Fantastic win by Arsenal over Spurs – Now let’s get some extra bodies for the Europa League

Great win by Arsenal, now it’s time for Edu and the Kroenkes to back Arteta  by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal fans, that was the best birthday gift I could ever wish for. We went and showed Tottenham their place. We won at the toilet bowl stadium and I absolutely loved it!

Recent history repeated itself and Tottenham were shocking in the first half. The question was whether we can handle the second half push from them and we did. Ramsdale had to make a few saves, but honestly it was kinda comfortable.
Seeing their fans leave early, my god, the scenes were absolutely mad! Now, we haven’t won anything yet. It’s barely halfway through the season even, but what this team has done so far is simply incredible. We’re not only winning games, we play a certain way of football. We’ve become a team difficult to beat, we are a physical side. We’ve won 7/7 London derbies. We record clean sheets away, I mean it’s difficult to ask for more from the players.
It’s up to the Kroenkes and Edu now. This team is at the physical limits of what it can do. You could see in the second half that we just don’t have the energy to continue  dominating in the same way. There aren’t also options from the bench.
I don’t know why Elneny wasn’t on the bench as well. And I must say, that Eddie Nketiah had a performance kinda like Jesus. He was running a lot and could’ve had a hat-trick.
Now let’s address the elephant in the room. We missed out on Mudryk, because Chelsea stomped 100 million euros, 70 upfront and gazumped the deal. Am I disappointed? Yes and no.
Yes, because we are halfway through January and the only real target we seemed to have has gone to Chelsea. The other worry is; if we really wanted him, why didn’t we just pay the money?
We are top of the league, the player put all the hints he wanted to come, but we didn’t do it, and Chelsea raised their spending to 400 mills in one and a half transfer windows. Financial fair play is an absolute farce as you can see, but it could be a plus in disguise.
Here’s why I’m not too disappointed with it yet. We aren’t an oil club, but if we were ready to pay close to a 100 million for 1 player, it means there is money in the bank. We need ideally 3 players and for that kind of money we can have players who can give us what is needed to go all the way.
Zaha and Tielemans spring to mind as 2 players that will cost probably half of what Mudryk would combined, and give us the extra bodies desperately needed for when the Europa League restarts.
I don’t think we’ll go for either of them nor Trossard for that matter (even though I like him), because we’ve been really strict on the profile of players we want. Also, paying 100 million for a player, means you kind of have to play him. Where though? No chance to replace Saka, so Martinelli? I’m not sure. Remember the 72 million for Pepe? That hindered our next transfer windows and in the end we had to loan him out and he hasn’t set the world alight in France.
So I’m not losing sleep just yet. As long as we go out and buy at least 2 players, we are good. However, the fact that we missed out on our top target, didn’t have a lot on the bench, so we had to play Tierney as winger in the end, makes it all the more impressive that we are in the position that we are in.
Hats off to the team and the manager, let’s enjoy today for what it is – a great win, and put some pressure on the board to learn from the mistake of last January and get players that can help us get over the line this time!

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  1. What are our wings looking like in the u21s? No-one that we could possibly promote to be back up for Saka/Martinelli/Nelson/Jesus/Eddie?

    1. These Boy’s are no machines and from what I can see in the second half they were tired. Not having a proper replacement for Matinnelli who wasnt at his best in the game shows a lack of bench. I fear how we are going to win the league with our limited squad in the events of sudden injuries? The board and Edu should have a Plan B after not getting Mudryck. We simply need cover at the wings and a good DM. In my opinion, the board and Edu will have no excuse not signing players with Europa games to come.

  2. Arsenal now stands a chance of winning this league.This is a healthy lead.

    Arsenal board and Edu needs to back Arteta now to keep the good run going, otherwise,they have failed.

    1. We can say this next week if we beat Man Utd at Emirates
      If City Beat Spurs at Etihad in the midweek which is expected then they will be 5 points behind us..
      And if we loose against Utd next week then all equation back to square…
      Few games are very much important for our tittle challenge
      Next week game against Utd
      Away to Newcastle..
      Away to Liverpool
      And most important 2 games against City
      If we beat Utd next week
      Then we can say we are right up there..
      The games City will be very interesting..
      If we would be having 8 points lead against City when will play with them then City will be under more pressure than Arsenal
      We just need to avoid loss against City in both games..

