Fabrizio Romano claims forward could be set to leave ‘in the next days’

Fabrizio Romano has claimed that Alexandre Lacazette could be just days away from leaving Arsenal.

The Gunners striker is into the final 12 months of his current contract, although there has been little concrete rumours linking him with a move.

Laca was left out of the playing squad for our opening Premier league match of the term, alongside Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, with the club claiming that both were suffering with illness, and the Italian ‘In the know’ journalist doesn’t refute the clubs claims on that.

He does however insist that Auba isn’t close to an exit, despite recent links with a move to Barcelona and with him missing Friday’s fixture, but that his attacking team-mate could well be close to the exit door.

“I’m told they are sick,” Romano stated to the Arsenal Lounge. “I would keep an eye on Lacazette more than Aubameyang because there is a chance that Lacazette will be leaving Arsenal in the next days.”

This will likely come as exciting news for Arsenal fans who are keen to see our attack freshened up, although it remains to be seen whether the club have a replacement already lined up, with us having missed out on Tammy Abraham who has just joined Jose Mourinho’s Roma.

If we could secure Laca’s exit, who should be our number one target to replace him?


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  1. This is true.
    My mate who works in the wine section of our local supermarket told me.
    Watford has offered Troy Deeney in a staight
    swap for Lacazette who accepted a 100k p/w cut.
    Arsenal had also offered both Willian and Kolasinac to sweeten the deal but the Watford responded by saying “We are not THAT desperate 🙂

  2. The number one target was apparently Tammy Abraham, well Artetas and he has gone, so what has happened over the last week, to cause the situation we are in. Abraham gone to his second choice and three strikers who are all being trawled about gone “sick” and we start our first game with a rookie striker.

  3. If Laca goes, we should consider Odsonne Édouard.He is young, has been consistently scoring goals with Celtic and inexpensive.

  4. So Arteta as lost the dressing room on top of the fans ,how on earth is he still in the job .

    1 game in and the season is over
    Fans actually excepted this and had the nerve to moan at the real fans who wanted him gone well before last season finished .
    Now these same fans have turned their back on him after one game and seemed to have forgotten that we are in this mess because of fans like themselves ,at least think for yourself rather than jumping on the first bandwagon that pulls up .
    Shame as we could have gotten a proper manager in for this season if we weren’t all slow thinkers ,fans got the last 2 managers removed and will also be the undoing of Arteta.

      1. You call it uncalled for sue ,I’ll call it truth .
        Tell me what I’ve said is not .
        1 game in and everyone wants him gone .
        Same fans that abused other fans for wanting the same thing just earlier .

        1. I 100% agree with you Dan. We have far too many fans that support mediocrity and hide behind, “I’m supporting the team”.

          True supporters won’t stand by idly by while they watch MA and Edu make a mockery of the proud Arsenal history. I think most people just don’t like admitting they were wrong.

        2. We should have used the time from Christmas to the end of the season to bring in a new manager. One with so little experience should never get the job in our club.

        3. I’ve been supportive of Arteta sometimes more in hope, but that doesn’t make me what you have called people like me. I haven’t yet turned my back on him after one game but will certainly do so, if a few games in, there isn’t a serious improvement.

          I have tried to take the best out of the situation – as in a new coach at a club that was absolutely too big for him at the time. It would have been a miracle if Arteta had been successful immediately- although there will always be exceptions in management – and he should have done what most aspiring managers do which is to come up through the ranks

          Arteta is a part of the problem but the buck lies with the disgraceful mismanagement off the field. I hope that by giving him a few weeks I can form a proper assessment after the summer window. It will either b👍 Or 👎 and definitely ‘no give him till the January transfer window’

          1. I totally agree that poor management of the football side of the club is to blame for most of our current ills. This can be in some part blamed on the Kroenke’s failure to appoint the correct people with sufficient experience to do the the job. But from the purely business side of the equation Kroenke has not failed that much. The value of the stadium has increased year on year and will continue to do so. He has also paid off and restructured debt and released a lot of money to purchase players. Quite frankly I can blame him for not being a more hands on owner but not for the shocking waste of his money by incompetent directors. I suppose his biggest fault is his inability to see that these incompetent people are harming his investment

          2. PatH, I have been pushing the same point of view for some time; that KS&E have been very poor in appointing people to the Board and senior management to manage the financial and player assets of Arsenal FC. Not supporting an experienced head coach in Emery in discipline and choice in the transfer marketand and replacing him with learner Arteta was symptomatic of this ineptitude.

