Fabrizio Romano claims Arsenal have agreed five-year deal with coveted striker

Fabrizio Romano claims that Arsenal have agreed a new five-year deal with Eddie Nketiah, a player who had been targeted by a number of clubs around Europe in recent months.

The 22 year-old took his chance with both hands when Alexandre Lacazette was absent with illness heading into the final weeks of the current campaign, and he earned the right to hold onto that first-team role after a string of fine performances including starring against both Chelsea and Manchester United.

We had worried that we would lose our academy star with his contract having entered into it’s final weeks of late, but thankfully we now look to have tied him down to a new long-term deal.

His recent form had even seen the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool linked with his signature, while he wasn’t short of other clubs also believed to be on his radar, but we look like we can put the saga behind us and concentrate on our incomings with a replacement for Alexandre Lacazette likely to be next on the agenda.


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    1. I suspect that offering him a new deal is a mistake knowing that he was playing for a lucrative move on a free rather than a career with Arsenal.
      I just hope he does not revert back to the player he has been before this vein of form i.e. not a particularly good player…

      1. I don’t think that’s a factor, his effort and attitude have always been top class, even when he wasn’t playing as well. What we’ve seen this year has been genuine improvement, it’s just that he hasn’t improved enough for a 100k pw contract.
        I’m genuinely curious to see if he can get there because of that attitude and he does have some ability, but i think it’s a bad sign that the management would give out such a contract based on potential rather than achievement over a reasonable period of time.
        Also, if we have any sense, we’ll sign a better forward than Eddie over the summer, so he’ll go back to being backup striker, so…

        1. Contracts were given to Emile and Martin based off their potential and not the numbers they had achieve at that moment
          So y’all just chill and give Eddie a chance to prove his goal scoring prowess to the Arsenal

          The kid’s got a very bright future ahead
          Y’all are watching Arsenal birth the next big thing

          1. I’m talking about the really big contracts like 100k pw
            I hope you’re right but don’t believe it at this point.

        2. A lot will depend on the coaching he gets at the Club. How his Manager motivates him. Will he picked in his proper, best position. We all saw a few Arsenal players being loaned out and excelling under good coaching and management.

  1. I like Eddie, but if it’s as big a contract as suggested it’s a joke, and a continuation of the wenger era contracts that started this mess

    1. Giving Eddie contract really make sense because if arsenal want to buy a player like him it will really cost us fortune. Arsenal only need to add great goal scoring striker with him. It is obvious Eddie has a very good finishing ability because he is currently under 23 England leading goalscorer in the history ( which is not a joke) despite his height
      We should also learn from Chelsea mistake, losing Tammy Abraham because of lukaku which I think will go down as one of the greatest mistake ever made in the transfer market

  2. if he wants regular football and improve
    then he should not have sign a new deal

    fans want big name and big tag strikers

    1. Fans whom don’t actually know anything about the professional game but believe the rubbish spouted by the media want “big name and big” tag players.

      They’re the same people who wanted Henry kicked out of the club after a season and complained that people like Vieira, Pires and Ljungberg weren’t big names.

      Leave it to the professionals mate.

  3. I wonder what really people, which big names are you referring to?, they come with those tags and fail .Atleast Eddie knows the culture of Arsenal, plus at his age he can improve and gives us that cutting edge we want upfront

    1. Yes. We simply can’t lose Nketiah, because:

      – His effort in high pressing is more intense than our senior CFs

      – He has been playing with other academy graduates for many years

      – He seems to have learned a lot from our senior CFs and his previous failures as a CF, hence his big improvement

    2. very true ,when arsenal signed pepe he was a big name,but look ,he is a flop.better Eddie, he is already part of the team,no need to adapt..

  4. He is not a big name now, but he possesses
    the necessary skills to become a superstar.The new contract does not mean that Arsenal has dismissed a super striker or even more than one.

  5. Areta begged for this guy to stay yet kept playing literally any other striker in the squad over him until the final months of the season. And then throws 100k at him. you just can’t make up the stupidity. It’s hilarious.

    1. Not surprising really, after all we had to trim the wage bill in January so we could afford to overpay average players.

