Fans must get over Mesut Ozil as he eyes January move (opinion)

Mesut Ozil is eyeing a move away from Arsenal in January, and a number of fans will now have to accept the club’s decision.

We have comments on our page, as well as seeing regular posts on social media begging for the club to reinstate the former German international, but the subject is becoming null and void.

Ozil has not been included in our playing squad for either the Europa League nor the Premier League, leaving solely available for the Under-23 side, or for the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, although he has already been overlooked for the latter thus far.

I would be extremely shocked to see him feature for the senior side ever again, and his non-selection for the Arsenal register should surely have finally fired home for Ozil that he is NOT a part of Mikel Arteta’s plans, at all!

For the player, these decisions will have firmed up any hopes that he had of playing in our famous shirt once again, and the DailyStar now states that he is considering an exit this winter, with the transfer window reopening in around 10 weeks time.

It is now the fans who will have to get their heads around the decision. One fan even went as far as to list a petition on in order to force the club to change their mind on his participation, albeit likely in jest (one would hope!).

We understand that Ozil has a bigger social media following than Arsenal Football Club has, but that does not mean that his personal fanbase have any say on the club’s decision, and the sooner he leaves the club, the sooner Arsenal fans around the globe can unite in their love of the club, instead of these silly quarrels.

Mesut Ozil is done at Arsenal FC. There is no longer an argument on the subject. Case closed. Can we now move on with the real issues at hand?


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  1. Biggest waste of money in Premier League history?

    I’m not trying to stir the pot, I am just struggling to think of anyone more costly? If anyone can think of other financial disasters worse than Ozil, it will be interesting to see what names come up.

  2. BRAVO PATRICK! Your best ever article, full of sound sense and practical thinking. I repeat what I have said many times, which is that once this person has left us, apart from his too far gone worshippers, who DO LOVE HIM ABOVE THE CLUB, AS IS SO OBVIOUS, he will become the single most despised ex player to have ever worn our shirt.

    More loathed and scorned even than Adebayor, RvP, Cole , Nasri and others who left under a cloud. When OZIL IS FINALLY PRISED AWAY FROM HIS COMFORT BLANKET OF £350K PW, his name will stink even more than it stinks right now.

    With me his name has stunk like a rotting fish for at least four years already, as I utterly despise all lazy AND greedy players who harm the club we adore. As for his fan club, they need professional psychiatric help, and now!

    1. Ozil will be more loathed than adebayor, rvp, Cole, nasri really?? Call ozil lazy and everything but he joined arsenal when we had no world class players, won us FA cup in his first season then signed a contract when he could have left along with Sanchez. You’re just a sadist I swear.

      1. LOL the sadist part got me. But Mr. Fox is a man of strong words and strong values so I guess his post makes sense.

  3. But but he is a “Shirt Selling Genius” that every big club around the world would be falling over themselves to sign if he ever became available.
    Arsenal don’t know how lucky they are to have such a world class talent.

    I say let’s renew his contract so that we can continue being amazed / mesmerised by his consistent world class game changing performances.

    1. Call me a genius if you wish but, amazingly and quite uniquely among Gooners, I smell the possible existence of
      SARCASM!!!!!. Surely not, I hear you say!

    2. You make me laugh. It’s not like Arsenal are refusing to sell him. Jenkingson, Ramsey, Wilshere to me had more Arsenal blood in them than what Mr Ozil is claiming but they had to go. He can go and sell shirts elsewhere so that my team can compete for trophies on the field of play

  4. An absolute disgrace of a person, who has milked this club for doing nothing. The sooner the thief is gone the better. People don’t realise and even stick up for him, what damage he has done to this football club with his disgraceful attitude and damage to our ability to sign players who actually might want to try and take this club forwards. His damage for me is unforgivable and i look forward to never speaking about him ever again. Please go ASAP!

  5. 🤣🤣 Hilarious how the article says “Fans should get over Mesut”…. yet look at the comments above mine…. the first on here every time and still can’t let it go…..
    I’ve dealt with it, pity others can’t…..

      1. The same people who whinge about so many MO articles, as there are lots of other things to discuss about AFC, yet never fail to leave a comment or 4 🤣🤣🤣

        1. And I wonder WHY we fans who are disgusted at what this person has done long term to harm the club we ALL – including you Sue, so much adore – feel the need to come on here and protect our club from this leech. Or rather I DON’T ACTUALLY WONDER AT ALL SUE.

