Fans slams sanction meted out to Arsenal for European Super League

Football fans have reacted to the Premier League fine handed to Arsenal and other members of the top six who wanted to form the European Super League.

The Gunners had been a pioneering member of the competition which would have replaced the UEFA Champions League for them.

The Premier League’s top six and three teams each from Spain and Italy came together to form the competition.

Fans’ protest around the world and battles with UEFA and other football associations ensured that the proposed idea collapsed.

The fallout from that has seen Arsenal fans continue to protest for their club’s owners to sell and leave.

The other 14 Premier League teams who didn’t join the effort have been asking for the rebelling clubs to get immediate points deductions.

However, after deliberating and making considerations, the Premier League fined Arsenal and the other five teams just £3.5m each and they were also told they would suffer a 30-point deduction if they try to form something similar in the future.

Many fans were dissatisfied with this decision and they tweeted about it. The Daily Mail collated some of their responses, here are a number of them:

‘£3.5m fines to each club. They won’t even notice that coming out of their banks. Laughable,’ one fan wrote on Twitter.

A second person said: ‘Absolutely pathetic punishment and never expected anything less. The fines should have been heavier, people are forgetting they signed an agreement to join this breakaway league which is against the laws and rules.’

Another fan tweeted: “Someone needs to investigate the corruption in the premier league – can only be one team”

While another added: ‘If they try it again, they could be deducted a million points and it wouldn’t make a difference – because they wouldn’t be here.

‘Absolute farce. This league governs itself and is there to suit these six teams. It’s a franchise league already in all but name.’ 

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  1. As always in football, the punishment NEVER fits the crime!

    I’m so sick of these pathetic little fines, that will barely dent the coffers of these huge clubs. These 6 clubs nearly destroyed English football forever!

    I would have liked to have seen all 6 start this season with a 15 point deduction.

  2. I think it’s a lot of money actually, especially when multiplied by 14. As much as I hated the concept of Super League and what it meant to the Kroenkes, I also have bigger issues with that bunch of parasites sponging under the FIFA and UEFA umbrellas who will now get their paws on that cash.

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