Fans backlash must force Kroenke out of Arsenal – Where are our values?

The soul of Arsenal has been taken away by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, what’s worse than the football Arsenal is playing and our lame league table position? I’ll give you a hint, it comes somewhere from Denver. This football club has been rapidly sliding down the more Kroenke got a hold of it, and now, if ever it was under any doubt, it’s clear that we are a money cow for an American businessman.

We signed up for the so-called “Super League” which you probably have already heard about, but there are a number of seriously wrong and potentially devastating things about this. Firstly it’s plainly unfair to football as it proclaims some teams as “super” making them somewhat more special than others, and destroys fair competition by letting teams in a money making competition without any penalty.

We are 9th in the league. We do not deserve to play in Europe based on our league performances and we won’t unless we win the Europa. This has made Thursday night special, because it means something. I remember that final of the CL in 2006 and I cried so hard when we lost, but I’ve been dreaming ever since that day that we would go back to the final and win it this time.

What will it mean now, when it’s pre-arranged in an NFL style competition driven strongly by the American owners of British clubs? Here it’s called football, not soccer, and I hope this is strongly disallowed, even if it means severe punishment for Arsenal and the rest of the so-called “top 6”.

This league is all about the cash. Look at the teams behind this. Barcelona are in great debt. They’ll struggle to keep Messi and hardly have the money to improve their squad, so surely they would welcome a nice cash injection falling from the sky. Real Madrid and their incredible wages? Someone has to pay those too.

AC Milan? When was the last time they qualified for the CL? Remember a good old snake called Ivan Gazidis that’s been working hard with JP Morgan to forge the deal? Is that the best club in the world JP Morgan? United have been on loan for years, surely their owners would like to make some cash? Liverpool are also a driving force behind this, and again American owners.

I can make a list long enough to cover the sun why this shouldn’t happen, but even the fact that we are in it for the same reason Spurs are in (THE MONEY) is disgraceful. I can hardly understand why City and Chelsea with their unlimited cash supplies would back this, except of the fear of missing out?

This is so shameful, because unlike other teams in that super league, we were built on values and history. What would Herbert Chapman think of this? Arsenal has always been a classy club, but what has been happening since we left Highbury for the promised land has been catastrophic. It’s just so disgusting reading how this “tournament” would “help” football. Pathetic from Arsenal to sign up for this.

I think we can all agree that FIFA and UEFA are far from exemplary governing bodies, with corruption spilling out of every exit of their buildings, and it’s not like sports haven’t seen breakouts in professional sports before. Gary Kasparov was world champion when he left FIDE and created the Professional Chess Association and even played his world championship match against Nigel Short outside of FIDEs Jurisdiction.

The Professional Darts Corporation left the British Darts Organisations and the 16 players leaving included all active former world champions at the time! This happened because the players, who are the integral cog of the product, thought the governing body doesn’t do anything to reverse the lack of coverage, therefore funds coming into the sport. But what the super league tries to do, is ensure that everybody who may or may not make it now (just like Arsenal may not), will get a free cash subscription.

Here’s where it gets tricky though. The fanbase of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United alone is probably more than a billion or even 2 billion people worldwide. Threatening to throw the founding clubs out of their respective domestic competitions disrupts football more than you can imagine. Real Madrid and Barcelona gathered 50% of all La liga revenues for years, because they are the crown jewels there. If you take them away, the TV coverage of their league would drop catastrophically and so will the money.

The same will happen to the PL if you throw out Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd alone. Imagine what will happen to Sky sports subscriptions if the premier league drops the big 6? They’ll probably be out of business. This league is only to make the rich richer, nothing else.

Executives from clubs as big as Juventus, Real Madrid, Man Utd. and so on don’t just leave their places in the ECA and other european football organisations unless this move has been carefully thought out though. So what happens next?

Hopefully there will be a massive fan backlash. Maybe it will be the final straw, that eventually tips fans to stop buying merchandise, drop their season tickets (if fans return to football any time soon) and boycott such behaviour. Clubs have been ripped out of the fans, which are basically what keeps them alive.

I respect what German clubs have done by not getting involved in this competition. Hopefully the governments across Europe will interfere here to protect the integrity of football. Respect to Jurgen Klopp for coming out and saying in a very calm fashion that the CL is the super league we need and making an opposition to decisions which have very clearly been made without the concession of the players or the coaching staff.

I wish someone at Arsenal had the bravery to do this as well. I honestly feel like Arsenal has been ripped away from me and this latest decision makes it extremely simple – Kroenke has to go. In any way shape or form possible, this leech must be obliterated from Arsenal football club. Is it possible though? I don’t know, but if we as fans want to have any dignity in supporting this club, it’s our duty to make the most possible to deny this fake “competition” and get this American leech out of the club ASAP.



  1. Good luck with trying to get rid of him when he’s guaranteed £12 billion over the next 23 seasons minimum!

      1. Exactly how does that work? He completely owns the club 100%. Nobody can get rid of him. If he goes it will be on his terms and at his price.

        1. exactly. Now they found a way to make stadium money they used to get from fans; TV rights, sponsoring.