      1. Haha! So you are basically saying g every game is important !

        Let’s enjoy the football the lads are playing and support them. Que sera sera !

  3. Interesting read and valid points.
    We desperately need players and Trossard is a no brainer for me. He has the required technical quality to play in this team, I have no doubts about that. He can play on either wings and as a false 9 as well, he is PL proven.

    I say get him, bring in Ferran Torres on loan if Torres can’t work recall Pepe.
    The midfield is the most difficult one for me. How do you get an adequate back up for Partey in Jan? I think Arteta sees Elneny as a decent back up for Partey and will address that in the summer.

  4. Might not get this good a opportunity again to win the league Arteta has to be backed and bring in at least 2 new signings would love 3 but that’s probably pushing it a winger, centre forward and would want another quality DM to cover partly should he get injured if we do that in this window I genuinely believe we will win it!

  5. I keep saying this and will continue to in the hope it gets to the ears of the appropriate people. Recall Pepe from his loan at ogc nice, get a striker on loan and probably a dm and let’s see the season out. The inflated market that is January transfer window infuriates me. I know it’s not my money, I just hate blowing money away unnecessarily.

    1. Pepe doesn’t want to be here esp now that his mates have moved on. Clearly, he(pepe) resents the idea of having to adapt his game to the new system like sterling did at city. Why bring back a player who is not fully committed to the current ethos?

    2. Very cunning to bring Peppe back. He would give us what we are lacking and need when unexpectedly produce brilliantly. Let’s not forget he was a genius lost in himself for reasons unknown. Very good idea.

      1. except maybe he wouldn’t. We didn’t get it before and if there are personality issues, do you take the risk? I know he is playing better in France but will that cross the channel?

  6. The war chest is already granted, one report have it to the tune of £105 mil, chances are it could be much higher.

    Whatever the size of the war chest we need to start zero in on new targets, surely we got to sign one atleast this week.
    Every jack man knows by now a winger is a must for the gaffer, we must prepared to pay a little over the top as. NOW IS CRUNCH TIME

    CRUÑCH TIME now Kvaratskhelia, Diaby, Raphinha, Neto, Tossard even Saha lots of wingers.

    Savic, Neves , Rice a few good midfielders.

    Vlohovic, Mitrovic, Osimhen, Ivan Toney, we need to hear a few clubs resolves has been tested.

    Not one of the above players if purchase can be classified as panic buy, we got to do something before somthing do us

    1. Kvara won’t go anywhere, he’s the reason Napoli have been so devastating in transition. He’s a generational winger, nothing comes close in Serie A.
      Raphinha wont come cheap, if we aren’t willing to cough 60-70 mil then we should stop wasting everyone’s time.
      Neto is officially crocked, he’s the Portuguese dembele.
      Trossard? maybe.
      Zaha? I’d take him if he doesnt demand much.
      Diaby? Decent but too xpensive, Mudryk vibes

      1. Fe Real NY_ Gunner

        Fifa is a joke
        Nothing beat a trial but a failure.
        I would take Raphinha all day for £65 or £70 mil, he is proven and he’s Brazilian so you are guarantee hard work and technical ability.

        I would rather pay the £88 mil or more for Kvaratskhelia than this Mudryk rat, but every player have a price we need to know what’s is his price.

        It’s best to have Saha than no one at all, but a few clubs resolves need to be tested and tested NOW

  7. For me, we are great on the pitch but terrible in the transfer markets. Arteta has done an amazing job so far in both the way we play and in improving individual players.

    But let’s be honest in the transfer market we fail to impress. Last January we spent an entire window persuing Vlahovic whose reps didn’t even return our calls. This Jan we spend most of the time on another player who was out of our reach. Our entire strategy seems to be based on hoping that if we keep haggling eventually teams will drop their price. Not so.