        4. So Dan, who do you want to replace him as manager and more importantly how long are you giving the new manager to achieve success? 1 year 2 years ? Then what we sack the new manager then how long do you give the next manager? NO ONE GIVES A F…K that’s it’s arteta as he could be called dot f…..g cotton !! the point is he is a ‘new manager to the club” and will take time to be judged accurately.

          1. You have to be kidding. Artetas time is up.for Pitys sake,let’s not make this worse.get rid now..

    1. Got a lot to say for yourself for someone who’s never been to an Arsenal game in his entire life.

        1. The irony of what you’re saying Dan kit, when I said the same about Wenger, and constantly attacked by you!

          The obvious difference between us is that I always think of the club first, whereas as you have clear agendas!

          1. See your problem is Thirdman you don’t ever listen
            I was up for Wenger in 2013 so I’m not sure why you keep bringing me up in your little point scoring posts .
            Another poster who doesn’t actually read what others post
            Like I said before anyway I have now I treat in speaking to you and you knew this but twice today you have been on my posts again looking for a reaction ,gave you my answer on this one not again .

          2. Dan kit’s hatred of Arteta is rooted in him getting rid of the lazy Ozil.. Thats been clear from day one. Nothing to do with his management style

          3. And once again you don’t read reply’s as I’ve just written above about Wenger and wanting him replaced in 2013 and also Emery and now Arteta
            Where is the agenda ?
            The problem that you have is your constant attacks of Wenger and me saying that he’s long gone and there is no blame attached to him anymore .
            I don’t get where you keep coming up fake comments and then pretending to be hard done by all the time ,this is why I have no interest in conversation with you ,you don’t listen and never have .
            I would say the person with the agenda would be you buddy as I’ve just explained my stance on our 3 Previous managers ,so I’m struggling to see how the Fck I’ve got an agenda when I just want what’s best for the club .

          4. @mark
            Good one buddy ,did someone help you with that comment or was you a big boy today and managed to make your self look an even bigger idiot than usual .

          5. Dan, you should now realize you got it wrong with Emery. Management backed the wrong horse; jumped off a stayer onto a young inexperienced colt, who was slow out of the starting gate!

    2. @Dan Kit
      You need to get over yourself dude. The fans didn’t get anybody sacked or fired. Because, if the “real fans” were as influential as you claim, then they would have had a hand in securing the needed players able to keep us from falling to 8th place, twice. So sit back in your arm chair, crack a cold one and chill…

      1. NY so fans had no play in our last 2 managers going ?
        You think the owners are going g to stand there and let fans boo the team without repercussions?
        Stick to your political posts mate as football isn’t for you .

        1. Dan Kit
          Stick to that arm chair,”coach”and stay in that delusional place of “the real fan”…

    3. dan, the message that was given to Arteta and his team was always that first season would be a writeoff. I see your point of view about some fans seeing Arteta for what he is a bit too late, but I dont think it would’ve made a difference. There were calls for him to go and many people unconvinced halfway into last season and the voices always grew. Unlikely it wouldve made a difference. Kroenke’s are to blame as im sure all of us know. they allow incompetency to fester, and react far too late and then make more bad decisions. What we need is for this fanbase to kick out Stan if we want to have any hope. Or we’ll just keep getting more Artetas and more bad transfers.

  5. I will rather have Aubamayang leave than Lacazette. Aubamayang lost his mojo 2 seasons ago. Lacazette fights for the team

  6. It’s a pity we have lost a touch when it comes to scouting players. Arteta and Edu have been targeting wrong players though can’t complain much on Lokonga, White and Tavares. But the players we were linked to like James Madison, Tammy Abraham Ramdales are all wrong. Let them pursue Houssem Aouar who can play in multiple positions and is better than James Madison, Max Aaron, Dusan Vlahovic and Onana then we will be warm and dry.

  7. If we are really running out of options I could see Pepe playing CF with Saka and Martinelli on the wings.

    Pepe has a ton of ability but needs a real coach to beat the over-dribbling out of him on the wing! But when he’s close to goal he’s not shy to shoot and actually has a pretty good conversion rate if I remember correctly.