          Football will soon be aired on Netflix replay or live.

          Fans will get a shirt and a club special VR set with all type of features.

          As virtual reality provides, we can seat at home and be in stadium in full immersion with fans all around jumping as we do, all seating home!

          Surprised they do not have these sets selling worlwide. You pay subscribtion and can watch game on Arsenal website with your set…

          We can’t get rid of Kroenke, he owns brands for decades, already has his son and kids to take over til next generation…

          Out of EL, no Europe football, Kroenke is losing big, we most likely may finish 11 will hurt as well.

          If he keeps Arteta, we will keep breaking worst records, finish lower than 8th this season, at 10-11th.

          We will officially be a mid table team, no Europe football…

          Hopefully, he mat sell then.

      2. James Who’s got the money? At this moment in time he rules and will do until somebody buy’s him out

  2. If Super League fails, surely Kroenke must sell?

    He’s in it for the money and we likely won’t play CL/EL next year so its another year of losses for him.

    Maybe he has to sell to save face and make profit?

    1. He has always been in it for the money.. hes a shady business man who is married to the queen of Walmart.

      Moved Rams to LA just because he can, doesn’t give a monkeys about the fans.

      This super league is an American based idea/format to their NFL.

      No American owners should own a UK Team. Look at what has happend over the years. Even liverpool with your man Gillette and so on…

      Money has ruined football. Passion, Loyalty & Love for the game has turned to Greed, Selfishness & Arrogance at it’s best.

      1. Sean, Kroenke moved the Rams from St Louis, because they wouldn’t concede to his blackmail to extort millions from city and/or County government to build the Rams a new stadium.
        He moved the team to LA, where he is getting government assistance to build the new stadium on land he owns and will generate a small fortune developing housing/apartments around the stadium.

        1. On that side of it….
          Pretty clever 😂😂 he already has a small fortune of a few Billion!!

          My point was he doesnt give a monkey’s about the fans, just money.

  3. A lot of celebrity fans will support ESL, but I think the plan will be cancelled. The stakes are too high for all parties and I believe they will find a common ground in the end

    1. From what I’ve read there is a high chance this could go through ,this isn’t a new concept it’s been talked about for the last decade .

      1. There will be a big legal battle and government interference, so I think the whole thing is just a threat to make UEFA change their competition formats

  4. An article to be admired Konstantin.Very well said.Can someone tell me how the likes of young Foden , Mount and Saka will feel when they are informed that their international careers are over before they have started because their Clubs will be involved in a series of exhibition matches?

    1. Doubt they will worry to much when they get massive pay hikes ,we could see some of these players hitting 300k-500k a week if the numbers are to be believed,money talks I’m afraid .

      1. I think that you are sorely mistaken Dan on this one true money is a big part but if players are threatened with not being able to represent their countries if necessary they’ll go to court and get their contracts void or will let them run out there will be plenty of clubs willing to pay them very high wages signing on fees for those free transfers don’t forget sponsorships players wouldn’t lose money and clubs like PSG Bayern with very rich owners will be the big winners financially and on the sporting front even other PL clubs look at Leicester City they have a good few players on over 100K/week that’s pretty good money lastly we shouldn’t underestimate players desire to play/win the Euros the WC especially players from countries like France Belgium Spain Portugal…with a very good shot at it!

      2. Oh DAN! Even for you this is so wrong that I barely know where to start with combatting this cynical and wrong comment.

        You are claiming that all players are the same by lumping them all together as one, which is the principle behind racism and all sorts of other prejdice. I am obviously NOT saying you are a racist and racism has nothing to do with this.

        But the unthinking principle remains, of lumping a disparate group of individuals(footballers) together and saying they are all the same. THAT SIMPLISTIC VIEW IS PROFOUNDLY MISTAKEN AND IRRATIONAL TOO.
        Most players are fine decent people but are far too highly paid. It is a very rare and strong minded individual who will accept much less than he can earn, which is one among other reasons, why players earn obscenely high salaries.
        The real fault lies with the fact that ALL involved in high level football, including we fans, have for far too long turned a wilful blind eye to the cancer of obscenely high salaries paid to even the humblest Prem players ,let alone the elite level players. THIS is what has led to these currupt multi billionaires first coming in and stealing the game and the goodness from our world sport.

        IF, which is a huge task, we can rid our sport of these bilionaires and turn back the salary clock to an acceptable level we will regain our game and force the scumbag owners out. If not, then the game we all love is dead!

        1. Jon my buddy International football is a dying competition football on a whole is not what is was 10 years ago and this pandemic has not helped matters this is why this ESL as been waiting in the wings this last decade waiting for the right time to strike ,which is now .
          Like it or not this is the technology age Kids are more interested in gaming and football and sports on a whole as been suffering for quite a while as now shown by this split away from the norm ,the CL was set for a new chapter in 2024 because of this now it looks like this ESL have now struck at the right time ,the sport is now more than ever money oriented and players will follow the $ signs it’s inevitable that something like this would eventually happen ,let’s wait and see what happens before you start nitpicking at my small post because you have no idea what will come of this whole saga .