    I have no problem missing out on Mudryck, I do have a problem with the amount of time it takes us to realize “it ain’t happening”. Now we find ourselves in a position of being desperate, reactive, and with a weak bargaining position given that time is running out soon. We have to move much quicker or pursue more than one target at the same time.

    Now we are linked with 2 other no-hopers (Raphina and Vlahovic). Time to be realistic and sign a Tielemans or other backup for our thin midfield. An injury to Partey or Nketia and we will be exposed. If we don’t sign a striker we have to bring back Belagun. Like last year we are playing with fire. Last year it cost us CL football, who knows what it can cost us this year?

    1. I’m struggling to imagine how someone can form that opinion.

      In the last few transfer windows the club has cleared out a lot of unwanted players, either selling or loaning them…

      They have bought carefully and created a harmonious squad that is 8 points clear at the top.

      But you think they’ve been terrible in transfer markets.

      You also seem to think that every move the club makes is going to be visible to fans – and that every move will be successful. They won’t – sometimes you talk to clubs and players and it doesn’t work out – just a fact of life.

      You even seem to believe that ongoing discussions with one player in one window, such as Vlahovic, somehow mean that we’re not also pursuing other targets too. Why would you think that? The recruitment team will be talking to lots of clubs about lots of players and trying NOT to let every so-called “transfer expert” hear about it…

      In the end, they will want every transfer to be “a Vieira” – coming right out of the blue without anyone being aware of it until it’s over the line.

      And your last paragraph… sigh.

      1. For my liking, we spent too much time on targets that are out of our reach. I have no problem with not wanting to pay for Mudryck what Shakhtar was asking or for trying for Raphina or Vlahovic. I don’t like the time we spent on those targets.

        We had the entire world cup to prepare for a crucial window and it looks like now we are on the back foot. Jesus was arguably one of our most important players. It made sense that once we lost him for a large part of the remainder of the season to look for a replacement ASAP. At the moment there is still no striker being mentioned to replace him. Nketia has done a good job but you can’t consider it a good bet to gamble on Nketia remaining fit and playing every game.

        So yes, for me what Arteta has done with the squad is amazing but when it comes to acting in a timely manner and not chasing pipe dreams, we have room for improvement.

        But I hope you are right and everything is under control and we will bring in reinforcements that are not reactive signings.

      2. Well said IDKWIC. I read his post and despaired at how CERTAIN fans either refuse or simply have not the ability, to think logically and simply can not see what is right in front of their face. SIGH!

    2. Other than the striker last January, I think that the business is pretty good. It is logical and part of a plan.

      We made some really questionable moves over the past few years (I know, hindsight is wonderful) as “reaction signings”.

      This is a much more mature approach.

      1. Most of our signings have been excellent. Not signing a striker last January hurt us and if we don’t sign some reinforcements this January that would quite possibly hurt our chances come the time of the season when the trophies are being earned.

  8. Lots of posts on JA which are simply statements of the obvious. Well, each to their own, I suppose.
    But personally, I far prefer reading the rarer posts from those who have something to say of their own which is DIFFERENT from the mob, and which shows some thinking beyond the very obvious.

    Social media in general and JA is not fundamentally different , does sadly attract those who need to state the blindingly obvious and thus add to the long line of similar posts.

    Like searching for gold; you have to wade through the multitude of dross before finding a rare nugget of wisdom!
    TBH, I search diligently, though some may say, with JUSTIFICATION, more fool me!

      1. Sue When I post, I do, almost always, set out a fully detailed post giving reasons for my own individual thinking.

        Would you not agree that is fair comment ? If you think about it , my post above yours was such a post, even though I chose not to add to the list of boring posts , as I AGREED WITH THE GENERAL CONCENSUS, AND IN THIS CASE HAD LITTLE TO ADD, OF MY OWN, ABOUT THE GAME AND HOW WE ARE PLAYING.

        Though I very often DO add something original, I suggest!

  9. How enjoyable it is to read a cheerful write up after the weekend’s football action. It sure beats the moans and groans regarding sideways and backwards passing that have greeted Mondays in the past.