      Learned nothing from overpaying Ozil and Auba; now we overpay the bench players too ” trust the process”

  6. Think it’s great Eddie will become a superstar he has pace a born goal scorer he was never trusted with a run
    and now with the ego PEA out of the way this kid can blossom and with Flo Balogun signing a new deal it looks great (think we need a plan b in a taller c/f too)
    Ps Eddie is top end penalty taker for u 21s (England)

  7. Eddie is building up his capacity well.
    Wot he just needed was a run of games under his belt then he’ll be up there with the rest of top strikers in the Epl.
    This lad will be great.
    Give him another full season of trust and you wanna club for him.

  8. amateur hour tactics, as we should have let him dip his toes in the open market, so we would have better understood his true market value…there’s no doubt in my mind that no one would have given him even close to that wage, so we could have regained the leverage we lost along the way with our typically deplorable asset management practices

    1. Don’t worry, Nketiah has been predictably bad for 3 years, but this new 100k contract will magically unlock his potential we’ve heard about for years.

      Arteta says he’s brilliant in training, hears it several times. Nketiah wizard in training and God tier in under-23 squad, completely deserving of 100k a week.

      He had 2 good games in a row, just ignore the games afterwards and the years before.
      With Nketiah locked down top 4 is a sure thing next year, after all he runs around a lot you know.

  9. Arsenal could not afford to buy 2 40m strikers, and so they opted for one on Free transfer. And the 2nd 50m that’s a pretty good business.. so we can add a striker, winger, midfielder and. Full back. Having saved 40m for Eddie.. but. More so in future we can sell him for 20-30m and that’s the cream of the cake.

  10. Nketiah would be better off moving on. He shows a lot of promise but to date has not had more than 5 Premier League goals in a season. That does not mean he will not develop. He might. But to develop into a 20 goal striker means getting game time, even when he does not play well. Will Arteta give him that leeway?

    To be fair, Arteta, while he has not done a very good job managing his world-class talent or managing squad rotation, he has done well developing Saka, Smith-Rowe, and Martinelli. He did not sign any of them, nor did he sign Nketiah, but he has nurtured them and not overplayed them when the temptation to do so was great. Contrary to pundits’ claims, they are not world-class just yet, but they are knocking on the door. It will be interesting to see how Arteta manages these players if they do become the kind of dominant stars coveted by every top team in the world.

    It seems unwise to put the burden of being Arsenal’s lead striker on Nketiah, however, if Arsenal pay him huge money, then sign Gabriel Jesus and Nketiah rarely play (sound familiar?) then the narrative becomes – He did not live up to that huge payday, he’s a flop.

  11. The arrogance of the anti MA brigade from amateur “armchair warriors”, is breathtaking. Frankly, some posts on here have been written without any thought at all but with a stonking great anti MA AGENDA.

    I laugh at their foolishness and content myself with the fact that no matter what those fools say and however much they moan and whinge, we have a good and dynamic young manager who -yes has made mistakes, of course he has- has proved to those with foresight and some football nous that he is a man who is going to take our club to new heights.

    In any case, he has signed a three year contract very recently , so anyone who thinks or hopes the club will sack him is in cloud cuckoo land.

    They will not and will continue to supportMA as best as finance under Kroenke allows. To expect more is fools gold , unrealistic and immature childishness. Sigh!

  12. Championship at best, he is not the striker when you are 0-0, with five minutes to go. Not good enough and never will be

  13. To have zero strikers bar Martinelli at the end of the month does not spell good business. Nketiah does not need adaptation so it is like a headstart. He is also english, is part of the homegrown players, so it is a big win for Arsenal. You may query the sum, but the lack of transfer fee makes the issue of discussing a big contract easy. At 22, the club needs to reward his development.

  14. It’s a bit funny how we handle this situations, I mean lucrative contracts!! Eddie is a good player but then he’s not going to offer u what u fully want as a club, imagine 100k per week yet Luiz Diaz in Liverpool 💯% better than him is on 61k per week!!!!! What do we want as a team??????

  15. The point is Eddie, if he thinking he’s Great, it’s means he’s naive. He’s too young, Classic player is not playing good game just 1-2 games, he need to learn how to become stable and more aggressive. How to run and catch the chance

  16. It’s a BIG contract if it is 100.000 mentioned. Let’s hope he would leave it up to it. He knows the tough time ahead of that Arsenal needs newly improved performance.

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