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Fantastic win today, but Arsenal need to keep calm and prepare for Man United

It was a massive win for Arsenal today, and they (and us!) have every right to celebrate their socks off! But the fact is that we are only above Tottenham on goal difference, and we are only in the Top Four on goal difference, so we may have won today’s battle but we are a long way from winning the war.

We need to keep our concentration for Wednesday when we travel north for the Battle of Old Trafford, with another three points at stake. As Emery himself said after the game when asked if this win was his best day: “My best day was when I signed here!” he replied. “My English is improving from my first day to today. Now I am thinking about the match on Wednesday in Manchester.

“This is a very big victory, we showed our supporters and we give them this victory because it’s a very special match against Tottenham. For us it’s the same – special, but above all it’s three points, like last week against Bournemouth, and like Wednesday in Manchester. Now we are happy, we are enjoying it, but short. Why? Because Tottenham lost today but they are on the same points as us in the table. We also need to continue in our way, in our process, and for our confidence it was a very big match. But don’t forget that they beat Chelsea last week in a very big match and today they are close with us. Wednesday is a good example for us, we need to think about Manchester on Wednesday.

“We know it’s very difficult in Manchester, in history and in present. We are going to prepare the best possible way to have the best performance against them. We know it will be difficult, it’s a big challenge for us and we want to have a lot of challenges like that.”

So the message is clear. Don’t celebrate too long, as there is always the next battle to come right until the end of the season.

19 games unbeaten. Let’s make it 20 on Wednesday!



28 thoughts on “Fantastic win today, but Arsenal need to keep calm and prepare for Man United

  1. Henrykamp

    I like this.

    It was the gibberish pouring out of the mouth of spurs fans, blogs and former players that made me keen for us to hammer them. And the boys did brilliant.

    Before the game, everyone was making reference to how they outplayed Chelsea. But the thing is every game is a different situation.

    So Arsenal fans should calm the f down and not start overlooking United on social media (like many are already doing). Utd may be down now but they are always up for the fight when it has to do with us. Remembered when they were poor against us at the Emirates last season but still ran away 1 – 3 Victors. It’s going to be a tough game regardless of the shambles United are in right now.

    1. RSH

      True. Next game could be the game Lukaku stops being garbage, lol. And considering our record at OT, we are up against it. I still remain optimistic purely based on the fact I believe in Emery. We’ll see how things go. I’d hate for United to end another Arsenal unbeaten run.

      1. Th14

        Not scared of Man U at all… another inspiring performance like today should give us all 3 points. Dare to dream guys

  2. Dory

    I was hesitant to believe that Arsenal were really improving like their record shows. I put many wins down to luck etc. I wanted them to show me a performance that would assuage my doubts. I went into today willing to accept a defeat after the way Spurs manhandled Chelsea. A draw is what I was predicting. But now, after the passion, the heart, the tactics, and the play I witnessed today, I am a firm believer. Top 4 for sure maybe more and a trophy too. I believe that we can. #IBelieve

  3. ozziegunner

    Unai Emery again showing his thorough commitment and coaching professionalism; not getting carried away with a good win – “its worth the same 3 points as beating Bournmouth”, bringing the team back to earth and now focusing on the next gsme against Manchester United.

  4. Innit

    I don’t want to break our non- losing streak to United.
    Also I have belief we can win
    It’s always tough especially at United but they are def beatable and we have better strikers and defensive midfielder.
    We have a really good chance of winning

  5. gotanidea

    One more battle that might show how Arsenal could end up in the end of this season

    Mourinho should be predictable as Pochettino as well, but he has many towering players that tend to score from set-pieces, in addition to several fast runners

    The Old Trafford is always tough place to win, but Arsenal has new tactician in Emery this time. I believe Emery can surprise Man United, like how he has been surprising us so far

  6. Aubamezzette

    Leno need to work on how he receives crosses ASAP as that is Utd’s biggest strength with their giants.
    Iwobi also needs to learn how to shoot, so he too can be a goal threat.

    1. Th14

      Mist say I w as s really disappointed with Iwobi. Bad first half today but I expect him to bounce back.

      1. RSH

        shades of last season with him holding onto the ball and being indecisive. Bad game for him, but also hope he can get back on track quickly

      2. Sue

        I couldn’t wait till Iwobi went off… did nothing imo… gave the ball away last week (after pirouetting) and then they scored.
        Needs to up his game.. big time

        1. GunnerJack

          I couldn’t wait for Iwobi AND Mikki to go – great half time swap from Emery. And yet I still see some people on here saying ‘Iwobi is our best dribbler’ or other such rubbish – LOL! I hope neither of them start on Wed although maybe Mikki will think he’s got something to prove to Mourinho and will up his game if picked.

