Fabrizio Romano confirms 23 year-old’s permanent Arsenal exit for ‘around €10m’

Matteo Guendouzi is officially a Marseille player after agreeing a deal back in March with Arsenal.

The 23 year-old enjoyed an impressive spell in Ligue 1, earning a place in the France international squad as well as wearing the captain’s armband on occasion, and will now get the chance to continue his fine form in the Champions League next term after helping his side to a second-placed finish.

This deal has been expected for months now, with his time in north London having been marred by more than one fallout with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta. The midfielder was forced to train with alone after the Brighton game back in 2020 shortly after football had restarted after a break due to Coronavirus, and his card has appeared marked since.

While it was mooted that his spell with Hertha Berlin could have opened the door for him to get his Gunners career back on track, those hopes were quickly dashed, and he was eventually allowed to join Marseille on loan instead.

It really is a shame that a compromise couldn’t be found, as I believe he could bring a lot to our side, and there is still plenty of room for him to continue to improve with his best years ahead of him also.

Would Guendouzi be a regular starter in our current squad under a different manager?


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  1. It ia aurelyba huge double mistake 1) to have included a mandatory buying clause 2) that is only at 10m euros. No one can argue the opposite. His value is now minimum 20/25m. While Arsenal (i dont know the master negotiator behind that) included that clause they/he/she or whoever also did not include any clause for Torreira, another huge mistake. When we shipped him in the opposite way after getting Partey we should have include a mandatory buying clause with some add-ons to lower Partey fee. Oh it was covid ?! So we had 45m to splash and could not ask (even split on few seasons) for 20/25 in return ?! We did not and still have to deal with negotiations…. While having lost a lot of money on these two (i am not even mentioning the awful mavropanos sale for a couple of peanuts).

    1. If negotiating the transfer of players is so easy then why are you wasting your talents here?

      1. Mark thank you lol but each one his own job : i think it is fair to admit that arsenal made a couple or more mistakes in the transfer market in the last years and some awful business. This is a fact. I dont say it is easy but i said these ones were mistakes. Would have i done better ? That is not the point. i am not paid for that. This is not my job. But it is fair to admit that some clubs have negotiating personnel that knows how to play harball with us. Now look at Guendouzi. He is young and had lot of potential. He was one of the best young DN in europe, no ?! He showed tremendous flashes of potential and Emery saw that ! Ok. He was under contract. We had the upper hand even if he wanted to leave. Is he bigger than the club ? No. He was on 40k per week. I am sorry but imo i maintain that putting a 10m price tag, even if he had a fight with arteta is a mistake. Did not we pay 13m overall for Mari, 26 ?! 10m is way before his real value/potential.

  2. It beats my imagination to always let promising talents leave our club almost for free every now and then, but for Matteo,I wish him all the best

  3. TRVL4, don’t you dare even consider a negative thought against our betters. You mustn’t be a real fan?

  4. 5 goals, 14 assists, capped 6 times by the French national team. 23 years of age and sold for £10 million.

    This is the state of our dealings handled by whoever donkey is in charge.

    1. 100% agree. If only some other clubs would put comical price tags on their own players, we could also do some nice business but it seems that some club (72m for pepe, 50m for Ben white, 50 for laca) know how to negotiate. Good for them.

  5. You may well be right, but in monetary terms our failure to maximise his potential selling price pales into insignificance to the losses incurred by the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd in respect of Lukaku and Pogba.In essence ,we are not the only EPL Club where mismanagement is apparent, in fact only Liverpool seem to be immune from this problem.

  6. Glad to see the back of this disruptive hothead.. Wonder why Real, City or PSG didn’t come knocking for Messi 2.0

  7. It was a shame he and Arteta couldn’t work things out, but in the end Guendouzi seemed very immature.

    No top clubs came in for him at such a low price which tells me that he’s not quite as good as some annoyed Arsenal fans are making out.

    1. Again, you dont understand transfers, the price was agreed with the loan and the only way any other team could buy was if Marseille couldn’t. He was grossly undervalued and making excuses for it is just typical.

      1. Several windows passed between Guen’s exile and that deal with no buyers emerging, hence the Marseille deal. Perhaps the market has changed since then, perhaps he has improved, but after windows of no takers for players, it stands to reason that the club wanted to guarantee some income.

        1. Reading through the comments I have got to say that we have the best Transfer Deal Makers / Stockbrokers on JustArsenal.. I hope Arsenal Football Club can get off their bottoms and snap up this untapped in talent..
          These JustArsenal transfer veterans on here could have gotten us £millions up on millions for the amazing / world class talent that The club, Edu and Artea have given away for free or on the cheap..
          You had all the Top clubs around europe fighting for our FA CUP winning / Europa league finalist superstars. But because of the incompetence of Edu / Arteta etc we failed to sell these amazing players for a fee..

          This is why I keep saying, Arsenal FC has got to invest in “Grassroot transfer Broker” talent like the one we have online. Like the Online Expert deal makers we have on here.. It’s ridiculous that all this talent is being wasted on just arguing about every petty topic everyday online..