          I leave the wondering to those like you Sue, who still even now fail to see the immense harm this person is doing to the club we ALL ADORE but of whom only some of us are prepared to stand up and be counted and even be the butt of jokes from those who prefer emojis to proper comments. If the cap fits etc…..!

          1. So Jon- he had a contract agreed with the Club. I believe that is correct. Please enlighten me as to why exactly Ozil is doing anything wrong other than to demand his money that is due to him.
            I will remind you that the last time you and I got into a discussion on this you said that you personally would NEVER accept a contract for that amount of money. I replied with “ what a load of bollocks”.
            So tell me why Ozil is a leech Jon. This I’m so looking forward to

            1. PHIL Can’t be bothered explaining, ONCE AGAIN, to someone who won’t ever listen, who hasn’t bothered looking at my reply back then and who is beyond help where Ozil is concerned! If you don’tREALLY know WHY I consider him a leech, then you must have been living in cave all this time.

        2. It’s going to get even worse in the next hour @sue having just read what sky are reporting .
          Hold on tight it’s probably going to get messy on here 😂

  6. Well you couldn’t make that up could you ?the 1st 4 posters .👆😂
    Will they tell something different that we haven’t heard from them atleast 50 times before ,I didn’t read them so I don’t know .

    1. Like the 50 odd articles trying to convince the majority how good and how great and how what nots? Sorry there will not be articles on the merchant any more!

        1. Once again Jon, your attacks on Sue are quite uncalled for – as I have pointed out before, she does at least support our club by attending matches and not just ranting on about our club as if you were actually spending time and money doing the same thing.
          As for Ozil, the decision has already been made and I have to smile when you jump in feet first on every article about him and then complain about the number of articles JA put up.

          Well said Sue and Dan, now let’s get on supporting our club as we have always done – with our actions, rather than the same old BS word game.

    2. Dan kit, i haven’t written anything in the last 5 Ozil articles and when i have in the past, i made it about Ozil, not the person writing the post. YOU have commented in them, which is strange, your usual BS comments about people and not about the article. A few others on here have “not read what we wrote” you did but are fed up with the articles but like you still commented on the people not the article. The articles are put up and they are there for comment or not, isnt that the point. To slag someone off for having an opinion that is different to yours, instead of writing your opinion is called trolling isnt it. As for writing the same thing, you are as guilty as anyone on here. I do at least try and write about the article not slag the writer off. Try having an opinion on the article for once!

  7. I am really looking forward to the time when Ozil leaves Arsenal and we have cleaner more meaningful articles on this site.

  8. After Sanchez left Ozil was lost, he really needed a Julian Draxler, Ronaldo type player to play off…….and be at his best….
    Sad the way it’s ended, but he is still a World class player……in the right team….

    1. More excuses, about how Arsenal failed to buy another special 10 players to allow Mezut Ozil to reach his full potential.

      1. Nope, not at all….
        He is not a normal throw anywhere, with anyone player……
        And Arsenal have not been anywhere near world class since the Invisibles…..
        You buy a player like Ozil when you have other players with the intelligence & game reading that he has…….
        He has not suddenly become a bad player, but over time Arsenal (whom I love) were not on his level & couldn’t utilise him properly………fact.

        1. I don’t understand, auba is not world class? Laca is not good enough?.. Will you guys stop making excuses for him. It’s getting ridiculous. And will guys stop sounding like ozil did us a favor by joining us cause he didn’t. We actually did him the favour cause Madrid were ready to offload him & we paid premium Fee for him & Pay him more salary. So where is the favor? You taking a pay cut is favour but you joining the only club that’s actually interested in you & paid you more salary is not favour, it’s business!! Ozil type or players are now redundant in football. Ozil was my favorite player then, but ITS ARSENAL OVER ANY PLAYER!!!! I don’t care who you are, or how good you are, arsenal comes first. Ozil has every right to be collecting his salary, he earned it but at the same time, if had left, it will free up loads of money that will be put into more productive use. Ozil staying probably cost us Auror. ARSENAL COMES FIRST!

  9. Wow! Best news ever heard till date regarding my club. No more agonies of having to watch him on match days. Its over! FINALLY!! Serves him right for insulting Emery and Freddie. Mikel is the man for the moment and the man for all seasons. Mikel did what Wenger, Emery and Freddie failed to do. And they got sacked.Arsenal First, always. Mikel will be remembered as the headmaster. No one henceforth can play truant with the club. Sympathies to those who value player over club. Maybe a new headache for the U23s?

