Fabrizio reveals Arsenal are still keen on bringing in a top midfielder

Romano reveals Arsenal linked to ‘many names’, and speaks on one particular midfielder

Arsenal almost certainly need to strengthen their attack this winter as a result of Gabriel Jesus’ injury, but is that the only position that needs to be strengthened? No.

There was much talk of the Gunners bolstering their midfield before the Brazilian’s injury, and I think Arteta is so wise that he won’t ignore the need to do so.

The midfield duo of Partey and Xhaka have been outstanding so far this season, but many Gunners have been concerned about it because of the inferior quality of the backups of Elneny and Lokonga that would be the only choices available in the event of a serious midfield injury.

Particularly noteworthy is Fabrizio Romano’s fantastic update on the Arsenal midfield, which every Gunner would love to hear. According to The European Transfer Guru, Arsenal is carefully weighing their options for their midfield, mentioning one midfielder in particular.

Romano told GiveMeSport: “There are many names on the list, including Danilo of Palmeiras, a player they have followed for a long time, but at the moment, there is still nothing advanced.”

If you had Arteta on your speed dial, who would you advise him to go for?


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    1. perry, there area number of fans on here who ,IMO, extremely foolishly vastly overrate Tielemans as a proper answer to our midfield shortage of quality. He is no more than a middling in andout player who lacks any real star quality and lacks , even more, any form of consistency of top performance.

      My firm conviction is that he will not be coing and that IF we had been interested in him at all seriously, then, by now, he would have already been here!
      BUT he is not and that OUGHT to tell you, and some other fans, what it has taught all the wiser ones who say this rumour is NONSENSE!

      1. Jon Fox: You are correct!

        Tielemans [and Lokonga] are not defensive midfielders, which is the position of cover or competition needed. If Tielemans was truly needed by the club, he would be at the club.

        The only move that is at an advanced stage right now is that of winger, because a bid has been placed and that is confirmed. All other news is smoke and mirrors until a bid has been placed.

    2. Keep hearing about Savic who may cost a bomb and unproven in the EPL. If we are gonna throw stupid money away I would prefer to test the waters with the Happy Hammers and put a substantial bid in for Declan Rice. Now that would be a statement of intent.

      Danilo would be a risk like Lokonga and look how a lot of posters on this forum have turned on him. 🙄

  1. We needs two Midfielder in my opinion Danilo a powerful midfielder that will need a little bedding and Savic a very season campaigner could both be purchase for £ 70 mil.

    Mudryk may need to hand in a transfer request after we lodge a second bid of say £60 mil,

  2. Better gamble on Danilo as Xhaka is getting older, instead of wasting so much money on Mudryk

    Based on the amount of money Shakthar asked for Mudryk, I assume he’d be as skilled as Mbappe or Neymar on the left wing

    We paid 72 M for Pepe, because he was a tall and pacey inverted RW who scored many penalty goals in France. Arsenal would likely spend that amount of money again on an inverted LW from Ukrainian league without selling Pepe first, so hopefully they have examined the boy thoroughly

    1. Danilo is not a gamble, if purchase now he will be one of the most Valuable Midfielder if not the most valuable midfielder in our team at the end of the next campaign.

      Not one other club has bid more than £30 mil so far for Mudryk, its obvious Snra is greedy .

      1. Danilo’s YouTube highlights were impressive and he is rare for a DM, so I hope we sign him first

        As for Shakthar, they should’ve remembered that Liverpool paid 37 M + add-ons for a very tall and productive LW from Eredivisie. Gakpo will also help with the EU quota

        If Shakthar charge us more than that for a smaller LW who isn’t even a EU citizen, that boy must be highly skilled and as tricky as Martinelli. We even just spent less than 10 M for the super-talented Martinelli

      2. Danilo’s work rate is outstanding just like Martinelli……problem is he has to adapt and yet we need a proper backup for Thomas Party incase he gets injured. So the club has to be wise enough in this January if we need the Trophy.

    2. gai, Perhaps you have not noticed but SANLLEHI, the charletan who engaged Pepe at all that huge cost, is no longer at AFC.!
      For reasons ahem”unknown” he, Sanllehi, left almost overnight. I wonder why that could be , though actually, I DON’T wonder; I am certain WHY he left.

      Have YOU ever wondered why, BTW?!!