          1. Sue

            When I saw the line up, I did have a little whinge… because of Iwobi & Mkhi. Was so much better when they went (even Ramsey was good!)
            People even say Iwobi is better than Ozil πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
            Mkhi does need to step up… maybe the trip to Old Trafford is just what he needs!!

            1. GunnerJack

              BTW – I thought Kolasinac was great yesterday! Back to the form, aggression and confidence he showed when he first arrived – hope he keeps his place against Utd on Wed. Don’t know what Emery’s done to inspire him but whatever it is – keep it going Unai!

          2. Th14

            Of course Iwobi is our best dribbler with the ball. He had a bad first half so what??
            At the moment he’s keeping your precious Ozil out of the team and the results are coming. So expect him starting at Old Trafford.

            1. Xxnofx

              He’s our best dribbler?lthe only player he dribbles past is himself then loses the ball,ozil might be playing bad or not at his best but I would take a 50%ozil over iwobi,and I’m not even a ozil fan .fans also saying he should start ahead of auba if laca plays ,don’t make me laugh we all saw yesterday when laca came on what them two in the same team can do .

            2. GunnerJack

              My precious Ozil? I think Ozil at his best is approx 10 times better than Iwobi. At his worst he’s about the same as Iwobi. I take it you expect Iwobi to be high on the Bayern Munich wanted list when winger Arjen Robbins retires next year? LOL! If Iwobi had to dribble past two training cones in succession I’d back the training cones to stop him! Shows great enthusiasm, flaps his hands about a lot and often tries some sort of weird stepovers which deceive no one. All in all he’s been raised by Emery from his previous incarnation as a bumbling clown to someone who at least occasionally gets in the way of the opposition. Needs massive improvement to still be in the team next season when Arsenal will strengthen or when one of the younger players (such as Reiss Nelson) comes through.

  7. Jeremy

    Good to see Scums players and fans eating their own words.

    We have to take it one at a time and keep our feet on the ground. Anyone still remember that moment when the cheating fat boy robbed our unbeaten run with a dive?

    Our defending still need to do quite a bit. But I’m glad to see both of top strikers on the pitch together.

  8. kelisjech

    conversations between Jan vortenghen and mike Dean

    What is the colour of North London?
    Jan Vertonghen: I don’t know
    Mike dean: OK let me show you. north London is red

  9. kenya01 Ars fan

    With current form we can beat any one and old trafford isnt daunting anymore… okay since fergie left we are in for a classic they will rely on set pieces with the towering players they have and i believe emery will b keen on the same. At some point the winning streak will end not at old trafford is my wish come on boys

  10. Adajim

    We aren’t the coach, none of us expected yesterday performance especially after the release of match day line up, we thought the boys are yet to master the formation, we thought we were going to struggle just like Bournmont game, but the coach and his boys shut our mouth with an all round great performance., so against Utd, am not going to run my mouth no matter who the coach pick to start, I’ll rather wait till final whistle is blown.
    For the first time in a long time, I watch arsenal matches with confidence and ease without panicking, even when we were behind, d ‘little boy’ inside of me kept on telling me 2bd half was going to be better.
    I seems to like how UE dealt with our moment of ‘5min madness ‘, he did calm the guys down and that helped afterwards.
    Leno mistake is not unusual, it could happen to any goal keeper, it was a simple miscalculation, everyone has their own flops. I wouldn’t blame him.
    I don’t think Holding was at fault for the penalty, he is a defender I wouldn’t expect him to just watch son make such run without making a move to, he almost didn’t make a contact but refferee gave it, other ref might not have given such cheap penalty, so I appreciate the guy and hope he continues to build his confidence

    1. GunnerJack

      @ Adajim – A great summing up! I too did not expect the excellent performance the team put together yesterday, especially after watching Spurs dismantling Chelsea last week. As you say Leno and Holding are both coming on nicely – and EVERYONE makes mistakes, including England / Everton keeper Pickford πŸ™‚

  11. Tissiam

    I think we have every right to get carried away don,t forget we are starting a new era and are in a transition phase no one could have predicted how well we,ve been doing so let’s celebrate having Arsenal back even if we fail to beat manure COYG#!

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