Facing Liverpool on Saturday could help Arsenal win FA cup

Arsene Wenger will be very glad that Arsenal managed to beat Manchester United in the FA cup quarter-final at the first go, even though we would happily have taken a draw before turning up at Old Trafford. If we had drawn though, it might have meant Arsenal having to play the replay next week, as Liverpool are having to do.

Brendan Rodgers has to take his team to Ewood Park to face Blackburn Rovers on Wednesday, just a few days after coming to the Emirates in the Premier League. I am not suggesting that he will field a weaker team with that FA cup replay in mind, as securing a Champions League place is more important to Liverpool (he would love the top four to be called the Rodgers trophy believe me).

But if Arsenal play at a high tempo and give them a really tough game, and especially if we knock their confidence further by inflicting a second defeat in a row, it could have consequences for them against Blackburn. The Championship club are well safe but have no real chance of the play-offs so will probably rest key players and go easy against Leeds on Saturday. And their team is not stacked with internationals either so they should should be fitter and fresher than Liverpool, while also having home advantage.

Arsenal would still have to get past Reading and win the final of course, but there is no doubt that Liverpool going out would make another trophy a lot more likely.

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  1. fred cowardly says:

    I will be happy with a win

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Yep. 3 points, no matter how. I think this could be the most important game of our season so far – a win would pretty much confirm us as being in the top 4. Liverpool would be 9 points behind + goal difference if we won. A draw and we’ll be below United and in risk. A loss and we’re really in trouble, we’d only be 3 points ahead and still have to play Chelsea and go to Old Trafford.

      1. vince says:

        we can’t afford to lose. roses can turn to shit quickly

        1. fred cowardly says:

          I agree with both of you

          Must win.

          If we go in and play our best we will Win 🙂


    2. KickAssFan says:

      No SH*T today!!! Gotta giive it to BRENDA hard and rough.

      3 POINTS!!!


  2. josh37 says:

    huge game!!
    not just for this season but for next as well.
    If we had the choice tomorrow of playing a must win game out of Man City or Chelsea which would you chose?
    Mentality between teams is vital. And Chelsea still have that over us massively unfortunately whereas City this season we’ve taken 4 points and won the community shield. Don’t underestimate that impact against another likely contender next season!
    Securing the win against United at Old Trafford was huge as well. If we can beat them again next game it will do wonders against the Old Trafford curse…
    This Liverpool game has the potential to do the same. Defensively i think we have it over them but both our attacks have the potential to be the most potent in the league when clicking.. Making a stand against them would be amazing.

    The PL, bar a massive slip from Chelsea, is realistically unattainable. However these games have the potential to strike a bit more fear into the top clubs. If we can make other clubs think twice about playing us next season, and strike a bit more fear-factor into the Emirates I will personally be a lot more confident heading into next season!

  3. goonerboy says:

    We just need a win at all cost…..buh if u are to choose between beating liverpool now and beating them to the FA cup if we peradventure meet them that is if they qualify,which would u choose?

  4. goonerboy says:

    I do believe liverpool can’t win @ d Emirates buh am kinda scared cos of the FA cup,if we beat them and meet in the FA cup again,they will want to prove a point especially if they don’t make Top 4,and I want to us retain the FA cup,cos I want d likes of GAbriel,debuchy,coquelin,ozil,carzola,chambers,to feel happy that they av made the right decision joining us infact I want the whole team to develop a champions mentality.I want my manager to be the most successful manager in FA cup history and lastly I want to be able to boast among oppostionfans that “Arsenal have won 3trophies in two seasons”(FA, com.shield………?) It also gives us d chance to win anoda com.shield next season

  5. goonerboy says:

    They can’t win @ d emirates…the best they can getis a draw

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      Don’t be to cocky. We need to respect them they are a decent side but we have the quality to take all 3 points as long as we stay disciplined.


    Arsenal 4- 2 Liverpool. My prediction

  7. gooner100 says:

    If we get a win at the weekend which we can definitely do, then I have a very good feeling about the Chelsea match. To beat Liverpool we need pace and urgency in the team. We need gab and koz, wingers who will push Liverpool (sterling and Moreno back) but who will then work hard to track back if they push on. We need to press hard and we need to dominate the centre with le coq and Ramsay. If we do all this (which is what utd and Swansea both did) and don’t make any silly mistakes, then with our players we can get a result. This can be a stunning end of the season.

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