      3. Dan, there has been a meeting of club captain’s across the leagues decrying this move, so players obviously see the big picture and not just a possible big pay day.
        Chelsea has pulled out following demonstrations by fans.

    2. Kroenke owns Arsenal lock stock and barrel where is the money coming from to buy him out that is if he will sell

      1. The money will come when he’s forced to sell, either because the value of the club has fallen (not impossible since Arsenal will be the whipping boys of the ESL) or by the government introducing legislation requiring clubs to be 51% owned by fans.

        We will soon see if what the PM said yesterday is just hot air

    3. It won’t happen Grandad – its restriction of trade and if the try to ban them they will lose in court. Same with the WC – if FIFA bans them it devalues the WC too much, so they wont risk the credibility of their crown jewels. The relevant bodies all stand to lose more by carrying out threts than they do from backing down.

  5. How do you force Kroenke out? Fans have shown to not vote with their feet. Only empty stadiums and no one watching Arsenal games on the TV will have an effect (perhaps). But is there any chance of that happening? Not in my opinion.

    As fans, we tend to bitch and moan, but come game time we go to the stadium or turn the TV on.

    Kroenke is here to stay.

    The SL will be renegotiated if it happens. It might just be an attempt of the clubs/owners to get some control away from the EUFA and FIFA.

    I guess we will have to be prepared for a barrage of court cases.

    (EUFA threatens to kick Chelsea, Real, and City out of the CL this Friday – that’s a joke.)

  6. Legal considerations will prevent all of these measures guys. Cabt ban international entry as iits restriction of trade, wont ban WC as FIFA would go bust, cant ban from EPL or they would become the new First Division. What can you do to Kroenke he lives in the states? No local fans? He moves the franchise. No tv viewers? He will have plenty – billions world wide who will love SL and pay premium rates to be trendy, he doesnt need those in North London. Bad publicity? Hatred? He is already unpopular in his own country. He doesnt care.

  7. There is only one way for fans to show their dissatisfaction and that is to cancel memberships and season tickets. Trouble is people have had to wait years to get them. If the club does join the SL are they materially changing the players contracts without agreement?

    1. It could very well be the players themselves that have the power to stop this? Every player has a contract but this change to international prospects and being excluded would have a massive impact. Especially if they value football more than money? If they value the money and except / forfeit international football for their country then I guess that tells you everything you need to know about the player!

    2. Jeff you think they need a new contract to play in the SL? I work in emplyment law. They dont, same as normal employees like us. If your employer gets a new contract to supply your product to China, do all the shop floor workers need new contracts?
      Cancelling season tickets etc? not gonna happen on a large scale. Its still our passion. It will change nothing. Cutting off our noses to spite our faces.

      1. Footballer’s contracts have absolutely nothing even remotely similar to the ones signed by any shop floor worker, stop that nonsense.

        But even if they did, (which they don’t) but just to humour you and follow your simile, If my employer, unilaterally changed my duties in such a way that the registration that I’m obliged to keep in order to legally perform my duties, could be put in jeopardy, then I would have a pretty strong case to repel such change.

      2. guy, in the theoretical case that we are banned from the Prem, your season ticket would be pointless buying. Would you not agree? I say “theoretical”, as I do not give the Superleague a cat in hells chance of succeding, so my post and your comment about season tickets will be academic only.
        I suspect this idea was born out of financial desperation and necessity as much as sheer greed, as these owners of MAN U, LIVERPOOL AND US are massively haemhorring money and getting desperate to find new funds. Not so applicable to Man City, Chelsea, who I expect will back track soon now.

        Spuds are probably hugely regretting this catastrophic mistake already and IMO is why Mourinho was sacked the day after the Superleague announcement . I think he was against it and was thus sacked. If not, then the timing was a massive coincidence, which few seem to have picked up on but was my first thought when his sacking happened.

        1. It is only the US owned clubs left in England.
          Having worked under contract, if the conditions of employment are changed by the employer, it is a breech of contract by the employer and the contract has to be paid out.

  8. A big part of the blame for this lies with the Premiere League. They wanted global fans? We have them. Local fans are now irrelevant. They wanted money in the game? They attracted big business ownership. They wanted to be the biggest league? Six of the 12 are English. They wanted universal football viewers? SL will get billions of viewers and astronomical tv revenue.
    Kroenke would not be here, the SL would not be viable if the EPL had not done their job so well. Gotta laugh at the irony.

    1. guy, are saying that fans on match day are not important? Fans in the stadium are not needed?
      I’m pretty sure the players would disagree if that is the case. What is a game without the atmosphere and home crowd support? We might as well play in fewer stadiums and free up space for housing!

      1. Fans WILL go GR, thats what Im saying, regardless of us saying we won’t. Most if us will, and we all know it. We still care. With banners at first, but not forever.

  9. I can explain the situation at hand using these two sayings from my country….

    1. UEFA and FIFA are now “holding onto grass”; basically fighting a losing battle, trying to use all avenues (mostly public card). Why not use legal channel??? Because they well know they won’t win.

