Fabrizio tells Arsenal fans to forget Osimhen – Arteta is concentrating on Jesus

It would appear from reading the Arsenal transfer rumours overthe last few weeks that Mikel Arteta’s search for a new striker to replace Aubameyang and Lacazette next season, has mostly been concentrated on Man City’s Gabriel Jesus and Napoli’s Victor Osimhen,with a few mentions of other possible backup strikers as Arsenal are likely to need two frontmen to come in over the summer.

But according to the transfer Guru Fabrizio Romano, Arsenal have shown no interest in Osimhen whatsoever and are concentrating all their efforts on securing Gabriel Jesus’ signature before considering looking at other possible targets.

Fabrizio said in an exclusive interview with CaughtOffside: “As of today, I am not aware of an advanced negotiation for Victor Osimhen to Arsenal. Napoli have no intention to negotiate for less than €100million for the Nigerian striker and so far there is no proposal on the table, sources close to the club guarantee.

“Napoli are always tough negotiators in the transfer market, and their mission will be to try to keep Osimhen for another season.

“Personally, I’m not even convinced he is as much of a target for Arsenal as other reports would have you believe.

“For now, the Gunners are waiting for answers from Gabriel Jesus after positive talks with his agent. The Brazilian is the priority target for Mikel Arteta, but also interests other clubs. We can expect a final decision to come soon, and Manchester City are asking for a €50-60m fee for Gabriel.”

I can’t say I am overly surprised at this news, considering that it makes perfect sense for Jesus to come to Arsenal. The only spanner in the works that I can see is the fact that we didn’t quite make it into the Champions League, but hopefully Jesus will have been convinced by Arteta’s project and the Boss will have convinced him that he will be the main man at Arsenal after being a bit part player at the Etihad for so many years…

Video: The Transfer Show – Alfie and Rob discuss the merits of Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal

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  1. 50 million for a city cast off and with 12 months remaining on his contract,talk about doing your buddy a favour hey Mikel .

    Also hes been on 90k a week for the last 4 years what’s the betting he more than doubles that if we do sign him .

    That is where are club is at paying over the odds for slightly above average players ,case In point ,white ,Odegaard etc etc .

    1. You are somehow right though but in fairness, I consider Jesus to be more than average, I will rate him good. might actually not be the solution to our problems though but better than what we got right now.

      1. If you feel he’s not the answer to our problems, then don’t recommend his signing. Enough of all these experiments. Emirates is not a laboratory

        1. I understand your frustrations mate but sadly we have to be realistic with ourselves.
          We don’t have world class manager that can convince world class players to join.
          World class players won’t want to come to a place whereby they won’t be able to express themselves or by falling out with the manager everytime. Especially the way our club has been going lately.
          Again we might have to gamble at times and hope it turns out in our favor.
          Nothing guaranteed that signing a world class striker would work In our favor. We have seen our strikers struggled lately.

          1. Sadly,Kaay is right,we have to be realistic with the calibre of players we can attract to Arsenal.and one way is to pay high(er) fees and high(er) wages.

          2. I convince with the arrival of Jesus, Arsenal shall be able to compete with any team in EPL. Jesus got enough experience in EPL. Sure Jesus will help our youngsters to compete more. Just look at Man U. With several world class players.

    2. This isn’t a good signing atal when we have Martinelli. They are going to mess up this window again just like January as it cost us Top4.

    3. “Slightly above average”?

      A 25 year old forward playing quite regularly at Man City for 5 years and having 55 selection for Brazil under his belt?

      Who do you think Arsenal should sign them?

        1. Because City are buying the BEST IN THE WORLD to replace him.
          City can do things like that. I personally would bet on City to win everything next year if they keep Haaling fit….

        2. DK, It’s not easy for Arsenal to attract the best players as we could see with Vlahovic….

          Jesus would be a massive upgrade on Laca and it’s not guaranteed we can sign him by the way. There’s going to be competition form other clubs for sure

          1. We used to be able to attract the best players even when we were on a barren run
            I wonder why we cannot now .

