Fan Outrage grows over Gunnersaurus Extinction

Reported this week was the letting go of long-time mascot actor Jerry Quy, who for twenty-seven years brought fans the character of the Arsenal award-winning mascot Gunnersaurus. The Gunners’ management have stated that the extinction was a cost-cutting measure, an attitude which has brought both the disappointment of fans and the taunting of rival Chelsea club members.


Jerry Quy has assumed the role of the dinosaur mascot since 1993, and is a life-long Arsenal die-hard. With empty stadiums remaining the norm during the pandemic crisis, it was decided there was not space in an already laboured budget for the luxury of the character. However, it has been reported the mascot will return once spectators are allowed to return to the stadium.


“Gunnersaurus has been the Arsenal club mascot for 27 years. He’s a club icon and we cannot let him become extinct,” a statement on the GoFundMe page to save Gunnersaurus says. The page, created by George Allen, has already raised £11,452.


Former Arsenal club stars such as Ian Wright and Paul Merson have publicly indicated their disagreement with the measure, and Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi has posted a photograph of himself together with Belgium’s Red Devil, captioning it: “And this is how you treat your team mascot.”


With an FA Cup title under their belt, Arsenal have their sights set high. However, these ambitions have led to what loyal fans see as absurd budget politics. While the club announced it expected to cut fifty-five jobs due to the damage the coronavirus has had on club finances, specifically related to sponsorship and broadcasting, the extinction of the beloved mascot came on the same day as pivotal player signings.


Thomas Partey, long rumoured to be joining the Gunners as the transfer window came to a close, has come with a price tag of a whopping £45.3m transfer fee to Atletico Madrid. Whether this investment will result in a spike in favourability among analysts and bookmakers remains to be seen, but at present a significant contingent of Arsenal’s fandom are questioning their decisions.

This was not a good PR move by Arsenal at all…


  1. Sue says:

    How dare Mesut offer to pay his wages 🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Glad the gofundme page is doing so well!! The power of social media 😉😉😉😉

    1. Kstix says:

      Sue, I’m happy Ozil is paying his wages, that is a very kind gesture. But tbh, I think Ozil has a very good PR team, he knows exactly when to speak and act that shows he plays the game better than arsenal. Though, one could argue that, He could have as well taken a pay cut,(if reports are to be believed that he indeed didn’t take a pay cut) to save the jobs of the workers beings laid off now being the highest earner at the club, his cut would have been substantial enough.

      1. Sue says:

        I can’t help but think if it’d been Auba, Laca, actually any of the others it would’ve been highly praised…
        But anyhow what’s done is done… and I’m done with discussing it 😂😂
        Is the International break over yet???!!!

        1. kstix says:

          Well i think that’s true Sue, especially with the fact the current optics is that of Ozil being at loggerheads with Arsenal.
          I seriously can’t wait for the international break to be over so we can get on with football. This looks like a long one Sue and it’s only just wednesday. Lol. we have at least 10 to 11 whole days to get back to epl action. I’m crying.

          1. Sue says:

            You’re not alone (boo-hoo) haha… although I have darts to watch this week… so the void is filled for now 😉

          2. Kstix says:

            Haha. Nice👍

  2. Sean M says:

    Didn’t Arsenal release a statement saying he was only off the payroll until fans were let back into the stadium, at which point he’ll be back?

    1. Sean M says:

      “Gunnersaurus is not extinct and will return to action when fans are allowed back at matches.” – Arsenal spokesman, reported by ESPN

      Not that anybody currently having a seizure will bother to find this out.

      1. Admin Pat says:

        I, personally, think the point is that; let’s say the fans are allowed back in March, How much actual cash would the club save by not paying his wages for 4 months? It just seems extremely petty to me…

        1. Kstix says:

          Would you pay your worker for doing nothing Admin Pat? Or a worker that’s not needed?

        2. SueP says:

          On the club’s part it was pants

      2. Kstix says:

        No Sean, they just want to jump on the band wagon of Arsenal is a bad club for laying off the mascot temporarily. Lol, Arsenal fans are typical play toys for the media. They know exactly how to make us react, this has suddenly got us toxic again seemingly overshadowing the fact we signed Partey. The media likes to keep Arsenal fans in that toxic state of mind, that’s how they sell their papers. And trust Ozil to jump at any opportunity to make himself Saint. Good PR. Arsenal should hire his PR team tbh.

        1. Angus says:

          His PR team are great. I honestly think they leaked his refusal to take a pay cut too because they thought it would play out well for him as we were bound to spend money in the transfer window. Might even have been the main reason he refused the cut in the 1st place but don’t him personally to know whether he’s in on it or the team just do it without his knowledge. Why wouldn’t Arsenal leak all 3 if they were pissed off about it and wanted to leak? Makes no sense.

          1. kstix says:

            My God, Angus, you must be my twin or something… Lol. I was justing putting this hypothesis to Ken as a reply in a recent article. and i just saw this now. I’ve been having the same thought of late especially with the way it was only his name that came out. Wow, makes absolutely no sense to me either, i even further suggested, the club found out he leaked it and that is one of the reasons he’s not been playing as punishment and even Arteta hinted at it recently when he said he preferred players to do their talking on the pitch and not off it when quizzed about Ozil.

  3. Kstix says:

    The Problem we have as Arsenal fans is that we tend to use sentiments to analyse things most of the time. Sentiments that are irrational. If many of us had businesses, would we pay workers that are not needed because it would hurt some people’s feelings if we don’t? The essence of the mascot is to entertain fans in the stadium. At least revenue comes from fans at stadiums. And now that fans can’t go into stadiums, what’s the point of having to keep a mascot on payroll when he doesn’t even need to come in for work?. Of course, if arsenal wanted to keep paying him (which they’ve done for the past 4 months without fans), they could do that but it is solely their decision to make. The fans have to no right to expect the club to continue to pay him. Let’s not be sentimental please. Arsenal is a business, not a friends and family club.

    1. Goonster says:

      In the 2008 rescession I was layed off work like many.
      During this Coronavirus pandemic many people at the company I work for have been made redundant.

      Many small businesses everywhere I look have gone out of business etc.

      People think that because Arsenal is worth £2 billion and has a Billionaire owner all of a sudden he can pay everyones wages at Arsenal. They forget that it’s not only Arsenal football club that he owns. He has other sporting franchises in America and i bet those fans are also looking at him thinking, He is a billionaire, he should not be laying off workers at their sports clubs.

      I can’t stand Kroenke but my goodness. So he should keep paying all employees wages at Arsenal and all the other sports franchises he owns in America while he is not getting as much revenue from all of them during this pandemic?

      Don’t get it.

      1. Kstix says:

        It’s honestly tiring goonster, the sense of entitlement fans have is outrageous. We’re like kids at a candy store with parents.

        At a time when we’re not contributing a dime to the club in match day revenues, we complain about Arsenal laying staff off, do we expect arsenal to start printing money at the Emirates to pay? Most businesses are self sustaining. The media knows just what to say to rile us up. It at least keeps them in business.

  4. Goonster says:

    Do people just look for anything to be outraged about?
    Always looking for something to meltdown over.

    Do people live in the real world soldiers, Medical professionals etc risk their lives every day?

    The snowflake generation.

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