  10. @Araenal won the FA cup and community shield without Oil, we’re still winning more games, assuming he agreed to leave last summer, we would have brought in Houssem Aoar or Szoboszlai, but he prefers to seat down and collect £350,000 per week and milk @Arsenal dry, when we were looking for money to buy new younger more agile and hungrier players, he’s not as good a player as he was when he first came , we’ve seen his recent games, Arteta has seen his recent games too,clubs are letting their older players go Chelsea let Luiz go to@Arsenal,PSG let silva go to chelsea, Liverpool let Lallana go,Westham let Wilshere go,Athletico Madrid let Godin go, Tottenham let Verthoghen go.
    Ozil refused a pay cut when even, Liverpool,Man City,even Barcelona and Real Madrid players accepted a pay cut, he’s a greedy selfish player he should now his head in shame

  11. Thirdman, if you posed your question to Man Utd fans they would suggest Sanchez, another grossly overpaid busted flush.

    1. Have to agree. 500k a week in wages or around that. That whole ordeal of Him & Miki swapping clubs for massive wage hikes then Mesut signing a mega deal all was a big bloody mess up by the club.

      6months prior we could’ve got £60m for Alexis but swapped him instead!?? Then offered Ozil a massive pay day just to keep him to do all this in the end. Also Mike left us on a free to Roma ffs when terminating his deal but kept Papa here also so a measly £4m!

      As soon as Mesut goes then we have the same problem with Laca as he will be in the last year if his deal. If we cant get him sold then what? Same route as this Ozil situation and freezing them out?

      This is all the boards doing not Mikel, hes been fantastic but has made some errors in team selection and formations imo.

      Let him go already, pay him off and get this circus over and done with. Media having a field day over all this as hes a very popular man on social media.

      Bad way to end but end it none the less.

    2. I agree about Sanchez, but he wasn’t at Utd very long, whereas by the time Ozil leaves us, that’s 8 years.

      1. And Grandad, Alexis Sanchez showed his desire to be a “professional” footballer, by firstly accepting a loan deal and then a permanent transfer at a greatly reduced weekly wage. Thus Manchester United fans should be happy that Sanchez chose to move on rather than stay the full length of his contract at £500k per week.

    3. Juventus fans feel the same about Ramsey, as did West ham about Wilshire and Everton about iwobi and Walcott. Even scousers are now regretting the purchase of AOC, whilst he may have collected some medals he hasn’t won over the hearts of the fans.

      If Ozil and Sokratis have any pride they will try and arrange loan or permanent moves to Portugal or somewhere else where the windows are still open.

      Surely the club will pay 80-90% of their wages?

  12. What a load of crap!. I see here to me its the club that is wasteful and disgraceful. Seriously is ozil that bad! When the team is filled with mediocres and zero creativity.
    For the love if God and mother and child, you’ll do great not talking about ozil again to avoid all these derisive comments

    1. But when he played he didn’t offer shit!!!!. Stop judging him on past glory. He is done & dusted. Simple as that.

  13. He should’ve left long time when Emery dropped him but the money was and is still good.

    His performances faded and were poor. Last season even Andy Carrol, a striker had more assists than him, he offered only 2

    Wenger gave him off in tough away games

    Emery dropped him but couldn’t muster the courage to finish him off

    Freddie couldn’t stand him

    When Mikel came in he gave him a chance then he reverted to the old game. During Covid-19 he didn’t participate in zoom as demanded by all players and he skipped programmed on line training

    You can’t have a recalcitrant member of a team and think the team can go ahead with him in it. It doesn’t work that way in any work environment where you want to achieve success.

    Good riddance. He can now continue to collect his wages and run with it.

  14. I understand your frustrations Tea, particularly when our team is not playing the fluent football of yesteryear and are not creating many clear cut chances..Now that Ozil has been formally downgraded by our Club, fans who think he will move in the January window may well be in for a shock.He is entitled to see out his ludicrous contract and that I think is what he will do, if only to rub salt into our wounds.

    1. Grandad-Ozil must have been a world class player at some time with 92 caps for Germany and in the side which won the World Cup. Even in his 3 seasons at Real Madrid records show he had the most assists of any player in the Spanish Leagues. I wonder what caused his rapid decline. I suppose at some time the whole saga will unfold but not until he has left Arsenal. I am like you, unless AFC pay up his contract in full, he will be at the club to the end. Say what you like, a contract is made between player and club and must be respected by both.

