Fantastic News! Arsenal’s best international break ever!

What a time to be alive! By Galen Sona.

There have been loads of talk with Arsenal fans on Twitter ranting about some of our players not being calledup for the internationals. Truth be told, I hate the internationals, and this is a wonderful time to be alive! Remember the times our entire 23 man squad would all be called up on international break, then about 8 of them would return with injuries and knocks and our team would have to suffer?I am so excited about the fact that it is no longer the case and our players should be getting a good rest.

Fans are complaining that players are not getting called? Really, for Arsenal, this is fantastic news.

1) Petr Cech, Not called on international duty due to his retirement. Great news! Spend sometime with your wife and kids.
2) Nacho Monreal. Mr Consistency wasn’t called as Spain are flooded with good full backs.
3) Bellerin. Am surprised he wasn’t called but am not complaining. Have a good rest son.
4) Coquelin. He is yet to have a senior cap but I am not complaining either.
5) Cazorla. The magician himself. At the age of 31 this will do him a lot of good. Stay at home and rest.
6) Wilshere. He must be dissapointed, but I am so happy. England is one of the reasons he got injured in the first place and since then his career has gone down the drain. He will get better and I hope he stays injury free. Have you noticed he doesn’t spend so much time on the ball, he is passing it quicker. That will save your career son.
7) Ox. Also has the nasty habit of getting injured on international duty. Let him stay back on the training ground and learn how to help the leftback when we don’t have possession. Some tactical training for you son.
8) Ramsey. Was injured and should be back after the internationals.
9) Lucas Perez. Not a Spanish international. Use your time to get up to speed with London and knowing your new team mates. Luckily for him he has 3 amigos already – Hector, Santi and Nacho – who are all going to help him settle down quickly.
10) Gibbs. wasn’t called for the internationals. He is a good fullback and you will hardly find a better second choice than him.

All in all am so happy. I would much rather have them train at London Colney than travel across the continent playing stupid international games!

I hope Wenger gives them a few days off, then some good training to get ready for Southampton.

Have a great week everyone.
By Galen Sona.


    1. great move, stays in the league, gets game time.
      team who will have to defend alot, so he will be worked

      am pleased

      1. @muffdiver
        I like their manager Karanka. He’s an ex RM defender. So it seems Callum is in good hands…

  1. Admin thank you for removing the thumbing buttons.
    It has been used as a form of bullying tactic mainly by those who hate the manager to intimidate and censor those who dont held their views or promote their agenda.

        1. My Jamaican brother, why are you being such a sour-puss. Get some ganja, relax and be happy my man, and stop getting upset at the smallest thing.
          And yes, Arsene has messed up a lot, and i would like this to be his final year, and i hope he leaves on a high.

          1. Get off Muffymans back, he’s the center of this forum. I gave you hypothetical thumbs up @muffdiver.

            Bring back the thumbs up. If someone gives me thumbs down, I’m old enough not to get insecure when someone doesn’t agree with me. Besides, instead of always writing “Yes, I totally agree with you.”, just give it thumbs up ?.

            Seems like those who don’t want the option are the ones who get thumbed down regularly. Why? Why does it matter if majority don’t agree with you? Who cares what others think, everyone is free to opinions.

            And @Galen, I might not always agree with you, which is all good, but you do write great articles. *Thumbs up for Galens articles *

  2. alexis sanchez mesut ozil will be on duty- our harlem globetrotter duo be careful please

    mustafi wont have time to integrate for next game as he will also be on duty
    kos- our key defender

    two sides to the coin . pray they all comeback safe an well

  3. Being happy for having mediocre players that cant make it to their national team is a new low for Arsenal supporters me thinks.

    We have been beaten down to mediocracy. Which amongst the invincibles was not in their national team. Pires? Viera? Henry? Petit? Freddy? Bergkamp? Do you think if we had lesser players that did not make it to their national team we would winners?

    Well- we do have lesser players now so keep deluding yourselves.

    1. Players rarely win titles. There is no I in team!
      So we came second last year and have spent 100million on improving it for this season… Lesser TEAM?
      Is mediocracy even a word?

      1. Dude really – we came in second in a year where the Manchester teams and Chelsea imploded and now they are all 3 for 3.
        You have to talk in context. All I said was- it is a sad sad day for Arsenal where the players are not good enough to be called to their respective national teams and the fans are happy for it.
        I would rather have our whole squad be important players in their national teams vs being happy that they are not.

