Fabrizio Romano refutes Arsenal chances of landing creative talent

Arsenal were claimed to be eyeing a deal to sign Riqui Puig from Barcelona in January, with the midfielder having fallen out with manager Ronaldo Koeman, but Fabrizio Romano refutes such claims.

The journalist, who is widely respected as one with inside knowledge on transfers as a whole, claims that such exit claims are untrue.

He states that Puig is not in line for a loan move next month, and that his current club are intent of extending his current deal instead.

He posted on his Twitter: “Barcelona – at the moment – are not planning to loan out Riqui Puig in January. And his contract will be extended until June 2023 with clause set to be triggered. He’s not leaving as a free agent in Barça plans. 🇪🇸 #FCB #Barça

Arsenal may well have to look elsewhere if Romano’s comments prove to be true, with the club believed to be interested in adding more creativity to their options, although the recent performances of youngsters Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli have given our side a huge boost.

I would assumed that the club would still look to bring in more options in the coming window however, as one injury shouldn’t be able to derail our side.

Could Puig’s potential extension not make sense with a loan in mind for the remainder of the season?


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  1. Following an online deep dive on Emi Buendia, who I feel would be a real significant upgrade when it comes to providing service in the final third, I made a comment in another posting regarding the fact that he reminded me of a poor man’s Papu Gomez…it was at this point I turned my attentions Gomez’s way, only to discover that he might be on his way out of Atalanta, which intrigued me greatly…I’m not sure how many of you watched them play last season, but he’s an absolutely spectacular attacking midfielder…he set a Serie A record with 16 assists last season…the one serious stumbling block is his age(32) but if you watched his highlights from last year you would never, ever guess his age…he’s like the quintessential Energizer bunny out there…there was some suggestion he might go for as low as 10 million, which would be a steal if you could get 2 years out of him while you continued to groom ESR…this guys just an electric player…check him out if you’ve got a few minutes to kill

    1. You’re absolutely right. He’s a great player and doesn’t really look his age ..32…
      But I won’t support the idea of buying a 32 man to help groom an already growing young talent… unleash ESR… take a look at SAKA.
      I think it’s time to release the leashes placed in Martinelli and ESR

    2. NEVER “KILLED A MINUTE” IN MY LIFE. I LIKE TO CHERISH ALL MOMENTS AND LOOK AFTER THEM. Though, as I am spending time on JA, that is clearly a lie!
      As for bringing in another 32 year old, NO WAY and it won’t happen either.

      1. Just an expression Jon…I did say in another post that I felt like a hypocrite as I’ve been a avid critic of this club when it brings in older players, but there’s always exceptions to the rules, like Messi, Ramos, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Aguero etc…(3 of whom are UFAs at the end of the year) I think because our club has a problematic history when it comes to signing or re-signing players above the age of 30, our perspectives are more negatively skewed…to me it’s about the eye test, for example, when I watched WIllian at Chelsea he clearly worked as a “super sub” of sorts but not a starter, which is why I couldn’t believe we went after him and obviously offered him certain promises and a starter’s wage…when I watch Gomez , he was an everyday starter with a seemingly endless amount of energy, day in and day out, who had 16 assists last year, 16 assists Jon, last year, not 3 or 4 years ago, last year…plus 7 goals and 4 so far this year…they have become an incredibly exciting team to watch and he’s the Captain and the catalyst…he just had a falling out with his manager so he could be a cheap transfer deal(10M approx.) and his contract isn’t cost-prohibitive(3.5M)

        1. TRVL, He is seemingly a good player as you outline but is still 32 and IMPORTANTLY in this context, we have a number of players not contributing much who are thirty or over.

          I did not say he is not good; just that it will not happen and I AM PREPARED TO BET ON IT.

          I am, as ever, only concerned with what will or is most likely to happen. All other debate is mere hot air. If you think he WILL come, then fine, but I DO NOT!

          I have always considered debate about things that will never happen as pointless and a waste of words. I do not envisage this happening, so there we are.

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