  15. A lot of Ozil fans are not Arsenal supporters. They’re here just to create mischief.

    Now that he’s off you can go away and follow him we also follow our club.

    Spurs fans here, you can buy him in January

  16. Am I the only one that feels this is a sad day for Arsenal FC? After all, The club has never had to do this before. As much as we didn’t want to talk about Ozil over the past few months, the fact is, the club allowed things to get into this state. No one really knows what has gone on behind closed doors? Let’s also remember it was the great Arsene Wenger that brought him Ozil to the club and we have had three managers since. None of them were able to get Ozil to get full potential out of him. Why sign him to such a high wage? Further still, why sign Pepe for £72m? Why sign Saliba? Fact is, the club have made some howlers. Very big howlers!!

  17. Grandad
    Nobody cares about him staying at home, collecting his wages and continue to play Fortnite and spend time on twitter as usual

    It’ll definitely come to and end

    When he’s in the team, outfield is reduced to 9 against opposing 10 and he creates nothing

    Check the stats. he creates zero
    If he’s still good, nothing stop him from playing somewhere.

  18. PatH, Ozil was indeed a World class player, but ceased to be so a number of years ago.The game has moved on and he is still in a time warp.

  19. Can someone explain to me why Arsenal stopped Sokratis leaving on a free thi window when he is not in any squad?meaning that the club are only paying him to train?I guess it makes complete sense to those running the club.

    1. Exactly! Like letting Mikhi leave for free after turning down 10M for him a few months before. Paying over the odds for Pepe. Selling several young assets for a bag of chips! Arsenal’s management of resources is woeful.

    2. On the face of it, it does appear that Socratis has been treated very poorly. He clearly wanted to leave and go somewhere else on less money to play. Respect to him. Imagine there is lots we dont know but it does seem odd when he clearly is not in Arsenal’s plans.

  20. When we were at Higbury, with the marble floors and some decency and ethics we could stand head up high. Forgetting him staying too long, even Wenger was ethical. What we have now is a bunch of carnivorous egoists. Yes Ozil is overpaid, but to treat him like shite, and make out we are now above him football wise is just untrue and unfair. The way we have treated Saliba is just plain wrong. Just because Arteta didn’t have a hand in signing him. Control freak! Whatever happened to kindness and compassion?

    1. lol.. actually I think it’s ozil that’s treating arsenal like shit!! Different coaches told him he is not needed, but he decided to stay & be collecting his salary, that’s on him. & his pr stunts? Jeez, I think trump should probably employ his pr team, he might be able to win the election cause they are really really good. Making arsenal look stupid all the time. More than 50 employees were made redundant but you choose to only pay the salary of the most high profile one among them? Brilliant!!!

  21. To Mesut Ozil …

    I appreciate his loyalty and i respect his decision to honour the contract ..

    Tqvm for what he has done and achieved with Arsenal … the lethal combination with Sanches will always be remembered as one of the deadliest in EPL … and of course the moment when he sign-up for Arsenal …gave me the glimpse of a new hopes in Arsenal as we have lost more stars then signing a good one prevously…

    Kudos to you Assist King….

    To me you are a legend in Arsenal. ..once a Gunners ..forever a Gunners.

    To All Fans
    Pls stop blaming MO and calling him lazy and useless, after all he did contributed for Arsenal. Please treat him with respect.

    Lets now unite to support MA, he needs us now more then ever.

  22. The hatred between some fans in here is very disappointing!! We all support Arsenal and should unite, there should be no place for hatred between fans.

    The sooner we all accept the decision made regarding Ozil the better!! This site will be a far healthier place when he is gone, as will the club (in my opinion).

  23. January can’t come soon enough (for me) to off load a once elite player who I don’t think ever showed his real worth at Arsenal, but then of course at RM he had Ronaldo as the benefit of his laser like passing.
    Who knows what his two most recent managers instructions have been in regard to pressing the opposition or whether he resisted in a way that hindered his team, but a way should (could?) have been devised to play him at his most dangerous and even that rarely worked against top sides, so goodbye Mesut and enjoy the fortune you made whilst sitting on your arse.

  24. More excuses, about how Arsenal failed to buy another special 10 players to allow Mezut Ozil to reach his full potential.
    the above statement Mr ozziegunner is why people like you never get it. When you build a team you DO BUILD around certain players.. Should i go to examples or you can research some ? Let me know

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