        1. @Jimbeam
          I agree it’s a sad day for Arsenal when so few are selected for their national teams. It clearly shows the direction the team has taken over the last decade.

          PS: Bring back ‘the thumbs’, it’s completely boring without them!!!

    2. Playing all-XI full internationals does not even mean a thing if we are not able to win league games. Chelsea last season played almost full international team, they finished a whopping 10th. Leicester on the other hand, had only 2 internationals in their title winning squad. Teams in La Liga apart from Barca, Real and Atleti barely have international players, does that mean they are all mediocre? Same can be said of the German teams apart from Bayern and Dortmund.

      Of the above mentioned 10 players, 4 are bit part players, 1 is retired, 1 is injured and the Spaniards have the best squad among the international teams Either that, or they don’t pick players who don’t play for Barca or Real. Let’s not kid ourselves here, how on earth do you expect them to be internationals as well? I don’;t rant very much but I think I am justified here. These players, Santi, Nacho and Bellerin (those not in consideration for Spain) would pretty much walk into the starting XI of any club in PL. And now, who is being deluded? With fans like that, who needs Tottenham.

      On a sidenote, I question if you really are a fan, and if you are a fan, you might be a little kid. Every Gunner and his dog would know Petit was not with us for the Invincibles season..

      1. Good point but i hadnt meant Invincebles for a yyear, I had meant as an era, my bad.

        What you say about Spain is exactly my point. The three teams you mention who send most of their players to their national team are always the winners of La Liga. And I mean Always and once in a while you will get Valencia that threatens or Deportivo that won in 2000 at around the same time Blackburn won here, so overall- Surprises like Leicester or Deportivo happens every 20 years.

        So yes i would prefer Arsenal to be more like Real, or Barca or even Atletico these days. And that would include sending more players to the NAtional team. That would generally meant that we had a better squad.

        Every fan and their dog would understand this logic.

        1. Its fine to have a team with all XI internationals. Liverpool also have a team of XI internationals. They had 9 internationals in their team and three more in the bench against us. By that logic, does that mean they are going to win the league?

          There is a little or no correlation to the number of internationals playing in the team and the chances of winning the title. Consider this team: Casillas/Casila, Bellerin, Javi Martinez, Bernat, Monreal, Muniain, Fabregas, Pedro, Santi, Xabi Alonso, Gabi Fernandez, Isco, Jose Callejon, Aduriz. This team can challenge for atleast a Europa cup place in PL and it consists only of players not considered for Spain’s squad this week. Having XI international players doesn’t mean anything, unless they are of the right balance.

          I took the example of Barca and Real because Spain team does not select any other Spanish clubs. Its a bias. Out of the players they named in the squad, only 1 player from La Liga play for a team other than the three.

          1. I am not saying that the team should be 11 internationals. What i am saying is that we should not be happy because our players are not being called to play for their nation. It is not generally a good thing to have a team whose players are not being called to the national team. Ask the other 17 teams in Spain who win nothing and send no one what they would rather have?

  4. Thumb you down admin, the site has become boring. Why take away a fun aspect ? Bullying hahah not unless we are all 10 years old. Cmon life is too short bring back the thumbs.

  5. negative ppl shut up. yall saying bad and negative things about the team and players does no good. It will be better we support our team at the emirates like the dortmund fans and not be nervous everytime

  6. I agree with this article, it is good news that we don’t have our squad away on international duty. It’s also a good move for Chambers to ‘boro and O.T. i miss the thumbs up\down….i don’t believe it was used to intimidate people over their opinions but simply as it should have been used for which was to agree with or disagree with what a person has said but without replying. That is exactly how i used it and somtimes i replied as well but i admit i also thumbed down comments purely for being off topic and wasting my time. Please bring back the thunbs up\down buttons .

  7. If our players don’t get called up, could it be an indication that they are below par?

    Question: Would you rather they are average and don’t get called up or are excellent and are called?
    People on this forum kept on saying that giroud is better than Lacazette because he was called to the national team. This same people are saying now that it is a blessing not to be called, which speaks volumes about our rating.

  8. Looking at our english players, the main reason they are not playing for england is either because they are injured, just returned from injury or injuries have stunted their careers. Them not playing for england so they cannot get furter injuties is small compensation for this.

  9. Mixed feelings on this. With our start to the season and points gap appearing I think getting a rest for our players this time can’t hurt. However it does say something about the quality or current quality of our players. Wenger please take note. On the thumbs I’m with the bring them back view, more fun.

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