Fabrizio on striker search – “It looks like he’s too expensive for Arsenal”

Arsenal may have brought in Gabriel Jesus to compete with Eddie Nketiah, but I doubt that the Gunners can get through a fully congested season with just two strikers in the squad.

Yes, maybe Balogun could play in the early stages of the Europa League, but it is likely he will need another season on loan before being ready for the rigours of the Premier League.

But who could Arsenal target as cover for our two main choices? There were many rumours that Arteta was enquiring about Sassuolo’s Gianluca Scamacca as real competition for the Number 9 spot, but according to Fabrizio Romano that ship has sailed for now. The transfer guru said in an exclusive interview with CaughtOffside: “Arsenal are no longer in the race for Gianluca Scamacca after signing Gabriel Jesus – the Italy international was the second name on their list. The idea now is to look for a different player, not a €50m price tag central striker like Scamacca,”

“PSG have had a meeting with Sassuolo in Milan to discuss Scamacca recently. There is no agreement yet, with PSG offering around €35m, but with Sassuolo holding out for €50m.

“It looks like he’s too expensive for Arsenal, and even PSG haven’t met his asking price yet. Still, at this stage a move to Paris, rather than London, seems more likely.”

So now the question arises as to who could we get in as a cheaper option that could do the job?

I know we have more pressing needs in a midfielder and a left-back, but can we really do without a new striker as well?


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  1. I suppose it is an Admins job to ask questions of we GOONERS , though pewrsonally, I would love to hear their own non Devils Advocate personal views too.

    I pride myself on what I believe is ACTUALLY KNOWING their own true private views, from my many years on JA and knowing how they all write and recognising that they all write directly contradictory articles, as this site demands spaces filled.

    That may be regarded as par for this course, in some ways. But ID LIKE ALL OF US TO ACTUALLY KNOW, WITHOUT DOUBT, HOW PAT, MARTIN and PATRICK and truthfully feel about all Arsenal matters themselves. I guess we all recognise that PAT now posts, as a poster not just as a writer, far more regularly than he used to a while ago and he is now more aggressive in challenging views he does not care for. That at least leaves definite clues to Admin watchers on here.

    Of course I know it will NOT BE FORTHCOMING, even though I ask!

    1. @Jon,
      Just Arsenal is all about opinions, and as you know, I am the ONLY ONE that moderates the comments. As much as people think that I should not have an opinion, I’m afraid it is my right to have one, as much as my readers. Everyone is allowed their own opinion, but I reserve the right to point out when their logic or FACTS are completely wrong just as the readers have the right to point out my errors. That is also my job…

      1. PAT I SEE YOU CENSORED MY REPLY! But you will have read it anyway and you know I MEANT WHAT IT SAID!

  2. The plethora of attacking talent at our disposal, negates the need for an out and out striker…. unless it’s to fulfill a plan B role.

    Martinelli, ESR, Jesus, Nketiah, Saka, Pepe, Balogun, Nelson are all described as forward players but we don’t have a Giroud type alternative.
    That’s the type of player I would want – if indeed Mikel has got a plan B strategy?

  3. Plan B tactical formation is not always about a striker change or a ‘Giroud type’ striker.
    Another out and out striker should be a priority now. A good left back and midfielder (back up for Party). Xhakha hardly gets injured and that’s why I advocate keeping him. He is more valuable than we credit him for.

      1. It should be as Nketiah is not proven over the course of a season and Balogun not the answer either Both are not experienced enough by a long way We need a defensive midfielder a left back and, another proven striker for sure

    1. The article is about strikers, that’s why I concentrated on the subject and a plan B that involved said strikers.
      I agree with you that, by naming our attacking players, we do not need anymore, unless plan B is something Mikel is contemplating…. and I think he needs to be!!!

  4. We obviously need a next striker for more than one reason.

    The cheapest option could Ivan Toney, he tick most of the boxes

  5. Unlikely we’re getting another striker folks. We didn’t give Eddie 100k for him to potentially be third choice before a ball is even kicked. Other positions for focus on anyways and wouldn’t want more of the budget devoted to strikers.

  6. I would want us to bring Andrea Bellotti. He’ll be a good addition to our side. He’s on a free transfee

  7. Yeah we need someone for a stop-gap solution. 2 strikers won’t be ok. Balogun needs another loan. Luis Suarez I think is still available or even Cavani. One of those aging guys that can serve as a sub

  8. Toney on a transfer & give them Balogun on a loan, that way we get another attacking option & we get to see if Balogun can do it in the prem, not saying Brentford would go for it but maybe worth a punt
    Add Grimaldo & Tielmans & we would be pretty sorted i would say
    What do you guys think?

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