Fake News Alert – Corriere Dello Sport report that Gabriel has signed is not true

This is another never-ending transfer saga as Arsenal fans are waiting impatiently for the news that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has finally signed his contract extension, and also that the Brazilian defender Gabriel Magalhaes has finally put pen to paper and is confirmed as an Arsenal player.

Well, according to FreshArsenal, who has tweeted a picture of the Italian Corriere Dello Sport’s front page, which states that the Gabriel deal is done in Arsenal’s favour, and now Napoli, who are Arsenal’s biggest competitor for Gabriel, have decided on our big Greek defender Sokratis as their next target.

This picture was tweeted last night by a FreshArsenal writer, but a quick look at the actual front page this morning on the Corriere Dello Sport website shows the front page like this…

As you can see, the box saying its a done deal is nowhere to be seen…

So, we can all go back to waiting for official confirmation before getting our hopes up!


  1. Please stop asking me about Gabriel to Arsenal just because a bunch of no-mark Italian journalists have been trying to fabricate stories for a few days, only to go back on them a day later. He’s going to Arsenal. That’s been the case for a few days. That’s the end of it.

    Thank you, Transfer checker!!

  2. Maybe your “ picture” is fake news hey? Most of the news made up by Italian journos pissed that Arsenal might get him & by British tabloids pissed that Manure might miss out.so there you have it.Would only trust the French reports on this one.

    1. What do you mean? There is NO NEWS on Gabriel signing on Corriere Dello Sport. You are confusing me!

  3. Sue, Arsenal take forever to announce new deals…..I know Aubamenyang is holidaying at the moment but I can’t wait anymore for the deal to be announced.

    As for Gabriel, daily express is saying its a done deal. Some other news feed says Arsenal are closer in getting him than Manchester United and Napoli. This deal is dragging forever and I m tired of it.

    Well, i hope Aubamenyang signs and of course we get Gabriel. Let’s just cross the finish line with all this..

    1. It’s dragging on sooooo long!! Even Wrighty said it’s taking that long he’s going to sign da ting himself 😄
      I just hope it’s all announced before 2030 😂😂

  4. Said days ago before all the B S

    Signing for us 100%

    & Gabriel

    BRAZENAL !!!!!

  5. The waiting is tiring, and hope it won’t be a Mahrez, Nabil Fekir, Lemar, Nzonzi, Dembele, umtiti type of gossip

  6. To my mind it is rather pathetic how little some fans must have in their lives of importance, to be so hourly worried and anxious about the possible Gabriel signing. Just chill for goodness sake and be glad you are alive and hopefully in good health. Enjoy nature, the sunshine, even the rain. If it happens it happens and if it doesn’t , then life still goes on!

    We all love our club and that IS healthy but to obsess every five minutes or so about a possible transfer is, as I say, pathetic in that it shows graphically what a paucity of other matters of importance you must have in your lives.

  7. And what about that Diego Carlos fella (Sevilla), who some say would be something for Asn’l. One penalty in the QF against Wolves, one penalty in the SF against Man United, and… of course, one penalty in the Final against Inter Milan. Plus the free kick that gave 2-2 in the first half. What is Mustafi, David Luiz etc compared with this guy? The Great Penalty Man. Let’s hope for Gabriel.

    1. Haha, yeah he is definitely not worth the money. He’s in David Luiz/Mustafi realm with those stats.

  8. There is still quite a long time for the window to close. Let’s hope we do our business early, but also hope that we have proper alternatives to our primary targets, like Ndicka or Sarr for Magalhaes, someone like Zakaria for Partey, Dominik for Aouar etc.

  9. If I have learnt anything about being an Arsenal fan is never believe the rumours until the unveiling…

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