Fabrizio Romano announces Magalhaes to Arsenal “deal is finally done”

Yet again, we have another day of waiting for official confirmation that Gabriel Magalhaes has become a Gunner at last, but we surely must be getting closer every minute.

But we do have a (sort of) official announcement from the respected Italian sports expert Fabrizio Romano, who declared last night on Twitter that a final agreement had been reached with Arsenal, and the Brazilian will be flying to London on Monday to sign a five-year contract…

If that tweet wasn’t clear enough, he then followed it up with this retweet….

This has certainly been the longest transfer saga of the window so far, but hopefully once Magalhaes is officially announced in a few days the club can move onto our next targets.

And hopefully we’ll see a few of our players moving out very soon, or we are going to end up with a whole army of defenders!


  1. Nice, if we can get Partey next, get rid of some deadwood, and by some miracle try out for Aouar again, we can comfortably say that the team is fully Arteta’s team, built to suit his vision

      1. “Sean M” concisely sums up what the Arsenal position would be if Gabriel is now truly already an Arsenal player. Party and Aouar next (Dreams do come through you know 😉🙏 )

      2. Defense is more TBD, but it is set up to be much better than last season. Yes, midfield is the huge issue now which needs a lot of work. Hope we get two players, AND Ceballos back.

    1. Would it be possible to ban the term(deadwood)? I really find it offensive and insulting to players who have represented our great club but are no longer Required.

  2. I hope be lives up to expectations when he finally signs ,as with any new player coming to a new league and team he will find it difficult to adapt .
    I get when we get involved in a new signing fans will jump on the hype train but how many Arsenal fans can honesty say that they have even seen him play(YouTube does not count ) ,because I haven’t and I watch quite abit of french football .
    We are already seeing fans expecting a centre back pairing of him and saliba and none of us have even seen them perform yet .
    Let’s hope it works out for both players and we see them turn out for us for years to come .

    1. you do we have to spend 45m on party when we have the answer on are door step. i am talking about m niles he has all that is required to do the job .what makes me say this remember alex song. nils is a far better player under artita the sky the liment. then put the 45m on some they need

      1. How about his physical presence? Though he has incredible stamina, he falls short here. We need presence in the middle plus Partey isn’t just good at defending, man has very good passing range, can beat players and can shoot to score. He is not 50 million euros for nothing. Niles, I fear may never cut it in mf. I doubt if any PL side will field him in the middle of the park.

      2. Partey is a proven top quality player. AMN is a squad utility player at the moment. They are worlds apart. Sorry, but we do not have anyone in our squad with the solutions. We’ve not progressed because we keep thinking players are better than they really are. And I like AMN a lot, but how many UCL games has he even played in???

  3. Exciting,
    Then there’s this talk about Thiago Alcantara (Hopefully the romours are true). At least there’s some direction

  4. Im happy with this signing of course, but I dont see how his signing has taken priority of partley. Im sure his signing would have the biggest positive impact on the team 🤷‍♂️

  5. What a palava.This has dragged on & on & on.Contract wont be signed now till tomorrow ( Monday) nothing 100% till ink dry on the paper.Transfers are absolutely torturous with our club.After & if it’s completed we move move on to the next saga…..

  6. I knew over a week ago that he would sign,I think this arsenal in terms of the transfer market,do not allow themselves get bullied.In the gazidis/Wenger era,even when we had champions League football we would regularly allow targets slip through our hands,when only a few extra quids would get us the player,e.g hazard,Ronaldo and many more,we lacked suave negotiators and once there was competition,we would bow out like cowards.gazidis and Wenger were yes boys to kroenke,. Now we have a coach and director who challenges kroenke to getting in players,I watched arteta go live telling the owners to support him close the gap on mancity and Liverpool,I also heard he told William that he hopes to win the champions League in three years,that’s ambition,I love that mentality,I hate pessimistic realists,and he is building a team that in three years would compete,saliba and Gabriel could potentially be a world class pairing by then,Tierney would have attained the level of Robertson,the likes of saka,Martinelli,nketiah,willock and Smith Rowe would have come off age,Pepe should have attained the consistency of salah. And then apart from the fact he has got in Willian and Gabriel,two players who should aid our progress to the top 4,there are talks of negotiating for the likes of aouar,partey,thiago and co,we don’t do basement signings anymore.arteta knows we need the best to be able to compete.i know for certain we will sign partey,that immediately strengthens the midfield. Am truly excited for next season,if arteta can get in the players he wants and successfully offload d deadwoods

      1. Is it just me, or Aouar seems like a CM, similar to the role Ceballos played for us last season…. we wouldn’t be getting Ceballos back if we sign him then, if I am correct.

        1. And there are rumours about Alcantara too, so, I believe it’s one of the three, again, if I’m right about them playing a similar role.

    1. OZ fella partey is a done deal. my worry is aouar he is a wonderful player and will make a great addition if we can possibly get him, am not sure about alcantara deal think his heading to Liverpool

    2. Remove Nketiah, Willock and we’re good. Those two won’t make it I’m afraid, they’re pretty average, definitely not football smart

  7. I hear Arteta has a hand in this deal esp when Manchester United wanted to hijack the deal. Heard Arteta called Gabriel and of course the Brazilians in the team probably made him consider the move. Who wouldn’t want to play under Arteta with a plan, vision and drive. Hehe.

    Oh well, whatever the case maybe I m excited we have him…well, we await the official announcement

  8. Sokratis, and Holding should be sold then, while Mustafi, Luiz, and Chambers should be kept, for competition, and in case of injuries. Our defence seems to be sorted that way…. same with our attack, all that’s left is the midfield. Partey, and a highly creative attacking midfielder should do the trick…. we should re-sign Ceballos, and Keep Torreira if possible, so that he can pair with Partey if we have to play two DMs to soak up pressure from highly offensive teams. The rest should be either loaned out or sold. I am quite confident of a top four finish with a squad like this….. maybe even a title challenge?…. who knows….. COYG!!

  9. Totally agree with you but I will keep Holding and sell Chambers. Too bad they are both Injury prone. But i understand if fans want to keep chambers due to his versatility unlike Holding …



      1. Calm down mate, we need back-up players, if you sell all them all what happens when injuries occur, they might not be the best, but they are all we got. Imagine if Martinez had been sold last season, no one thought Leno would get injured. Sokratis and David Luiz are old 1 has to be sold, Luiz just signed a new contract so he obviously isn’t going anywhere. Either Chambers or Holding, don’t care who stays. We haven’t really seen Mari play and the only thing working for him is he is left footed so we wait and see. Just my thoughts.

  10. I think I will wait until an official announcement on our website before getting too excited about this deal. Have heard all these exclusives from assorted foreign journalists before.

    1. Every reliable journalist says it is done. Ornstein also says the reports are accurate if you need a domestic source. Unless the pilot secretly works for United and flies him to Manchester, this one seems done.

  11. Why are we not considering Leicester’s Wilfried Ndidi? Premier league proven, better tackler, younger than Partey.

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