            1. Unfortunately we haven’t won the league for nearly 2 decades and haven’t qualified for the champions in 6 years in a row.

              Liverpool did come back to the top without having an oil monarchy as an owner so I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t do it too.

              It’s not gonna happen overnight though, it’s step by step.

  2. £72m Pepe
    £50m Ben White
    £50m Jesus??

    Seriously come on we are throwing money away.

    Leno wants to go to Benfica, Benfica want him but won’t pay the £8m asking price. Show some balls Arsenal and bid £70m + Bernt Leno for Darwin Nunez and see where it takes us. Laca leaves as does Leno, there’s Darwins wages covered, We just earned over £100m finishing 5th.

    Fans can’t get angry for trying. He may not want to come but pay the man handsomely and he will consider this project on the rise and him spear heading it!

    Gnabry too may want to come at least put a bid in, Bayern apparently Interested in Pepe if they can’t get Mane. By all means throw him in the deal and kill 2 bird with one stone just like the above deal too.

    Can’t say we didn’t try if we actually did.

    1. Pepe may not be worth £72m but he’s not far away from there. Arteta killed his Emirates career.

      As for White, we were obviously defrauded.

      Jesus’ contract makes him worth about half of the £50m City are looking for.

      Nunez to Man Utd is as good as done if reports are to be believed.

      Osimhen is “too expensive” at £100m

      But hey, this is Arsenal. If we could give Aubameyang (considered at the Camp Nou as a “gift from heaven”) away, thank Willian with £15m pay off for keeping Smith Rowe on the bench and ask for almost nothing for Guendouzi and Mavropanos, then we can surely pay for Jesus and Osimhen, whatever the price

  3. £30m max. Although I would say that if I had a football club and Arsenal came for any of my players, I would deliberately increase the price seeing how Arsenal transfer business is conducted. We seem to have excess money to spend seeing that we easily pay any unwanted players off, pay some to play for other clubs, asking for very little amounts of money for our players and renew contracts of undeserving players with higher wages, all the while being able to afford expensive players. There is money to spend and City probably knows this

  4. I know we will giving City about £50 million and will be paying Jesus in the region of £180-£200,000 a week if we get him.
    Not sure about this transfer whatsoever. I have this uneasy feeling.

  5. For a second there,I thought this was Coquelin in the picture,I swear! At the risk of being called negative again,I find the prospect of signing Jesus underwhelming,am I the only one??

    1. Sign him and give him a # 14 Jersey then Darwin Nunez a # 9 Jersey, replacing Auba and Laca.

  6. It’s not that I don’t think Jesus has something to offer, in fact, if we hadn’t re-upped our purple patch kid for 100K per, I would have gladly supported this acquisition, especially if we could have gotten him for around 35-38M, but since Eddie is here for the foreseeable future, we simply can’t sign another diminutive Striker…if we did, it would just be another example of the tactical naivety of our manager in training…does MA actually think that what was on display the last two seasons, offensively-speaking, was at the level required to climb the proverbial charts???

  7. So here’s the thing – all this talk about Osimhen when there’s another striker in Serie A who:
    A – has scored as many goals as Osi SINCE JAN!!
    B – is a boyhood Gooner
    C – in English and knows London
    D – will/should cost a little less

    Just do the Tammy A deal, Edu – you let him slip through the net once… NOW GET IT DONE. fella!!

  8. I keep having the feeling the board will not do much again this window just like January. Our body language is same. I pray I am wrong

  9. Admin Pat…it always does not work that way, it may even be the worst year. Remember the galaticos of Real Madrid? Jesus is a good buy for Arsenal if it works out . You don’t need a striker out Premier League that will need to adjust.

  10. Jesus coming to arsenal for over 50m not seem as a good deal to me……… A player who have just one month remaining in his contract and signing for that huge amount,how much did mancity sign haaland (51m)
    i wish arteta could get the deal half that prices and add another striker too

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