Fans stunned as Wenger says rip-off Arsenal need money for transfers?!?

Don’t worry Arsenal fans, all that money that you spend on massively overpriced merchandise or the even more inflated cost of a pie and a pint after paying the most expensive ticket prices in the country are not just going to line the pockets of the club’s owners and board members.

You will be surprised to hear from the manager who has spent less than £20 million on just the two new players Elneny and Cech over the last couple of transfer windows why the club feels the need to keep fleecing us fans. As reported by The Mirror, Wenger said in his press conference today that club’s need as much money as possible to keep up with the transfer spending on the modern game.

He said, “We are a company who on one side people want you to buy more players, the prices of players goes up so we need to supplement the ability to buy new players.

“The pressure on spending will become even greater and you can not always distribute the money to other people.”

Seriously, and he said this with no trace of holding back a laugh and without having his fingers crossed behind his back.

The subject came up because as well as there being calls from supporters for Premier League clubs to pass down some of the benefits from the massive increase in TV money being earned, Arsenal have had the cheek to tell fans they will be charged extra on their season tickets for watching the team play Barcelona.

So a club with something like £200 million in the bank and that does not spend any sort of decent money on the transfers that might give us a chance against the Champions League holders are going to charge extra for the privilege of watching us get thrashed and knocked out of Europe early, again.

And they will probably just throw that extra TV money on the massive pile of cash already gathering dust. Time for a protest Gooners?

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  1. If the prices for players does not increase and at the same time most Pl clubs become able to buy the type of players that the top very clubs attract well then that would mean there are allot more big clubs than there used to be. As a neutral that would be great but if say ten clubs become much more competitive in regards top honours well that would be a very very bad thing. Its hard enough to win anything already without having a bunch more clubs chasing the players we are either chasing or should be chasing. The only way to keep the top clubs written in stone is if they can afford what the mid table clubs cannot. So if the prices don’t go up and the new money is as big a deal as everyone seems to think it is well then we could be in trouble, especially considering Arsenes reluctance to gamble with the owners money and the fact that most other managers aren’t so cautious.

    1. There you all Go , now we know Wenger doesn’t care about us , he is more interested in the club making profits even at our expense. What a wicked man.. I hate him soo much now

      All I wana say is WENGER doesn’t really care about us FANS

    2. Be careful of some on the commentators on here who try to shift people attention from the main topic at stake..



  2. Need to rename this site ‘Just Bob’ I think.

    Seriously mate, but of quality over quantity. Does no one else write stuff on here?

  3. Can someone tell me why Sanogo is still at the club ? Can we just sell him already and bring in a proven quality CF with potential ?

    1. Don’t worry mate, he is on loan at Charlton Athletic, your safe, until the end of the season. … Wenger is hoping for the same effect as it did on Coquelin ??

      1. @FBG
        That stint at Freiburg is what made Le Coq up his game. He said they treated him like shiznit…

  4. “No. We have Danny Welbeck coming back
    now and Alexis Sanchez is back,” said the
    Arsenal boss. “We have Olivier Giroud and
    Theo Walcott, so you would not understand
    again why I don’t play Giroud and I play

    Wenger pulling as back.
    Not that he cannot find players.Its just that he does not know who is better

  5. Wenger on Afobe: “He had players ahead
    of him here. We are happy for him, he has
    done extremely well.”

    It is very clear afobe is better than walcott welbeck giroud and sanogo.

    So i dont get who is ahead of him here

    1. This really annoyed me.

      Just before he was sold he had scored 19 total goals for MK dons in 2014-15 season

      And why was Sanogo ahead of him. In the last 3 years he has scored 2 goals (not including summer friendlies)

  6. problem is


    Now u have 2 wonder….how did Auxerre in far away france manage to brainwash wenger into buying him in the 1st place


  7. Kind of how the world works. Limited supply of top quality players. With the TV deal, more clubs will have money to spend. So that’s an increase in demand and limited supply. What does that cause? A price rise.

  8. The waiting list for
    Arsenal season tickets
    (high prices and all)
    remains at over 90,000.
    The demand means the club can and does charge
    what it wants and apply terms and conditions at will.

  9. The majority of the wealth
    in this club goes to a tiny
    group of players and
    management. The manager
    pays himself 8 mill per year and players
    are paid vast salaries whether they play or not.
    Buying a slew of 2 mill per pop youngsters
    keeps the majority of the money in the hands of the few .
    The grateful season ticket holders tacitly sanction these policies.

  10. That’s Unbelievable ?
    Only afew days ago, some sites were announcing that there would be a price freeze on next seasons tickets, because of the lack of signings! ? And now look at the greedy xxxx’s!

    To be fair. .. they need to find £31 million to cover Jack Wheelchair’s new contract ???

    Come back diaby. …. all is forgiven ???

  11. Which fans are stunned, Bob? If the story is about how “stunned” the fans are, perhaps there should be some indication of their reaction. Maybe you were just trying to get an emotive word in the headline, in attempt to get people to click on the article? I’m one of those Arsenal fans you mention and I couldn’t be less stunned that Arsenal need money for transfers. Transfers are paid for with money and not magic pixie dust, so it stands to reason that money would be required.

    1. Fans are STUNNED at the audacity of the club charging an extra 30 on top of season ticket to watch Barcelona. Do they not forecast that Arsenal Will meet a big team in the knockouts? It happens every year. It’s a price rise by the back door…..

    1. Wenger’s words:
      “What will happen is the prices of the players will go up and you will need this supplement of money coming in to buy new players,” he said.

      “I believe the pressure on spending the money will become bigger and you cannot necessarily distribute the money to other people.”

      And this from a manager who placed all his trust (whatever about brainpower) in financial fair play!

      Wonderful Wenger! No wonder you’re paid 8 million a year by a corrupt and greedy Board. You managed to convince the fans to pay ever higher prices for lower performance while disguising the fact that you would not tolerate being paid even 1 penny less than your exorbitant salary of 8 million a year.

  12. Don’t laugh at Bob, he doesn’t quite understand but is writing totally misguided articles which are damaging us!

  13. Thank you admin, in my mind, I was going through what made Arsenal different from the likes of Chelsea and ManU and Man City from a business sense, and to be brutally honest I couldn’t see a difference. The fan scheme has pretty much finished so we just have an American and Russian oligarch fighting for the spoils rather that a single Russian or American or whoever. Wenger has been paid very handsomely to make a tidy business. Sadly, that business use to be the team I grew up watching as a lad in the 60”s then into the70’s etc. The modern business of football bares very little resemblance to the game and club as it use to be. I think the system in England has to change to be far more fan based/owned as per Germany. Otherwise when China comes knocking with silly money for the likes of Ozil, Alexis the business will just sell up.

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