    Adding to the squad is vital, but I am not an expert at who Edu and Arteta should be targeting now that Chelsea have out bid us. For all the calls to spend big, there is no guarantee of success and as has been pointed out above, there appears to be a certain profile of player that is being sought.

    As much as I would like Arsenal to go for it in the FA Cup, I am tempted to place the competition this year lower down the pecking order and concentrate on the the league and the EL.

    The fact remains that Arteta rarely changes a settled side unless forced to and this has brought comments on JA that the same set of players will burn out in the future if over used and then injuries can come into play.

    I would like to think that neither Edu or Arteta have not thought about a plan B. Perhaps they are keeping their powder dry after the events over the weekend

    1. Sue, What even is the so called Plan B, save a cliche and lazy thinking!!
      Anyone with any sort of vision- which simply means clearly seeing what is in front of their nose- can and should easily see that MA will continue to play in the style we have done all season.

      There is NO PLAN B and there never was, never will be. IT IS A MYTH ! It is only a silly term, used by shallow thinking fans

  10. The solution is to bring in two quality players who are likely to be comfortable with the current game plan.The mythical Plan B is not going to be implemented with MA at the helm.We are currently playing a brand of football which is not only pleasing on the eye, but highly effective.All we need is additional quality options to cover any injuries to one of two key players, including the imperious Thomas Partey who along with Gabriel and Odegaard was immense yesterday.

  11. My worthless 2 cents,

    If AFC are able to add the following three players
    the EPL and Europa League titles will become a
    realistic possibility.

    M Thuram—-£15M
    K. Minato——£30M
    R Neves——-£50M

    For a tad bit more than what the club we’re
    willing to offer Mudryk AFC could solidify
    quality depth in all three positions positions
    of need

  12. Let’s be honest. That Mudryk saga really hurtful. Especially when the player himself soiled himself to come. But Todd Boely and Ukrainians did something to totally change the course of football in terms of player power. I pity the boy. He made the wrong choice and with 7 years contract, he will be stuck there. I hope Chelsea don’t come poaching our scout reports again or our own players after this. Oh wait, Roman and Mourinho did that before.

  13. Question, and I would really be interested in thoughts. Do we need to sign somebody who will be part of the long term future – high end talent (Murdyk would fit here) or do we need some veterans who can eat time, relieve our starters and cover off for injury?

    If we can wrap everyone on the pitch in bubble wrap and guarantee no injuries, we are probably fine. That can’t happen.

    I like the mentality – set prices, buy pieces that fit and will work over time.

    But now we are faced with a real chance to win the league, maybe it is a shorter-term acquisition or two in middle and wings to shore things up? Hindsight is great, but maybe some decent striker, not worldbeater, gets us top four last year (and maybe not I know).

    I am not exactly sure who those people are, but my preference is EPL experience, really good in the room and midfield, wing, forward. People who know their roles.

  14. Trust the process arsenal is all round team performance whoever is selected does the job

  15. A well documented article. The players gave their all to beat the damned Spuds but let us remember it is still a long and hard season. At some point our main players will start getting tired and worn out and will need rest and rotation. We have to go into the market for atleast 2 signings, a forward and a midfielder. I hope Cronkey supports Arteta, more so because we are on top of the table and we cant let this golden opportunity slip away. We have to maintain our winning run and cross the finish line and for this we need signings in vital positions in this transfer window. Mudryk is gone to Chelsea, no problem, unless we sign a quality forward and midfielder, we are good to go.

  16. I’m a Spurs fan & not trying to make new friends etc but I am a fan of courageous & positive football.

    Just wanted to say that it was brave of the club to stick with Arteta and to commit to “the plan” they had obviously drawn up. Most clubs, including my own would have caved in to external pressure and sacked him early. You have a great & youthful team now and are showing the rest how it’s done.

    I thought when you signed Ramsdale he’d be really influential.. don’t know why, just seems to have that Pete Schmeicel thing where he commands his area, makes good decisions early, great on his feet etc.

    I thought you’d beat us last season but someone performed a miracle;).

    Spurs have some way to go, enjoy the rivalry, not need for the nasties, eh?


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