Welcome to Arsenal – Fabrizio Romano confirms Jesus has signed “100% done”

Finally at long last, Mikel Arteta has managed to nail down Arsenal’s top summer target from Man City, despite some last minute interest from Tottenham, which goes to show that the Gunners can still attract top class players even though we didn’t quite reach the Champions League next season.

Fabrizio Romano confirmed that all paperwork has now been completed in a tweet last night….

Gabriel Jesus has an immense amount of experience in the Premier League, the Champions League and plays for Brazil, who are the favourites to win the World Cup later this year.

So Arsenal will have Fabio Vieira, Matt Turner, Marquinhos and Jesus training with the team ahead of the new season so we should be able to start the campaign with the new boys already integrated into the squad, and we hope they can all hit the grpund running

Welcome to Arsenal, Jesus, we hope you have many happy years at the home of football…


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  1. Great news,

    Hopefully he’ll be the best signing in the 22/23 EPL season,

    Next Stop; Raphinha.

  2. Definitely strengthens our attacking options and I appreciate his work rate but whether he’s value for money only time will tell … if I look at forwards we had when arteta took over and where we are now it’s difficult to see much in way of progress on teams above us tbh …

  3. At the price he will need to score 10 times the number of goals as Nketiah Martinelli and Marquinos.

    1. So if Nketia scores 5 goals, Jesus will have to score 50. My word! Haaland and Nunez are glad they not at Arsenal.

    2. Then where does that place the scoring expectations of the Messi’s, Ronaldo’s and Mbappe’s of this world, Fairfan? You well know that’s not how transfer fees work. But I assume that comment is merely to show that you don’t rate him.

  4. For some unfathomable reason, I always found Jesus an irritating player at City. I found his constantly puzzled look, with raised eyebrows, a bit odd TBH.

    But like the hypocrite I AM , I will conveniently “forget” this the moment he signs for us.
    How fickle and petty can some fans be, well me at least!

    To be more serious I have alwyas admired his work rate and playing attitude and intelligence, which is what MATTERS.

    1. lol Jon – I have always thought the same thing. They are eyebrows made for winning free kicks though! Totally agree – the guy is a 100% committed trier with a great attitude and his movement is excellent. Let’s not forget too that he could have gone to many other clubs, but chose Arsenal, which means a lot – at least to me.
      I believe (hope?) his goal tally next season will surprise a few people.
      Good addition as a hybrid cf and deep lying striker.

    2. Thats true!
      I con`t wait to see him in our jarsey 9 infront.
      Thats my happiness.

    3. But your right though. He does have that scolded puppy dog look permanently on his face, regardless of the situation lol

  5. I believe the price tag is not bad . Financially it is a good deal for Arsenal . In todays market it is hard to get a reasonably good striker. If I see across Europe, there are hardly prolific strikers left .
    We may not get a Kane or a Benzaman . But we are getting a player who can score 15 PL goals and can provide 10 assist . He was an integral part of a city team who have just won the league .. I believe he is good enough to fire us top 4 position. Goals has to be shared across and if we get Raphina we will be on paper favourites for the 3rd Spot at the moment

    1. price tag is considered high for a player with 12 months left on his contract..

      next summer he will be free

      1. Ha ha, he’s 25 years old, a proven Man. City striker, an international player for Brazil. He’s worth the money and he wouldn’t be available for free next season anyway.

      2. John you are using a typical Arsenal reason to not buy anyone. We need a striker NOW not next season. And what are we – still a club penny-pinching and losing the sale to other teams?
        He moves this season to make the WC squad.

      3. But not necessarily free… to Arsenal. Many clubs will be in for him then.

        And good players available on a free basis tend to want higher wages – effectively it’s a way of them grabbing the transfer money and stuffing it in their own pocket.

      4. What id he extended his contract and went on to be tagged at 80M? City are competing on 3 fronts, so he would get his due share of games. Last season we had a goal drought, this season we will have a goal fest. Martenelli/ JG/ Saka with Ode/ Fabio behind them, a fully fit Partey. Ball playing defenders ,OMG what a splash of color this coming season. Cannot wait for Aug 6th.

  6. In my opinion, he isn’t perfect to be the most important part of the team’s spine. But Arteta has got his own CF, so I expect EL trophy or a top four finish next season

    1. That is what my expectations are also as well GAI. No more excuses we still a CM in my opinion

      1. I’m sure we’ll hear a few surprises soon, because we need to sell first before signing another marquee player. I predict Xhaka and Pepe will be moved on

  7. No more excuses next season for Arteta with the way the club seems to be supporting him on this Window..
    I expect Top 4 with us narrowing the Gap in the top 2 clubs (City and Liverpool)..

