Hilarious responses to David Luiz claim that Arsenal can challenge for the title

Fans react to David Luiz belief that Arsenal can challenge for the title this season

You cannot fault David Luiz for showing ambition and massive positivity but he has left himself open to ridicule following his claim that Arsenal can challenge Liverpool and Manchester City for the title this season.

Speaking to NBC Sports, the Brazilian defender espoused his confidence in Arsenal and their title chances.

“For me, if you start something, and we’ve just started the Premier League and all of the competitions, if you don’t think you can win the competition then you won’t start anything in your life,” Luiz said.

“I want to improve and adapt myself for the style of Arsenal, as a club and how the manager wants us to play. I think we can do that together.

“My vision, my ambition and my will is always to fight for the title and between the club, the players and the coach, we have the possibility to fight for the title. I think this club deserves to shine again.”

Well, that has brought the expected response from many fans. Obviously, most were negative, that is to be expected. However, even I, an avid Arsenal fan, found some of the reaction quite funny.

Twitter reaction

I did actually try to find some Arsenal fans supporting Luiz viewpoint for balance but truth is, I struggled.

Not even Arsenal fans believe that there is any chance of challenging for the title this season. But I respect Luiz for these comments, why can’t Arsenal believe in themselves?

It is unlikely, however, there is nothing wrong with showing ambition and that is all that Luiz is doing.

Put it this way, I prefer Luiz shows positivity and not say we are crap and will win nothing.


  1. OT.. Poor old Welbz has gone off injured already. The Watfors fans singing “Danny Welbeck, he’s won more than you” 👍

  2. Didn’t check the comments on this site then Admin Martin? 😂
    I’ve said a few times I see no reason why we can’t be challenging for the title if/when Lpool drop points 🤷‍♂️
    A 9 point lead, just 8 games into the league is nothing. If everything clicks when people are fit and we regain our form then why can’t we be challenging for the title this season?

    1. For any team to challenge the basic must be met.
      That you have to have a happy squad of players who are believers of the managers philosophy. Do you see this at arsenal.

      1. I certainly see an Arsenal team, that shows more togetherness and more fight than we have been used to the last few years.

        Just because you have a group of fans with an Emery Out agenda, who have no problem with construing strange stories about Emery and the players to support their agenda, doesn’t mean much, if anything.

      2. As Anders says, I too have seen a team with more fight and strong bonds than I have in a long while – that counts for much.

        How about you tell me Jah, why you think 9 points is insurmountable if as I said things click and we rediscover our form?

  3. I am concerned about the ability of the commentors to comprehend the English language, based on what David Luiz is reported to have stated here.
    If Arsenal players don’t think positively, then you can’t expect positive results. A defeatist attitude never wins anything. Coincidently there is not much in football that David Luiz hasn’t won.

  4. We should be backing him!
    Would anyone really have preferred him saying the opposite after 8 games:

    “We are really not good enough to fight for the title”

    Just imagine the criticism he would get for that. And how would it go down with his teammates???

    All he is saying is, we have a fighting chance. Not that we are favorites or anything like that.

  5. Too late to challenge for the title in this season. But the third position is a possibility, as long as Emery, the coaches and the players don’t blow it again

    Liked his optimism though. I hope he scores more than five goals and helps us in keeping the clean sheets

    1. Hey, gotnoidea It is too early to suggest anything.If Man City are still in with a shout then so are we !!

  6. Admin, I appreciate the fact that you very proactive offlate and full of content. However, too much of everything still isn’t advisable. As per my opinion, I think you should try have a certain duration in between posts not unless it’s on a match day. Try give us time to atleast reflect,digest and discuss a post for some time before you post the next. Atimes you putting 3posts in less than an hour. Please check on that.

  7. I think our captain might have said that we’re not in the fight for the title, in his own way. He said our target is top four, not exactly writing us off but he’s definitely not a title believer. Top spot is in the top four, but I’d have my doubts if anyone at the club, really believes we will do it this season. Luiz is a positive influence, everything I’ve heard about him is upbeat, I reckon he hasn’t got it in him to admit to doubts, not out loud, so I don’t find this surprising.

    I had a go at Iwobi for doing the same thing, Iwobi wasn’t a fully fledged first/starting player nor had he ever really won anything before, and he also needed to improve his final delivery, but sometimes the players are put on the spot with the questions thrown at them, we don’t get the full context, we get headline news. So my apologies go to Iwobi, what’s fair is fair, and now it’s your turn Iwobi, because we didn’t make it into the top four ..never mind the title charge.

      1. What Luis said make allot of sense, is high time the team wake up, with the availability of our wing back and holding the defence will improve and the return of laca means boost to the team as well, Pepe just need to improve his game or Saka can also do the job and we are there.

  8. Those poking fun at Luiz for what he said are clearly wrong. Would they have clapped for him if he said the opposite? Why laugh at the man for being positive?

    It’s not as if we can’t improve and become more efficient as a team this season. Or are people thinking we have peaked already as it is? With guys coming back from injuries and the improvements they will bring to our on-field performance, how can anyone write us of in the title race? I think that is too soon.

    This team will get better and I won’t disagree with David Luiz. To me, it was instructive when he said this team deserves to shine again. That resonates with me.

    People were still disbelieving of us long after we won THREE FA Cups in four years. Fans of Arsenal. They have listened too much to the media narrative about us. Some fans need to be cured of their media-induced malady. Why would anyone think we are so far behind the league leaders and last season’s champions? The gap us not that wide and it is a marathon not a sprint. Stuff can still happen before the season ends.

    1. Gunnerphilic, you are certainly spot on in that we can improve…not only that, we should improve and we must improve if Luiz’s words don’t sound hollow at the end of the season.

      We have a great looking squad, a mixture of young and old and it needs our coach to blend this talent using man-management skills to bring harmony and success.

      I don’t think we can compete against pool and city over a season just yet, we still have some weaknesses that a full season will expose. namely defenders (if UE doesn’t select the in-form players).

      We have a game against pool coming up and that will be a chance to really show if we have progressed from the league game with a cup win.

      After all, what is the point of being in the league, if one has lost belief in winning it with less than a quarter of the games played?

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