Fabrizio Romano downplays Willian move but admits ‘work in progress’ on Arsenal exit

Arsenal are believed to be keen on finding Willian a new home ahead of the new season, but Fabrizio Romano is refuting claims of a move to Al-Ahli.

Reports were claiming that he had been in talks with Saudi-based club Al-Ahli, with some claiming he was ‘very close’ to completing such a move, but Fabrizio Romano has moved to refute that any such talks have even been held, nor has any contact even been made.

The Italian football journalist adds that Arsenal are working on finding him a potential suitor however.

The midfielder only joined the club from London rivals Chelsea 12 months ago, with us seemingly believing he would be a good fit with manager Mikel Arteta looking to bring some experience into the side, but the Brazilian failed to find any kind of form in our famous red and white, and I would be shocked if you found a single Gunner who would be unhappy to hear that he had left the club.

Does anyone believe Willian could find form with Arsenal this season?


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  1. Willian is joke & Arteta’s biggest mistake so far. It will surely be good riddance to bad shit. Let him go to wherever he will feel whatever he wants to feel to be good again. He’s Arsenal’s worst signing ever.

  2. As one of the four over-aged outfield players permitted in our U-23 squad, Yeah! Sure! Why not?

  3. The obvious question for you to ask PATRICK(as ever) is NOT does ANY Gooner believe he could find form.

    You should instead ask why this mistake was made and how can we ensure this sort of catastrophe will not be repeated.

    If you can find me a SINGLE thinking Gooner who still thinks Willian can find form, then I challenge you to provide one.

    That is how certain I am that your question is a silly, needless and redundant one to have asked.

  4. To me it wasn’t a risk signing him last season
    Bags of experience ,free signing although cost us a reported 30 million over 3 years including signing on fee and was still playing at a high lvl when he signed .
    There could be loads of reasons it hasn’t worked out ,which I’ve wrote before so no need to repeat but the it hasn’t worked out and he’s taken up a squad place of some of our hungry youngsters so for me if we can offload then all the better .
    Easier said than done though so could see him lining up once again for us this season ,if so he needs to up his game and Arteta needs to get the best out of him ,still a solid player in there somewhere.


      Easy to be wise after the event. But managers are well paid to be wise BEFORE the event and that is why they are managers and highly paid!

      1. I’ll put my hand up as well, jon and Dan. No way I thought he could regress so far!

  5. i wonder is there any chance of him joining mesut ozil in turkey ?. i would certainally contribute to willians plane fare there.i do not know the ins and outs of this horrible transfer fiasco, was it edu or was it arteta. either way, whoever was responsible for pushing it through should hang their head in shame.get rid of at all costs, please.


      Easy to be wise after the event. But managers are well paid to be wise BEFORE the event and that is why they are managers and highly paid!

  6. i think Willian can find form. Look at Auba. Willian gets scapegoated but there were a few ppl who played well last season. When youngsters like Saka and ESR dont have any pressure and they are just glad to be in the squad, its easy for them to play well. Once its their responsibility to get the team victories, its a different ball game. I’d give willian one more season in the 10 role, a season under Arteta and a solid midfield behind him. He has goals and set pieces in him. He had a bad season but i think he comes better this year, especially with low expectations.

  7. With his high wages and apparent poor fitness, we’re stuck with him for 2 more years.

    Time for that “ruthlessness” Arteta was crowing about. Leave him home, not even in squad until he shapes up and gets his mind right.

    Poor poor example for youngsters; lazy, out of shape, trash performances yet still gets picked.

    1. Well said. William is a blocker. He stunts other homegrown players and was not match fit and offers no goal threat, yet was still in Matchday squads.

  8. Let’s forget about all the trade rumors; Willian will be here for another year, at least – whether we like in or not. He doesn’t not a single incentive to leave.

    We should now be concerned about damage limitation (1) negative effects on dressing room chemistry (2) stunting the growth and development of young players (3) limiting his earnings based on appearance fees/playing time.

    We learned valuable lessons from MO saga last season. Let’s hope we will be able to use them.

    1. 👍 To sort Willian out one way or the other is why Edu, Arteta and Garlick are paid the big pounds.

  9. Well at times there are certain events that holds the player transfer that benefits all parties involved except the club (in name/ fans). Managers and head of transfer recruitment plan these type of deals (Irreverent) to pocket some money , either you believe or not. These are some of the ways that managers , agents and head of recruitment of top clubs do to pocket money from irrelevant signings.
    I attach such situation to the william issue , but the style of football he played is of stark contrast to what is being played at the emirate, that is what made it more complicated and made it look like a very bad deal.
    But those involved in these type of deal at the Emirates are now running on tight rope and there’s no time luxury for ludicrous signings.

  10. It’s crazy how Willian turned out last season. He always seemed like a very fit & energetic guy at Chelsea, and I thought he would be a nice addition when the transfer was announced, but he has been very far from his former self since the move. It’s a shame, and he will no doubt be hard to get rid of now.

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