Fake crowd noises vs no fake crowd noises, fans preference revealed

Ahead of the Premier League restart, one of the major issues being discussed was if viewers would want to watch their matches with sound from fake crowd noises or without it since fans won’t be allowed into the Stadiums to make realistic sounds.

Sky Sports had disclosed that they would offer fans the chance to watch the games with fake crowd noises on one channel and without the fake crowd noises on the other channel.

After the first set of games last night, it seems that viewers from home preferred to watch the matches with the fake crowd noises.

Sports Mail reveals that 75% of viewers watched the game on the Sky Sports channel that had the fake crowd noises.

The sounds that were fed to the viewers were taken from EA Sports’ FIFA 20 video game and there were different sounds and songs played throughout the game depending on the incident on the field.

A number of fans did like the idea with one fan commenting per the Mail report: “’Need to keep crowd noise permanently made the game so much better’.”

‘Sky Sports’ crowd noise is so out of sync it’s hilarious, but it does make a difference’. Another fan said.

Other fans were critical of it as well with one fan commenting: ‘They turned up the crowd noise for a standard Dean Henderson save like someone had scored an injury-time winner.’ 

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  1. I actually prefer no fake crowd it makes conceding goals easier lol and I noticed some of the fake crowd noises was a little out of sync 😂

    1. It was quite amusing… when a shot went wide about 5 seconds later you heard the reaction!!
      I preferred the noise, Kev… I wonder what we’ll hear at the Emirates.. what do you think of Tottenham would do 😂

      1. Haha yeah there was one game the keeper made a save and the crowd reacted about a minute later 😂😂 well I’m watching it without the fake noises 😝 you watching the game tomorrow Sue ?

          1. I’ll be watching Sue not particularly looking forward to it though 😯 I can see utd winning to be honest 1-2 away win but would like to see a bore 0-0 👊 watching Real Madrid vs Valencia now poor game 🤦‍♂️

          2. Haha no Sue but he did just assist Benzema ⚽😂😂 I’m watching with fake crowd noises they’re cheering now 😂😂

  2. Well the fake sound was no more fake than the fake morals that some claim the game has. In truth there are precious few morals in top level football, esp the fact that it is being played at all while so many are still dying each day. When money combats morals we know which one always wins!

  3. I had to watch it without the crowd noise as the picture kept breaking up on the other channel but I had to put up with an annoying whining noise every now and again, Carragher!

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