    2. These UEFA and FIFA guys themselves have been unaccountable to anyone,,, practicing all kinds of corruption (referee decisions, money laundering, name it). That’s what we call “eating beans using a needle”. Now they’ve began pressing them hard, now they’re crying foul…

    No wonder they made rushy, unfruitful changes to ECL in anticipation of all this!!!!

    1. 100% right Herbz. If you read the new CL structure it is AWFUL! In many ways (except permanent membership) the SL plans are better.

  10. Kroenke will do exactly as he does in the US. If we stop going to games he will just move the “franchise” to another location, probably subsidised by the local authority or businesses to go there. For the same reason local action or unrest will achieve nothing. He can take a hit, sell the ground, because its a drop in the ocean to what’s coming in. He doesnt believe in tradition or ties to a community.

    1. guy, the Emirates will be redevoped as apartment blocks, if the borough council gives planning permission.
      It is not going to come to that because the participants are fading away, with only the US owners left in England.

  11. Dangote we need you now…
    The only man with the money and love for Arsenal to push us forward.
    His latest interview he said his refinery is nearly done (opening May/Jun) worth 2billion, he has 20B worth of deals to do and when he is done he will buy Arsenal.

    Other than this man we have no hope as Kronke owns us outright 100% & Josh likes his new play toy from daddy!

    Since the Highbury move to Emirates just shows the grass isnt always greener and we should’ve stayed put and extended the stadium just like Liverpool did. From that day we decided to move Arsenal became a business model and that’s the truth.

    Became all about money and not the history of our fine club. Yes we are in a rebuild but that needs to start from the very very top…

    1. Dangote would be all over this in a shot.

      There 3 times more Nigerian Arsenal Supporters than there are English ones. Who do you think the Nigerian fans want to see us play? Dundalk, Molde, Olympiacos, Rapid Vienna and Slavia Prague or Real Madrid, Spurs, Barcelona, Man United and AC Milan?

      1. Thinking about your post, if Arsenal end up playing Dundalk and Molde it is because we were not good enough to be playing Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG in the first place.

        Should the team improve to reach the top level of European football then we would be playing them, which is a simple concept to me.

        1. But without money you cannot reach the required level to qualify and play those clubs like Barca

          1. Maybe you need to spend the money you have better, by putting in place a management team competent in the football industry?

  12. We need to divorce the divorce all of the companies owning these clubs from the essence of the clubs and its players and fans. It is Kroenke and the Glazers doing this, supported by one or two senior execs in their company. It is not Arsenal and Man Utd. They are doing this even though opposed by 99% of the organisation that is Arsenal and Man Utd. So annoying that its says Arsenal not Kroenke, to clarify for all what is actually happening.

  13. Fans backlash?

    Are we talking the same fans that pressurised the old board under the command of the hill-woods to spend spend money we didn’t have? The same fans that wanted success so much that old board had to sell to foreign investors? The same fans that hounded out the most successful manager in our history, cos for 1 season he could not qualify for the champions League? The same fans that wanted Emery out, cos he could only get a poor squad into the top 6. The same fans that will probably demand Arteta out if we don’t win the champions League and will demand that Kronke spends more money?

    Kronke and the 11 other owners have made it clear this is all about money and profits. It’s all about protecting their clubs, their investments. It’s all about guaranteeing first class opposition, stadia and football for generations to come, instead of allowing the income to line the pockets of corrupt associations

    1. Guaranteeing first class opposition. Arsenal, Spurs and AC Milan are hardly first class opposition. Let Leicester and the rest who finish higher up the EPL have their chance.

      1. I think both Spurs and AC Milan are first class opposition.. I would watch both Spurs and AC in action before Leicester City

          1. Exactly SueP, I would rather see Arsenal play Preston North End, Huddersfield, Sunderland, Newcastle United and Aston Villa, clubs with history that won things.

  14. You can’t get rid of him. The only ways are:

    1) if someone offered him a bucket load of money – but there is no guarantee he would take it or that somebody can be found with the bucketload;

    2) the club goes in the tank and he is losing value – depending on how this plays out that could be an option but I think that the value is just going to go up with the SL.

    3) He dies or loses interest in Arsenal. Say what you will about equity in health care but US system is the best for the ultra rich, so he will get old. He looks at dollars so he won’t lose interest. Seems to like sporting the pin stripes and red tie as well.

    Now I know my views are a somewhat different than most (i.e. rather Arsenal in the clique than out), I agree that KSE is an awful owner. They don’t care and they will not invest their own money beyond the minimal acceptable amount to their peers.

    I don’t think that we can scrape together a few billion but it would be a great ride.

  15. out of curiosity, why are my posts requiring approval? Is that a system wide thing because people are a bit heated or is it focused on individuals?

    If I did something please let me know. I am pretty sure that I have been polite in my comments.

  16. I’m fuming kronke the greedy so and so out Dangote an actual supporter In his been more times to watch than the current owner !