    1. Almost all our opponents have found the perfect way to nullify Pepe’s threat, whenever he’s on the pitch. Just, double up on him. Something teams do when they face Traore or Grealish.

      Mostly that trick works because of our inferior fullback in our right side. If we have someone half as good as Tierney at RB, opponents can’t double up on Pepe. I guess, playing a true RB like Cedric, instead of Chambers at RB, may help Pepe more effective in his game.

  8. What’s this the “bromance” to be broken up? Good luck now getting performances out of Aubameyang, although he may follow Lacazette out the door. Question: where are Arsenal’s goals going to come from? Who are out there?

  9. We need better creativity then we need Auba back firing again. So yeah I can see the sense in this -But I fear it will be a while before we look like a proper team (unit) once again -If the last team sheet is anything to go by, it’ll be a while even if we do bring in the right players

  10. Hahaha haha, why are you still talking about a team that is marked for relegation. Arsenal played 5 friendly pre season games , the lost 5 and drew 1 , that is just a precursor of what is coming this season.
    I have long lost faith and stop supporting Arsenal

  11. Hahaha haha, why are you still talking about a team that is marked for relegation. Arsenal played 5 friendly pre season games , the lost
    4 and drew 1 , that is just a precursor of what is coming this season.
    I have long lost faith and stop supporting Arsenal

      1. Fair point Sue. I hate what’s going on and dislike MA but I still here supporting the team hoping for a turnaround and a new manager/owner.

  12. The big issue is our horrible decision making in management. We sell Guendouzi for 10mil just to bring in Lokonga for 20mil? Keeping Xhaka and Elneny? Not bringing any good RB? Not replacing Leno who clearly is past his best? Selling Willock who just broke PL record for scoring while no other midfielder can score a goal to save his own life? Still having Willian, Kolasinac, Torriera on our wage bill? Trying to sell AMN, Nketieh, Bellerin, Laca but succeeding in none. And the icing on the cake… Emi Martinez!
    In what world does all that make sense??? I would sack the whole lot. Starting with Edu and Arteta.

  13. Romano Fabrizio claimed today that, contrary to speculations, our two main strikers were actually unwell in the wake of our opening game
    Knowing him as usually reliable in this kind game situation, I’m glad that the speculations may be wide of the mark
    So I hope we can expect one, if not both, of them for the weekend game. I shudder to contemplate us meeting Chelsea without the two players.

  14. It’s a bit late now to be thinking of a number 1 target to replace Laca if he leaves in the next couple of days as there are less than 2 weeks before the transfer window shuts. This all should have been sorted weeks ago not left until now when we will probably panic buy somebody we don’t really want.

    1. Agree, especially knowing we will be without Auba for some 6 weeks while the AFCON tournament lasts early next year

    1. And what does arteta = Conte is a proven winner with squads that don’t look that great he gets the best out of his player

      1. He would not be able to work under the constraints of the owners and if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants throws his toys out of the pram. He wouldn’t last 6 months!

        1. Declan so if conte had 150 million to spend which is probably the sum Arteta would have spent before the window closes he wouldn’t have got a better number out of the squad and spent it more wisely rather than spend ing money for the sake of spending ,personally I wouldn’t want conte as his football is dull ,and we’ve had enough of that type for the last 3 years .
          I don’t see how there are any constraints with that amount of money being spent in one window ,it’s a myth that Stan does not spend money it’s just that he is stupid enough to let others spend it like idiots wit no idea how a football club should be run .

          1. Plenty of young managers who we could get and probably spend half of what Arteta is planning and get a tune out of the squad .

  15. how could we possibly move Laca so quickly considering the fact that he’s so “ill” that he’s supposedly already been declared out for this Sunday…even Romano covered his own ass by saying “I’m told they are sick,” so that he had a logical out when the truth is revealed, if it ever is

  16. At Dan
    Brother save yourself if a mother gives her eight year old the car to drive after the accident you will still have people telling you it wasn’t such a bad idea.

  17. Guys guys! Arteta ain’t the problem, we are forgetting the rookie owners we had KSE that is our real problem, a serious owner by now would have thrown arteta n edu out since December but they r still the once in d aim of affairs, if things should be taking seriously is the kroneke’s, they can’t run an English team, tbh arsenal is average in management, board room, technical department, players, even our recruitment, u will see if aubu n laca left , they will go else were n win trophy’s then we will be their laughing as van persie his

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