Fans going wild over incredible Dani Ceballos pass for Spain

Arsenal midfielder Dani Ceballos was on international duty for Spain this evening and his performance has sent the fans into meltdown on social media.

The young Spaniard put in an exhilarating display and his pass to Jordi Alba that set up Paco Alcacer was simply majestic. The way he threaded that pass from the outside of his foot was reminiscent of what Mesut Ozil used to do in his prime, it was sublime, it was visionary and it was a beauty.

Ceballos was the architect in the midfield for Spain and if there were any doubts about his natural ability and what he can do for Arsenal they were surely dismissed with extreme prejudice tonight.

This is just some of the reaction from Twitter.

Dani Ceballos is an artist with the ball and while he is still finding his feet in the Premier League, it can only be a matter of time before we see the sort of performance he had for his country tonight on a regular basis for Arsenal.

The only downside I can think of is that Real Madrid will be very reluctant to allow him to move to the Emirates on a permanent basis if he keeps on playing this sort of football.


  1. If Madrid go for Pogba or Erikson, which they will, then we have a great chance of getting Cabellos permanently. He could be a real baller for us just let madrid have 1st refusal when he signs.

    Him behind the front 3 of Arsenal could be a treat for the season just need someone to partner Torreria behind him. When Bellerin, Holding & Teirney all are back we have a good team. This is just an opinion but why it let Callum Chambers play at the back instead of Sokratis or Luiz? He could eventually partner Holding. I would trust those 2 instead of our current starting CBs.

    1. Would be great if we signed him permanently next season! But I can’t see Real selling him especially if he has a good season with us

  2. Yes Madrid may be reluctant to sell him.
    But Zidane at the helm may wants to sign free agent Erikson next summer. Then Cellebas may want to re think and force the exit.
    The only way it can be stopped is he has a fantastic season better than Erikson. Then Madrid may think of not going for Erikson. In that case also its not too bad for us as it would mean we finish above Spurs at 3rd

  3. Well, another wonderful day in xhaka Paradise, how do we get real madrid to sell to us permanently is the question.

  4. Can we just stop overrating Ceballos?! Am getting tired of all this hype. He was average vs Newcastle, shit vs Liverpool and okay vs Tottenham. He has had only ONE good game, at home vs midtable Burnley. That Spain pass was just a regular pass as well, nothing comparable to the kind of wizardry Ozil produces, or rather used to produce, on his day.

    1. Did he start against Newcastle? What was the formation against Liverpool? Against Tottenham he came on and we got a goal.. He’s a world class player mate. The problem is emery is tinkering too much which is affecting the chemistry of the team.. if Ceballos at the end of the season doesn’t have an outstanding performance, I can already tell u now that Emery will be the one behind it.. And lastly he’s different from Ozil, their energy is different and he will be a big player

      1. Ceballos just does some fancy flicks and tricks in midfield and impresses the fans. I am waiting for him to orchestrate victories like prime Ozil used to do on his day before I jump on the bandwagon. Nonetheless, he appears to be a good player and the early signs are encouraging.

    2. As Rotimi has rightly said,

      Ceballos is the complete version of the kind of attacking midfielder we have been missing since those days of Rosicky Cazorla Fabregas……

      Your Ozil is so limited….
      I can’t see Ozil walk into this Arsenal x1 again unless Ceballos and Willock are injured at the same time….
      Because both of them are far better than that lazy fraud

      1. I’ve never been a fan of Ozil mate! Just ask Phil and GunnerJack! I’d be lying though if I said Ozil isn’t talented. The question has always been whether or not he actually applies his talent. More often than not, he doesn’t.

        1. No argument with your comments from me QD- you have always been consistent which is more than some on this site. Ozil will get game time soon so it’s up to him to make his performance count. If he doesn’t then he won’t be picked and will shipped out-or left to run down his contract.With his undoubted ability that would be a waste of a very talented footballer.Its not his workrate and attitude as some would suggest.Iys his performance levels that count.
          If Emery could get Ceballos playing deeper behind Ozil and PAL then perhaps teams would start worrying about us rather than the other way around. But Emery seems too concerned with our defence ( rightly so at the moment) to put them both in the same team.But imagine Bellerin and Tierney wide outlets going forward with Ceballos and Ozil supplying PAL-now THAT is a line-up

          1. i think we will only see Ozil + Ceballos against bottom half teams at home because they will defend deep. Against good sides, I doubt because neither can really give adequate cover to the defence.