  17. Kroenke is a snake. Not fit to own Arsenal. My only wish is that he loses money and is forced to sell. As we all know for many years we have been nobody’s in competitive football. A miracle that Wenger and Arteta won the FA Cup. It is the duty/moral obligation that we force Kroenke out. Done well enough and he WILL sell. I hope it happens before some of us older ones reach the great football pitch in the sky. It really is the duty of each supporter to add a little to get Kroenke out. Best by done by articles like these and boycotting games. He could be gone in a year and good riddance to a deluded and self serving man. Kroenke is the man who wanted to start a hunting channel, murder channel, here in the UK. Bad and immoral by any standards.

  18. Without this new European League, Kroenke will sell Arsenal. At a moment a loss making Arsenal is the only surefired way to get rid of this worst of men.

    1. Sean, firstly , we are on the same page. I have given great thought to this whole plan, as most Gooners have done too. I think the prime movers in this plan were the Glazers, Fenway and Kroenke. I think Man City Chelsea and Spuds were less keen but were afraid of being left out.

      Since the furore broke, I see the less committed clubs probably getting cold feet. City and Chelsea do not need the money BUT the other three prime movers are ,imo, panicking, as they are haemorrhaging money, with no certain increase at any time soon. THAT, imo, is the match that lit this evil flame Greed too but financial panic first and foremost.

      Kroenke has made a huge error by signalling to such as DANGOTE , that he is struggling financially and so that is the best hope we have to remove this scumbag and regain the honour our club once had , up until Kroenke stole our club.

      1. Agree
        I hope Dangote does love Arsenal. I hope Usmanov is still waiting in the wings. Is there a miracle conglomerate who could come together to oust this despicable greed-monger.?

      2. Interesting Jon that you left out Spurs. Surely Levy and Lewis didn’t build that stadium just for the EPL and the occasional visit from some US franchise or rock concert?

      3. I beleive the real brains behind this is Perez and agnelli. Think both are hiding now. Perez just get the Americans on board. Madrid may win titles so too Juve but most teams in Epl is as well known as them globally. power of the Epl.

      4. 👍 … whatever other disagreements on the site on kroenke there is consensus about his cancerous impact on the club we all love

  19. Although I’m not a supporter of the Super League, it’s not primarily for footballing reasons, I just find it obscene whenever the 1% of the 1% conspire to circumvent normal competitive conventions so that they can once again guarantee themselves unfair economic advantages by removing all of the potential risk variables

    this really isn’t too dissimilar from the manner in which Kroenke bamboozled the loyal fans of North London, in that his business model had nothing to do with our future footballing preeminence and everything to do with the mitigation of risk as a means of maximizing his long-term financial gains…by shifting the financial burden back onto the fans through the raising of ticket prices and vastly reducing expenditures from a recruitment standpoint, Kroenke assumed no real financial risk, then when everything was paid off he made his push to assume full ownership

    in this Super League scenario, JPMorgan, of which Kroenke is one of it’s biggest clients, fronts teams a substantial sum of money on the basis of a low-risk long-term payback, knowing full-well that the burden shifts primarily to the respective fanbases anyways…not to mention, the enormous sums of money each club will reap from a tv rights and marketing perspective, considering the magnitude of the clubs involved…so this will be a financial windfall of epic proportions, unless fans find this endeavor so abhorrent that they refuse to pay the exorbitant prices they will command for tickets, cable provider packages and/or the new Super League-specific kits they will undoubtedly churn out

    at this juncture, I would put my money on the resolve and abject greediness of a bunch of Billionaires over the fickle whims of the ordinary fan, who given the choice between not watching their team compete and doing so under less than optimum circumstances, would likely choose the latter…sad commentary, as this is exactly what these bloodsuckers prey upon

  20. i supported them 50 years and i never seen such a muddle the manager got no idea as the one before didnt either get alexi in to sort this mess out i recon the shambles is down to the kronkie family get the broom out

  21. Firstly, the season hasn’t finish yet to know where Arsenal will finally be placed in the table.

    Uefa and Fifa could do all the barking they want to do against the formed European Super League Clubs owners. Threatening them to impose various kinds of sanctions on their clubs and players if their decisions to form the ESL is not reversed to the status quo.

    But can Fifa and Uefa bite those ESL owners to force them to jettison their plan to form the ESL? For, Fifa and Uefa executives are strongly accused of reeling in past and present wanton corruption allegations in the discharge of their official duties at their organizations.

    Since this corruption allegations against Fifa and Uefa executives have gained ground and being publicly believed it has happened and still happening, how is any sanctions imposed on ESL owners by them going to be respected, accepted and honoured by those owners of the so-called ESL club sides? Won’t they say bullshit?

    I think the governmen of the UK whose six PL club side have joined the ESL without any official approval from the football constituted authorities in England to do so can play a leading role if it decided to so. And work in conjunction with the EU to block this move taken by some 12 European clubs owners to illegally formed the ESL.