    1. Ditto Goonster. Getting exciting though…!
      Getting deals done earlier should prevent last seasons opening games debacle so we could already be 9 points better off after 3 games (well, we can dream!).

    2. I agree, but we can only influence on ourselves and have very little influence on what our opponents are doing. When the window is closed we can compare our squads, strengths and weaknesses.

  8. Great signing he’s the type we gunners have been looking for the past year someone that fight and score goals…can’t wait to see you JESUS thanks to arteta and Edu hope to see great players on this project

  9. Good business. Now Arteta & Edu need to do 1 or 2more business bring in Gnabry and Tielman that will be ideal for Title contending.

  10. Really good squad here
    Edu is doing great job with arteta
    I expect trophies this season.
    Good luck Jesus..😎

  11. Wow what a good news to read on a nice monday morning, my darling arsenal kindly bring in Raphinha, Gnabry, & Y. Tielman. then confidently i can subscribe to watch my Gunners Play Any Of The Top Team In EPL, With Out Fear Of Losing. #COYG.

  12. With Raphinha incoming , we don’t need a world class CM,
    We would already have enough AMs and CF to keep any team in their half,

  13. Welcome to Arsenal Gabriel Jesus, hope you have a wonderful time here, taking you to greater personal heights in terms of goals and assists and in turn taking Arsenal to greater heights.

  14. I’m not expecting miracles but I think he’s a really good player who can make the difference in a few more of our tight games. He might not be a big target man, but his intelligence is more than enough in most situations and I think he’s a great player to have for team cohesion.
    Big upgrade on our strikers over the past couple of years.

    1. With you on those comments, Davi. Not the best striker in the world, but he won’t lose interest like Auba, or run out of legs like Laca. A 100% competitor, tactically astute, a good presser and used to playing the system we aspire to.
      And I’m confident he will develop to be a much better finisher than most of us expect.

  15. So. Discussion over now. Time to get behind the guy and hope he cuts the mustard – whatever thoughts we may have had about his suitability, price, is there someone better etc, that’s in the past.

    I have doubts about price and suitability but in view of the few top strikers on the market at the moment, it’s probably a decent deal for both clubs – and the true art of negotiation is to find the sweet spot that works for both parties.

    In 12 months he may be available as a free agent, but he will then have half the clubs on the planet after him and would probably want higher wages (although it seems his wages will be pretty high anyway at Arsenal).

    And that’s my other concern – if his wages are > £200k pw he’ll be hard to shift if it doesn’t work out, but that’s a risk the club has decided to take.

    I genuinely hope those concerns are proved to be a right load of old tosh 🙂

    1. Understand the salary concerns, but he’s a striker, a very committed player, a Brazil international and 25 years old. I don’t think if he doesn’t work out we will have major issues re-selling

      1. Well, bear in mind that if it doesn’t work out then he will not be as in demand as now (if the reason is lack of performance on the field, that’s what I’m thinking of).

        1. Yeah but isn’t that true of mostly any player, regardless of wages?? At least it seems to be true for Arsenal players.

  16. Although I don’t think he has anything to prove, I think he will be a hit because of his work rate and the fact that he will be the main man for him, is incentive enough.
    I believe we are showing real intent and have an exciting season to look forward to.

  17. Not the striker AFC needs.. His highest Tally in the EPL is 14goals and he plays for the team that creates the most clear cut chances every season…
    Last season he scored 4 goals until he scored 4 times against Watford…

    1. Give the guy a chance, John – I think you will quickly discover that he is nowhere near as poor a finisher as carefully selected stats may show.

    2. @Johndeyvido, you fail to understand that Mancity rotate players a lot and this your so-called chances ain’t created for Jesus alone,
      Everyone scores In mancity,

  18. The fact that Arteta has worked closely with him gives me confidence that he’ll work in our system.

    I understand the desire for a big striker like Haaland and Nunez but two caveats – first is that it didn’t work for Chelsea with Lukaku. Second, Haaland and Nunez haven’t kicked a ball yet for City and Liverpool and those clubs have done pretty well over the last three years with physically small players leading the frontline.

    1. Yep. And thirdly that when Liverpool and City are in for them, they won’t choose Arsenal in the current market.

      If Arsenal return to top two status, things would be different.