      1. Yes Jon, I also heard Sanllehi got fired because of Pepe’s deal and other dubious contracts. Now Arsenal have to decide, whether they extend Pepe’s contract or sell him with a low price

  3. Honestly am I the only one that sees that Lokonga is a young gifted talented footballer who’s only going to get better with time ,he’s only 23 yr old and his passing and tackling is top notch, as for Elneny I would transfer list him or get him away from the club anyway ,we have great young players as backup such as Fabio viera who I personally would play before xhaka just my oppion, but having Lokonga and viera and Nelson as backup who I also highly rate as a future world star, but first of all we need to get all our players that need new contracts first before even buying anybody first, there’s man city wanting Ben White ,a mean cmon get these guys signed down,and also if murdyk is a left winger what’s going to happen with martinelli as that’s where he plays, I’d put saka or Nelson on the left or right and play martinelli through the middle as striker till we get someone Eddie’s just not got the strength as a out and out striker, it’s all talk and no action in the transfer action, there’s Liverpool got gapko ,cmon arsenal let’s show we can compete and win this league ..

      All I and almost ALL Gooners ever see fromhim is a timidity from him on the ball ans a hurry to pass it sideways or negatively, lest he lose it!

      Anything , in fact other than to attempt , let alone carry off, any so called”top notch” passing!

      As someone who played tennis rather well once said” YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!”

      1. I personally think Lokongas game has diminished through lack of game time since he arrived. I would like to see him go out on loan till the end of the season somewhere he can get a tonne of games under his belt to the end of the season and us bring in Savic and Danilo to give us depth in midfield. It cant instill a lot of confidence in a player to literally rarely play or when he does its junk minutes usually in a game already won to then come on and be a instant star. Why is it other Arsenal players are given time away on loan to develop their skills but not him?? I think he should have been loaned out straight away to continue his growth and come in more well rounded.

    2. @Gunner he’s only 23 you say!! Ha ha well Camavinga is 20, TWENTY! Gavi is 18 and Tchoumeini is 22 man. I’m not condemning our guy but at 23 i would love to see a more calm, refined athlete.

  4. I would love us to go for Amrabat but I not sure how feasible that would be after spending a lot on Mudryk and maybe Felix too, so Danilo for £25M is probably more realistic.

  5. As the events and its results unfold this season, I don’t trust any pundits, transfer guru or even fans. I put my full trust in Edu and Arteta only. Period. This news is just another ruse to excite and disappoint over expecting Arsenal fans.

    1. Oh Mike, surely you cannot be saying that JA offer us regular false rumours designed to get clicks but which carry no truth!

      If you dont mind, my wise friend, I claim the “monopoly” of outing JA as constant false rumour peddlars !

      1. I have just read a comment on a rumour post from a certain Mr Fox saying that he thought that one may be true.
        Why is this rumour post so different?

        1. Well it may be just because that one I gave some credence too made sense, but THIS one, like around 99.9% of all the other rumours, does NOT make sense.

          I presume it is not forbidden for we ordinary mortals to actually THINK THROUGH FOR OURSELVES the likelihood of any of these hourly rumours, which so infest this site , being true or false.

          I suggest that a great number of your JA readers are not as gullible as you appear to believe we are.

          I suggest that it is no more than the law of averages that sooner or late,r one is bound to be true. After all if you throw enough S..T at your readers , one is bound to to hit its mark, EVENTUALLY!

    1. Dont underestimate just how good Danilo is and the huge potential he also has. He is a absolute star for Palmieries and although he might need some time to settle in like most players i think Arteta will already have a plan for him in place to develop. I see him and Patino running the midfield in the next 2-3 years and dominating. I myself would also sign Savic for the right now and also give Danilo the chance to devlop without the pressure. Id also loan out Lokonga to try and get some form back into his legs and have him available for next season.

  6. Just because a signing is not made doesn’t mean that the player was not of interest in some capacity or was not weighed against another player. There are roughly nine from ten unsuccessful rumors before a bid is proposed, probably more, but does that mean that we didn’t scout them thoroughly

  7. Savic
    Those four in january thanks and loan out lokonga. the first one fits our biggest need if we are to challenge for the title. the next two give us not only superb young talent but genuine depth in the squad that will develop further. lastly in Moukokou we have one potential superstar striker in the making who can come in for competition/depth now and then learn of Jesus as he develops eventually to compete for his job. i would love to see us get Osihmen in as i truly think we need a proven goal scorer but id happily settle for this four if we could get them in early january.

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