  22. What values? Today if you let go of your season ticket which no one does, you have thousands waiting in que to take it. It’s easy to point at values of others like our owner for example whom I don’t like my personal opinion but how about self reflection. If you think super League is morally wrong and is against your values then stop going to matches and let go of your season ticket. Let’s see how many fans will do that. Easier to talk but not that easy when you have to take the same walk. So ppl like Mr Jon Fox the burning beacon of values and morality should really let go of his season ticket if he has one if this super League goes ahead with Arsenal in it. Atleast him and others like him will hav respect of many for taking a stand for what they perceived to be right. But if you do all this value talk and end up back in stadium sitting and watching the match then it just makes you hypocrite.

    1. Not that he needs anyone to answer for him, but jon fox stated he gave up his season ticket some years ago.

  23. So now Perez is banging on about making matches shorter as 19 – 24 years olds find matches too long !
    Now this is really getting out of hand !

  24. Christ, did it have to be Chelsea being first to see the light? Surely Arsenal will follow and Kroenke needs to reassess his ownership. What a bunch of muppets!

    1. Hats off to Chelsea fans. I think it would be Arsenal and Manchester United that will stand till the last minute.

      1. Totally agree, chapeau Chelsea (he says through gritted teeth).

        Still think the full story is yet to be written. The six biggest clubs can’t be this stupid.

    1. Breaking News

      All the club’s have pulled out…..except Arsenal. Arsenal will be the only club in the competition so won’t have to play any games and will win it every year.

        1. There is a protest being organised for Friday at 6pm at the Emirates against the parasite. I am not sure how big it will be with covid still about.

      1. And Stanley pockets the guaranteed 50m participation money – he’d probably go for this Sean.

        Also , I wouldn’t be surprised some on here would say”what’s wrong with that ?

        Clueless individuals who haven’t got a clue what Arsenal, or any club with any integrity , are or should be all about – COMPETITION. ALWAYS STRIVING TO BE THE BEST.

  25. The funny thing is two of the biggest cheat clubs who bought themselves titles and bought their position in so called big six are now used as an example by football fans for other clubs to follow. Like really? Chants of football values and ethics coming from fans of the two club who in past two decades have exploited the system most. I don’t think this super League will go ahead but people for get in 1950s UEFA, FIFA and fans were against European cup as well but look what difference it made to football. Just EPl won’t keep football alive and alone English fans can not support the EPL revenue structue, if it was US or China I could understand as they are big but England is a small country. As football in other countries become stronger, the national leagues get better then so will big chunk of revenue as well which comes from these fans. An English fan might be excited to see Arsenal Vs Newcastle but I am pretty sure 95% of International fans would like to see Arsenal Vs the big clubs. Football needs to evolve or will be left behind. When money drys up ethics n value of masses goes out through window.

    1. No way Logic
      You underestimate how us Brits care about what our heritage is and what it means to us
      Your international fans can either continue to support Arsenal,Chelsea or Leicester or go elsewhere and support something else

      1. SueP, Logic doesn’t speak for me. He is rather presumptuous if he thinks all international supporters have no interest in the history and heritage of the game.

        1. I know he doesn’t Ozziegunner and there are others like you. I was referring to the fair weather ones who don’t understand that English football as a whole is more important than Arsenal being a global brand

      1. If they can change the rules in Germany then they change the rules her
        This is an institution that can never be run by one person
        They are not fit and proper people
        They have broken the governing rules and hence should be made to sell there shares
        The governing body needs to put things in place to ensure this never happens again and owners are made accountable for all actions
        I have saidbthis before and I will say this again
        These people are gate keepers who we entrust to run our clubs in a fit and proper way
        We want our clubs to be here in years to come when these people are 6 feet under.
        To even think they can erase our history and tradition not just our clubs but all clubs at a stoke of a pen shows us they are deluded and should be barred from operating in this industry.

    2. Logic – ironic name that !

      Yes, I would much rather watch Arsenal v Newcastle where 3 honest points will be hard fought for.

      3 points up for grabs that will actually MEAN something at seasons end !!

      JUST IN.



    3. Logic
      I agree we do need football to evolve
      But we do it together and not just greedy stand alone men trying to line there pockets and claiming we are doin this in the name of our football club
      They have no place.
      This is probably the first time in the history of there business life where they haven’t got there own way
      Drive a stake through there heart and drive them out of the game
      They have have no idea of what a fan is.
      They probably wear a half amd half scarf

  26. This abomination is crumbling like a house of cards.





    1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍to the coment🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕to kronk.

  27. I am so ashamed of our owner to me he is dead, i cant stand the man for what he is doing. I am an Arsenal fan in name only and i hope above all hope that someone comes along a get this Tw*t out of our club forever. He is a dispicable man and i dont know what we must have done wrong for him to infiltrate and take over our club. PLEASE AN ARSENAL FAN COME AND SAVE OUR CLUB FROM THIS MONSTER. And please government make it impossible for these imbaciles to stay at our clubs and own them.

  28. Although I think a European Super League is inevitable at some stage in the future, I expect this attempt to melt away. I also think when that happens, FiFA and EUFA will breathe a sigh of relief, and forget about imposing any sanctions. Although Kroenke has said he wants to leave Arsenal to his family when he dies, Dangote has the money to make him an offer he cannot refuse. The immediate problem is that Dangote has lost some money in this Covid era, and has a few costly commitments in Nigeria before he turns his attention to Arsenal.