      2. Agree,

        Ceballos looks to be the deep lying playmaker we have both had since Santi got hurt and from which he never came back.

        Ceballos looks to prefer to operate from the base of a midfield who can link up and make quick vertical transitions. In the EPL given the speed of play and high pressing now rampant, this type of player HAS TO be able to dribble his defenders and create space,then accurately pass *vertically*

        No small thing in 2019 given high pressing is the defacto standard now

        Emery has switched Ceballos to sing and even shifted him up top as a CAM briefly, none of which suited him. He needs to sit beside Torriera imho or just in front of him and have Guendo act as the box to box outlet ala Carrick

        In bottom half away games we can play Willock in to sub for Guendo

        When Bellarin and Tierney are healthy along with Holding, I can see Emery going with Luiz as an roaming/overlapping CB (true librero) and we effectively play a back 3 with Tierney/Bellarin as wingbacka that push high up the pitch creating serious channels for Pepe and Auba to get more central and receive diagonals in the box..Holding beside/behind Luiz works because either Bellarin or Tierney can take turns making runs up field with one or the other staying back to support the 3 man back line. The passing spine of the team effectively becomes Luiz/Ceballos/Guendo to the PAL up top with width created by Tierney of Bellarin.

        Ceballos would get 12 or more assists in this kind of formation imho

  5. Ceballos is the new Isco. Guendouzi and him would be nice to have in the starting line-up, as both of them possess excellent vision

    However, Arsenal should not wait for their midfielders’ through balls. They had better assign two mezzalas to create crosses instead

    Iniesta, Thiago, Isco and Coutinho are creative midfielders that can be both no 10 and mezzala. I believe our CAMs can also be re-assigned as half-wingers

  6. Emery should make the most of him this season,forget Ozil and the useless Xhaka Ceballos is the main man alongside Guendouzi and Torrierra Pepe Lacca and Auba.

  7. Ceballos is a real talent but as Arsenal fans we should not get carried away, for the better be plays for Spain and us the less chance of Real Madrid letting him go on a permanent basis.

  8. Many of us were told we were going way OTT after Dani’s Burnley performance – no way.

    You could see the quality, a class player ( this also on show for Spain’s U21’s during the summer).

    I only hope we get the chance to sign him up.

  9. Cabellos is a talent but needs a good coach to develop like Pep or Klopp or Tuchel or Poch (don’t get me wrong, he took the Spuds to the UCL final, may not have won, but has improved them),definitely not Unai. Unai will ruin him playing him out of position or sub him or bench him which will affect his morale. A young, cheerful, energetic, skilled, passionate player needs a good coach, sadly for him Zidane and Unai are not. Has the potential to be a great, he needs a platform which AFC under Unai is not. Just check Lucas Torrera how well he started, and now his form has dropped.He still remains committed and focused.Good that Unai’s contract expires at the end of the season. Unai is good in assembling the likes of Xhaka, Socrates, Luiz,(NZonzi, Banega whom he wanted to sign) a good fit for a mid table not AFC or PSG.

  10. Just put Chamgers and Torreira then Cebalos infront of them to make 4 2 3 1 formation or bring Luis to 6 and Chambers to 5 let xakha watch how things are done b4 he comes in as substitute in second half. This is my opinion.

  11. Let’s hope he will be a big loss next season because that would mean (to me) that he had a great year for us and helped us to a top 4 finish.

    I don’t believe he will come to Arsenal permanently. If he does help us to a top 4 finish the club will need to prioritize signing a creative player like him during the summer transfer window and that will most likely be a costly affair.

    1. Cabelos is a young talented baller but Emery is the problem who’s good at tinkering our team. It’s better to play cabelos with Magical Ozil in one line up so as to increase creativity.

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