preferred First 11.

  10. Atetta has done great since he became the head coach and I believe in this season arsenal will definitely do great

  11. For whatever reason I seriously never use to take much notice of Zinchenko.

    But with Jesus looking so lethal, I have no choice but to trust the process, a fan told me Zinchenko look unplayable for his national team.

    The gaffer had three years of direct contact and must have seen enough, one of the gaffer strengths is recognizing good talent,
    And we all knows how brave he is.

    1. Unfortunately he was excellent when Ukraine beat a Scotland side which was very poor on the night. Zinchenko is a very decent central midfielder but very average at left back where his lack of pace is shown up.

      1. I just feel like the player quality has been on the slide since the 90’s to early 2000’s.. We don’t get many players of the likes of Vieira’s, Petit, Gerrards, Scholes, Keane, Giberto’s, Makelele, Essien’s, etc.. Players like Zidane, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Riquelme. Players like Henry, RVP, Van Nistelrooy etc..

        We have average players that go for ridiculous amounts.. These big money signing hardly ever get me excited.: In the last 10 years the only big money signing that excited me was Sanchez.. Fabio Vieira I have high hopes for..

  12. The ball is round. Come think of it, Gael Clichy, Bacary Sagna, Emmanuel Adebayoh, the other French guy, what is his name again Samir Nasri, all went to City from Arsenal, an exodus of players in a short period of time. And it what is more, they went to win something. It is payback time, it is time Arsenal does the same. It is how you compete, getting players from the rival club while in their prime.

    1. I agree he’s ball retention is great can carry the ball, make great passes. And this supposed lack of pace is not a good point to beat him with. Winterburn, Dixon Dennis Irwin, Gary Neville and loads more would not be considered quick IMO.. if he plays midfield
      Iniesta, xavi, modric, carzola and fabregas are not considered to have pace ??

      If we buy him, we are not buying him for pace reasons. It’s because
      He is technically far superior to most of our players. iMO….

      Looks like we are going down the possession based way of playing
      Again. The only way that works if you are clinical in front of goal which means a lot more goals from midfield, Personally I would still buy a tall Dm if only to slow down the counter attack 🤔….

      1. @GoalDan
        If Zinchenko plays at LB, he’s going to need pace to help him recover when we play a high line. Otherwise, he can expect to get skinned every time by pacy wingers…IJS

  13. Nice move 4 arsenal on zinchenko he will help the gunners but another player to buy is leroy sane is gonner be enough to win epl & europa this coming season

  14. It’s on this very site i first heard that a midfielder,DM inclusive must have pace while all great midfielders i know do lack pace.LOL!!! Just gotta respect their opinion of course.

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