    1. Do we really want a foreign owner who doesn’t come and watch games because he is in another country?

  29. There will be no super league for Kroenke. Let’s hope he loses money and has to sell to somebody who loves Arsenal Football Club.

    1. Sean
      I hope this a lesson learned for all clubs not just ours
      Giving power to these megalomaniac owners who we entrust to run our beloved football clubs in the way that is fit and proper has all fans bewildered.
      We should adapt the German way where fans own 51% of the club and owners own 49%.
      This would stop madman like silent stan and co going off and making decisions that is detrimental to the club the fans and the welfare of football
      We need a change in how these clubs are owned and run.
      The one good thing that has come out of this and that fan power has a greater say then these owners think
      I am ashamed of our owners and they have tainted the name of arsenal football club with the sheer greed and for trying to line there own pockets with the disregard of the fans and the club at heart
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Alanball08
        Yep you are right. The supporters should own a percentage of club’s. Sadly the misguided British ownership rules are really bowing to Oligarchs and those with billions. How sad our world in all respects bows to these selfish people who could make the world a better place but don’t.

        1. If they can change the rules in Germany then they change the rules her
          This is an institution that can never be run by one person
          They are not fit and proper people
          They have broken the governing rules and hence should be made to sell there shares
          The governing body needs to put things in place to ensure this never happens again and owners are made accountable for all actions
          I have saidbthis before and I will say this again
          These people are gate keepers who we entrust to run our clubs in a fit and proper way
          We want our clubs to be here in years to come when these people are 6 feet under.
          To even think they can erase our history and tradition not just our clubs but all clubs at a stoke of a pen shows us they are deluded and should be barred from operating in this industry.

  30. “As a result of listening to you and the wider football community over recent days we are withdrawing from the proposed Super League.

    We made a mistake, and we apologise for it.”

  31. Arsenal have withdrawn from the European Super League and apologised to their fans and the wider football community.

  32. I think it’s better if us Gooners calm down and remain calm to enabled us to properly make the right calls. But not in the state of our current furry to oust Kroenke from owning Arsenal on the issue of the ESL matter. To which he must have authorized his club – Arsenal to ascribe to join it.

    Us should also remember that he Kroenke bought Arsenal FC with his money from the club’s shareholders who willingly decided to sell to him the highest buyer then. Dangote according to media reports pulled out from the bidding to buy Arsenal then. As he wasn’t bold enough to take the risk to commit himself financially to invest his money to buy Arsenal to becoming the club majority shareholder. If he had bought Lady Bracewell’s shareholding, will that makes him the club majority shareholder? Well, honestly I wouldn’t know for sure.

    Kroenke didn’t steal Arsenal from anyone but bought the club. And as a result of this, he should be entitled to make money profit from his business investment in the club. But not in the ESL way and manner that him and his other 12 big club sides owner business investment colleagues have embarked on it and are going about implementing it to make money.

    The kind of money making that is generating strong opposition to it from nearly all the Europe’s football world that matter. Who are against it on ethical and moral grounds since the forming of the ESL was announced.

    Some comments posted on the site are indicating there are withdraws from the proposed plan of the ESL already. I’ll check for confirmation.

    1. SAA
      I am sad that you have been blind sided by silent stan. I will.never belittle you or disrespect your opinions
      I appreciate your opinion but trust me
      Silent stan used the club money to aquire the club
      Smart people use other people money to aquire things and then dress it up
      You are right about the old guard selling us out for there own gain which has gone under the radar
      As for stan using his own money. Not true
      He is a business man not a fan
      He is the other side of the scale compared to someone like Roman Abramovich who has ploughed in millions
      Afc is a used as a vehicle to add to his portfolio and accumulate addtional wealth

  33. I don’t get a flying f*** what the Board has to say, we need to hear some contrition directly from the horse’s mouth…this is the second time our absentee landlord has tried to pull the wool over our eyes for his own selfish purposes…if it wasn’t obvious before, it’s blatantly obvious now, the time has come for an ownership change in North London

  34. A small victory for the little guys today. The George Floyd verdict and the crumbling of this Kroenke dream has really brightened my day. One game from the judicial system, the other from the fans. Nothing much else has changed in the world but thank heavens for the small things in life. Too bad Arsenal couldn’t have been the first to leave but held on till the end is a further red light to Kroenke’s ambitions or lack of. It’s now up to Arsenal’s true fans to demand change.

    1. Good on you Joe for commenting on the Floyd/Chauvin trial verdict…hopefully this will help to ease some tensions in the States, as things we’re clearly ready to kick-off if the verdict came back not guilty…”believe your eyes” was definitely the sentiment of the day…Cheers

  35. I think im going to cancle my arsenal membership.

    Only a red member on the waiting list for other memberships but I dont like what arsenal is becoming.