          Snap them up..

          Pull your finger out Arsenal..

        2. several windows ? Covid-plagued summer 2020 and basically summer 2021 after his loan (shortly after emerging from covid again with spectators back in stadiums). So yes, market and money income for clubs changed. And he was still under contract.

      2. If only people knew the rules and regulations regarding loan deals Reggie.
        This was EXACTLY the same scenario with Mavs.
        Both clubs have got bargain deals, simply because we undervalued what some called our “dross” or “deadwood” players.

        1. Thats right ken but people for whatever reason keep making every excuse under the sun to not see what is going on. Sand bury head in!!!!!

        2. Well, KEN ,its generally YOU who uses “dross and deadwood,” even though you put them in quotes. I have used them on occasions too but not nearly as often as you do. Just saying what I notice.
          On Guendouzi, I’d say WE got a bargain, by getting this unreformed trouble maker out at a small profit. Though we could and should have sold him earlier, when he would have fetched far more. Sigh!

          A huge relief that he is gone, finally, IMO!

          I DONT THINK ITS THAT WE UNDERVALUE OUR “D AND D” but that we don’t shift them at the optimum time; eg AMN when Wolves offered £20mill

  8. A troublemaker leaving the club for a fairly low amount I guess. When you consider the Ozil situation (Costing us dear) and Toriera (a rebel) for that matter, I think it’s just best to get them off the books ASAP for as much as we can. I just hope we’ve learnt our lesson in buying players who are not of the Arsenal mold! That is why Raphinha is not right for Arsenal. His preference is Barca and has no interest in Arsenal. Or at least until Barca come knocking in the near future. At that time he would likely cause a stink to push for a move anyway. Players with too much power is the problem today!

    1. Why is it the players and not the manger mikel thinks he the best well let’s see after this season if we don’t get top 4 he should be gone

    2. Out of interest GunneRay, why do you class Torreria as a rebel?

      Like you, I won’t miss Guendouzi, but that doesn’t excuse the pittance we received for him does it?

      1. Hi, ken1945. I just feel Torreria was too out-spoken and verbal against Arsenal in pushing for a move away from Arsenal. He should have kept things internal. He dropped in my estimation.

    3. GunnerRay, Could not agree more on all and esp your last sentence. I have been regularly saying for many years, that unless we all do something to drastically reduce the obscenity of player wages, lunatic transfer fees and agents power to hold clubs to ransom , then we are all on the slippery slope to financial ruin.

      When the corrupt ABRAMOVITCHES, SAUDIS, and SHEIKH MANSOORS RUN OUT and leave ony those who invest in clubs to make a profit, then we all go to FINANCIAL hell in a handcart.

      I get fed up warning, for it always to fall on unseeing eyes and deaf ears, TBH!

  9. Far too much is made of the situation involving Gouendouzi.
    He is a good but not yet great player. It is not that unusual for a player and manager to have differences of perspectives leading to a transfer.
    The pernicious attempts to blame and discredit the manager for the fall out and subsequent transfer continue to disappoint but not surprise as this is the default mantra of some regular contributors. Whenever difficulties arise the situation is repurposed as “mismanagement” or some other similar term for those with a neverending axe to grind.
    There was no perfect way to resolve the situation with Gouendouzi. He’s now left. Arsenal simply need to move on.

    1. I thought it was Edu who was in charge of transfers and contracts and I certainly haven’t blamed the manager.
      But I do blame the club and whoever negotiated these crazy low buy on clauses.
      Does anyone know who ACTUALLY negotiated them?

  10. Ghendouzi showed that he doesn’t have the character for the PL with some rather immature behaviour.

    When he didn’t grow out of it he had to go – with the final straw being when he mocked Brighton players over their wages.

    Many clubs have situations like that now – Pogba springs to mind. There are lots of primadonnas in the game of football now, too much money too young, it goes to the heads of some of them.

    1. Let’s assume that all you say is true IDKW and I agree with what you say regarding Guendouzi – why is our club settling on such low buying on clauses for loaned out players?

      I do have to say, as a side issue, it seems that there are quite a few clubs prepared to take the players that we, seemingly, have no chance of offloading!!!

      1. They resort to Guendouzi’s attitude rather than admit Arteta and Edu made yet another mistake.

        Seems his attitude is fine at Marseille and with the national team though, eh?

        Also what about Xhaka’s 2 interviews with media saying he refuses to change his style of play? In spite of Arteta saying the reckless cards are a problem, Xhaka twice told media he will not change.

        Is that more disruptive than Guendouzi mocking wages? But hey different standards is nothing new.

        1. Smoke and mirrors ken and Durand, smoke and mirrors to cover the mistakes and vulnerability.

  11. Arsenal pushed his value far below the number he is actually worth. We basically made nothing from the player. He was worth stupid money one summer, and Arsenal didn’t try to put him on the market.

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