Fabrizio Romano insists Maddison is a back-up option

Fabrizio Romano insists that Leicester midfielder James Maddison is not a priority for Arsenal at present, as we are still holding out for Martin Odegaard’s return.

The Norwegian enjoyed an impressive spell in North London when joining on loan from Real Madrid in January, despite struggling with injury for a spell.

Mikel Arteta is known to be a big fan however, and the club are claimed to be holding out on his return.

Real Madrid are claimed to favour Odegaard staying with their first-team setup ahead of the new season however, although Romano insists that decision is not final.

He also stated that our interest in James Maddison was as a back-up to that of Odegaard, who we are still hoping to return.

“So, first of all, it’s true that there’s interest in this player (Maddison), and he is appreciated as an alternative if they can’t sign Odegaard. I am told that they are still keen on Odegaard if Real Madrid change their position,” Romano told the Don Robbie YouTube channel.

“At the moment, Madrid are saying they want to keep Odegaard and go on with him, but it’s not the final decision, so what I know is that their priority is still Martin Odegaard, if they can’t sign him, Maddison could be one of the opportunities.”

The issue I have with our supposed interest in Maddison is that his asking price is likely to be above £50 Million, with TransferMarkt claiming his value is €55 Million, and with three years on his contract, I don’t see them budging much.

Will Leicester be willing to part ways with Maddison this summer? Will he cost too much despite being not being our first-choice?


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  1. This will rumble on until the last hour of the window!! I hope we have a Plan C in place….

    OT.. Saka on the bench. Tierney starts! I should’ve been going to the O2 to see Haim tonight… Oh well England it is then!!
    Altogether now – ‘Nah, nah, nah, we’re gonna score one more than you! England!’ 🤞

      1. Oops, no, it’s me who’s stupid 😂 I just assumed – Saka and White not in squad! Doh!!
        Dan – Black Summer season 2, Netflix – top notch!

        1. Not for me sue
          Watched about 20 mins of the first episode ,meh from me 😂
          Still on straw up the butt program ,on the last season now

          1. Ooh I love a zombie gorefest!

            That was a real crap game, Dan.. 90 minutes we won’t get back! We ain’t going anywhere playing like that

  2. Haim!!!! Sue you should have gone to see them. Those girls rock. More than this England side ever will. Saw them years ago and they do a great cover of “Oh Well” (Fleetwood Mac from the days of Peter Green).
    You Little Rock Chick

    1. It’s postponed until September 30, Phil, I can’t wait – massive fan!! 🤘😝 (Rock chick – love it!!)

  3. How Martin Odegaard is first-choice over James Madison is, well, impossible to comprehend.

    Arsenal need an attacking midfielder who can score and generate assists. James Maddison, in 31 games, scored 8 and assisted 7. Exactly the kind of player Arsenal need. Odegaard, by comparison, scored twice and tallied 0 assists.

    Maddison is young, just 24, with infinitely more experience and proven ability than Odegaard (age, 22). At similar prices (early indications were that Odegaard would cost 50 million) Maddison is easily a better choice.

    Martin Odegaard may develop into a better player, but another season of 2 goals and zero assists from the #10 and similar numbers from central midfield and Mikel Arteta will not have to be concerned with the future of Arsenal; he’ll be sending out resumes.

    1. Another season of two goals zero assists? Odegaard didn’t even play half a season and you’re comparing his stats to someone who played 31 games in a team that was generally performing better? Not that I’m sticking out my neck for one or the other being better, but dude. You just made it seem like they were given the same platform and Odegaard failed.

    2. Maybe it’s the difference in transfer fees between Madison and Odegaard?
      It is difficult to understand why Arsenal is not looking at Matheus Pereira.

  4. This fascination with Ode is baffling…sure he has some skills on the ball, but his average pace and unwillingness to put his foot in make him a “luxury” purchase in my estimation…frankly, I find it quite difficult to evaluate anything recruitment-related in light of the rumours regarding our potential transfer windfall…if it’s true, we should be setting our sights much higher than Ode, whereas if it’s a bunch of bunk, we shouldn’t be wasting that much money on a player who only showed glimpses while here on loan…what a mental fuster-cluck

    1. Said the same thing after watching him play 4 games for us .
      Massively overrated and massively overpriced
      Maybe a good squad player for about 10 mil ,nothing more .

  5. Maddison is a better player than Odegaard. Odegaard is a good player but hasn’t exactly set Arsenal on fire.

  6. Buy

    1. Sterling(50m pounds)
    2. Ramsey(10m pounds)
    3. Aouar(20m pounds)
    4. Bissouma(30m pounds)


    1. Kolasinac
    2. Guendouzi
    3. Bellerin
    4. Nketiah
    5. Willian
    6. Torrera
    7. Xhaka

    1. Agree with the above, IMO, replace Ramsey with Sambi Lokonga (15M BBP) and the extra 5M can be sourced from the transfer of Elneny.
      Ramsey saga is over, he had his chances, he played hardball during negotiations and pissed off Emery who did the right thing. At his age, he will not get better with either skill or fitness or transfer fee.
      Come on Mikel ARTETA

  7. Arsenal obsessed with odegaard is mind baffling.Yes he may grow to become a fantastic player but for now we need better players who are suited to the EPL.

    I will choose
    1.Matheus Pereira (15-20m)
    11 goals 6 assist

    2.maddison (60m)
    8goals 7assist

    Signing bissuoma is a must if arsenal are really serious.

  8. Lol, imagine thinking Odegaard is in the same class as Maddison though. What has Odegaard done on his loan with us to deserve this much attention? It’s insane. And how many times do we have to hear the Ancelotti wants to keep Odegaard. I dont think Arsenal really know what they’re doing still if they seriously consider Odegaard as a top target

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