    Seriously thinking g about deleting

  36. Does this explain our lack of desire and investment. SS has known the ESL has been coming for the last 3 years at least and so would be happy to sit back and wait for his cash cow.
    He needs to sell up and leave now.

  37. Over to you Boris, how about looking at the German model of supporter ownership of clubs?

  38. I would say yes, Frank Brady. However the best part of this feel good turnaround, has been the fact that the anger was led by fans of the so called elite big six clubs, who could have easily given the ” I’m alright Jack” sign and moved on to leave the others behind. It was their anger and passion which has probably stunned the world. Football fans should be proud.

  39. Reports this morning saying that Arsenal and ManU have joined Chelsea and Man City in backing out of the “Super League”. Sounds like good news for now.

  40. Just read a comment on the Guardian report on the Brighton – Chelsea match:
    “If Tottenham are the last club to leave the European Super League, do they get to keep the trophy?”

  41. Good to hear everyone backing out. I was wondering how much money will KSE make once this is made into a documentary?

    If I was Edu, I will give Laca a new contract with 500k/week, buy out Auba’s contract and buy some unknown teenager for 100M.

  42. We let the best Rassian Alisha Osmanov to go and thought its better with Americans not knowing what is inside his heart now the good news is that he has shown us clearly that he is here to just make money not spending it like those of Abramovic, But he forgot to ask from whos pocket this money is coming from and what does the parson need in return? Soon we shall stop spending in any thing related to Arsenal football and we see if he will continue counting the million he is dreaming of getting in Arsenal and not putting back part of it to uplift the club.

  43. I would have no quarrels with him staying IF he or his team demonstrated any leadership. But they don’t.

    Even the statement on withdrawal from the super league said, “we were invited and didn’t want to get left behind”. That is not a leader, that is a follower and sounds more like desperation.

    And then when you have a chance to be a leader and be the first to withdraw, they wait until others have already done it.


    1. SW
      From the moment he took charge of the club we started going backwards and became a follower
      Clubs use to look up to us.
      The way we conducted our selfs on and off the pitch
      This american is oblivious to our tradition and the only thing he seems Interested in is the green back.
      Whilst we all have a passion for our club and ridicule and mock fellow clubs and supporters and especially them from down the road😃 one thing we have in common
      We as fans all stand together and the last hours have shown the so called megalomaniacs have little power if we all stand together
      Let’s drive the vermin who run our clubs and are not a fit and proper people to do so out of our game and lives.
      Upwards and Onwards

      1. Bring back the original badge.
        Bring back the motto “Victoria Concordia Crescit” – victory through harmony.
        KROENKE OUT!
        The US owners of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham were only interested in building up the value of these football clubs on the New York Stock Exchange to sell at a massive profit. Force them to sell anyway, they are not wanted.


    There can be a cultural protection law the British can implement with football. That is to say the English clubs have a certain heritage worth protecting, just like we protect an old church or castle. If we allow some owners to undermine the culture at the expense of others then the entire system of British football would fall apart.

    Someone here, including Admin, can make the cultural argument to give Parliament a means to protect the EPL system as a whole from losing money to the Super League, because that is what this is really is about. The Kroenkes of the world want to take the money out of the EPL into their hands.

    In terms of a global brand, that is not okay. The EPL can use that global avenue to get to the funds and fan overseas rather than let the Kroenkes of the world take over. The EPL is sort of the Hollywood/Bollywood of Britain, so enjoy it and allow global fans to partake.

    Other leagues too can compete by making their leagues better. One of the keys of the global brand is anti-racism, not just tradition, and that effort to remove certain elements from the English game in the 1970s and so on, has paid dividends to a certain extent, even though there is more work to do. Fans from other places appreciate not having racists run clubs.

    In terms of Kroenke, etc., the EPL can and should have rules about who owns these teams and a certain code of conduct. That would only enhance the brand. One thing to do here going forward is to restrict foreign ownership to about 40%, and then have a conglomeration of local interests own another 40%, with 20% in the hands of fans. Fans should be allowed to own more than 20%, if they so wish, so the more organized fans will do better. That would make fans more powerful. There is nothing wrong about looking to see if the EPL can take this path. [The numbers here are not well thought out, so someone here can do much better than me.]

    I feel very sad for Wenger. He continues to be the man who saw what Arsenal could be but was never backed enough by the owners and then betrayed by the fans. Fans that attacked him need to own up and apologize publicly. However, a more powerful fan base would have backed him when he wanted more money, that would have kept us in the top four or maybe even own us a title when United went down.

    Good effort Admin for keeping this conversation going. Now indeed is the time to remove the rot in the EPL ownership structure, not just at Arsenal. An even playing field it is reasonable to ask. If things get ugly and there is no action taken, this episode could damage the Arsenal brand. Fans need to step up and ask for structural change in the entire league so this never happens again. Locally, I would say we should find a way to get Wenger into the management and get the Kroenkes out.

  45. You say this club was built on values
    We paid a bribe to get into old first division many years ago,
    Who has got money to buy arsenal ?
    I guarantee who ever buys arsenal will make kroenke look like an angel

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