  19. Oh wow wow wow 😲😳 Gabriel you are welcome to the Emirates stadium I know you can do it show my opposide that arsenal of 2004/2005 had come back to the EPL again we are the best 👍🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️

  20. BTW other reports, including BBC Sport site, are not saying that it’s a done deal, just that it’s a bit further along.

    1. Wiser fans know that until AFC ANNOUNCES THE SIGNING, it is NEVER complete. Most of us, myself included, choose to jump the gun on transfers in.
      But no one doubts either that very soon now he WILL be our player. Context
      I was pretty certain THIS rumour had real legs from the very beginning, as it made perfect sense then and it does now, unlike so many daft and never going to happen other rumours

  21. Well! At least the signings are coming early. Gabriel is a good addition. Let’s hope Arteta will get it right this coming season. No more excuses.

  22. PL veteran, highly talented, motivated, perfect age, fast puts in a shift, and good teammate. Excited to watch him kick on with Arsenal.
    Now onto to Martinez.

  23. Some of the criticism and apprehension is quite frankly baffling. Arsenal in my opinion have done a brilliant job thus far in the transfer market and for a club that is not in the top 4 (thus can’t offer CL football), have managed to convince top talent to join the club.

    Gabriel Jesus is a top signing, make no mistake. His stats don’t lie and the fact that Pep was happy to have him as the main striker for a couple of years should speak volumes of highly valued he is. What also augurs really well is that he is not interested in playing second fiddle to Haaland and as sought to rightly move to a club where he will be a regular so he can prove his worth.

    For those whinging about his physical abilities, get a grip! Yes he’s not built like a Haaland, Kane or Lukaku but he’s a dynamic player, a player who presses hard, puts in a shift, is a team player (see his assists) and is more than capable of leading the line. He’s only just turned 25 and is one of the top strikers in the PL, an full international and has his best years ahead of him.

    As for the transfer fee, let’s make this clear – the value a club pays for a player is the perceived market value or the implied value of the buying club. It should not make any difference to the player or the returns he brings. So for some folks to say that Gabriel needs to score 10x the goals than the likes to Nketiah is an absolute farce! Whether fans like it or not, one must detach the transfer fee from player performances – it should never be directly proportional. However what must be proportionate to player performance is wages and contract extensions.

    To round it off, I don’t think there were too many other strikers that realistically would’ve been able to come in and make an instant impact. Let’s face it, it’s not like there are some terrific strikers out there – few and far between to be brutally honest and anyone coming from another league would need a year or two to adjust to the PL which means the best return at the moment is a proven PL striker and on that front it was probably between Jesus and Calvert-Lewin. Given the recent injury to Calvert-Lewin and the Citizens signing Haaland, it just made sense that Gabriel was the optimal solution. I’m ecstatic with the signing and look forward with intrigue on who is up next. Rumours have it we are after Lissandro Martinez, Rapinha, and Tielemans. What a window that would be
    (on top of Vieira, Turner, Jesus and the returning Saliba), if we secure those. That will most certainly cost the club >$200m which would be another huge year of investment following the purchases last year.

    It is time we started backing the club, the team, the manager and their ideas.

  24. He’s welcomed, but I’m not a fan. Do not feel he’d do great but hope he proves me wrong.

  25. At 25 Jesus has 5/6 top years ahead of him. With Viera, hopefully, alongside Odegaard, ESR and Bukayo we should make a lot more chances. With William Saliba at the back we might make a challenge. It will be neck and neck with the Zombies from N17.

  26. Arteta dont seem to be bothered by shirt numbers. Our no 10 and 14 are bench players.. No 7 would soon be benched too if raphinha were to join lol

  27. What he’ll bring is not just his skills and experience, but the elite coaching of Pep with him. He can guide our forward players with those fine movements and wit that man city plays with. Jesus can press hard, find good space, assist, score, and he is smart enough to invite fouls in the crucial areas of the pitch which our players severely lack. So all in all a great acquisition. He will be the main man no doubt next season.

  28. The Sun reports:

    “The transfer will see Jesus remain with the Gunners until June 2020, it was also stated.”

    That would be a new low in the transfer market for Arsenal if players are now leaving 2 years before they start.

    1. P.S. I expect he’ll want back pay. 😉

      Especially since the photos of him hugging Edu before his medical looks like he’s been painting his house, old jeans with white splashes and holes – and he doesn’t seem to be able to afford a pair of socks.

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