Fake crowd noises and dressing room access considered when football returns

With the Premier League getting closer to a return to action, several changes are expected to be seen when the game does eventually resume.

Teams are still consulting with the Premier League over the changes that may take place when the competition is restarted and in their meeting tomorrow, a number of things are set to be discussed.

According to Mirror Sports, some of the issues being considered by broadcasters to make the experience as much fun as possible even without the fans includes using fake crowd noises, granting interviews at half time and having their cameras in the dressing rooms at half time.

The competition’s main broadcasters, Sky Sports is reportedly planning to use fake crowd noises in their broadcast channels.

The company has two channels that will show the games and the report claims that they would use it on one channel but not on the other.

The plans to grant interviews at half time and to allow access to the dressing rooms for the TV crews are not being accepted by the managers who believe that their dressing room is sacred and it is unclear right now how the teams would vote on those issues.

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  1. Some of the interviews with players straight after the game are just so embarrassing with them giving mumbling answers to pathetic questions, it’s as if they don’t want to be there anyway so the idea of them having to do an interview at half time as well is just ridiculous. As far as having cameras in the dressing room,no way, who wants to see the childish antics of grown men mugging up because a camera is there.

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