Far too early to call it a top-five but the signs are definitely there

If Arsenal fans are honest with themselves then they will have accepted that there are, at most, two top-four spots in play and more probably just the one.

Liverpool and Man City are highly likely to occupy the top two spots which means that there are probably four teams fighting for third and fourth, Arsenal, Tottenham, Man Utd and Chelsea.

Now, it is far too early to make assumptions or even predictions based on just two games or just the one in the case of United but that does not mean that there are not signs that we can all read.

Of the four teams fighting for third and fourth, I hate to admit it but Spurs have to be considered favourites for the third position and Chelsea look the most likely ones to finish sixth.

That leaves Arsenal and Man Utd battling it out for that final fourth spot but that is all speculation at this stage of the season.

But based on what I have seen so far I have to say I am not worried about Chelsea at all and while it is too early to call it a top-five now, the signs are definitely there.

Chelsea remind me of Arsenal last season to be honest but worse, they are inept in defence and mediocre in midfield, they have no clinical finisher and even though they were by far the better team early on against Leicester City yesterday they ended up hanging on for dear life and were very lucky to escape with a point.

No doubt the Chelsea fans will be eager to make me eat my words but I just do not see that happening this season, they cannot strengthen and while they have some solid youngsters none of them are Eden Hazard or dare I say, David Luiz.

So, yes, I accept it is far to easy too proclaim it is now a top-five and not a top-six but I would be stunned if Chelsea finishes any better than sixth this season.

And that is very good for Arsenal.


  1. If we can beat Liverpool, we can talk about the title

    The Ox might be eager to show Arsenal what they have lost, so I hope he wouldn’t play

    1. I hope Ox plays.

      He’s mediocre on the wings and just decent in midfield, but definitely worse than Wijnaldum or Keita.

    2. Far too early to talk of title,but it’s good to have encouraging signs.
      The games against Liverpool and Spurs will provide an interesting benchmark (no pun intended)

    3. We shouldn’t be talking title at all until at least January.. Which is highly unlikely if we’re being realistic, unless there is a drastic uptake in how this team plays together. Title talk after 3 games is not worth talking about.

    4. gotanidea
      You surprise me…
      For a person who has supposedly watched a lot of games over the years I would have expected better from you
      If we beat pool then we can talk about the title

      If we are in the same position with 3 games to go then we talk about the title

  2. Tottenham ain’t better than we are, when all our injured defenders return, it will be crystal clear for everyone. The only issue is the fact they’re more consistent than we are, especially away from home. We lost only two games at home last season to just City and Liverpool.
    What do you think will happen if we lose just two home games this season and we win up to 15 away games?
    We’ll be guaranteed the UCL spot, and even talking about challenging for it.
    Our problem is how we play away from home, Emery needs to stop respecting opponents away from home and trying to play and adapt to their games, which he did all the time last season.
    I hope this season I don’t have to listen to him say we’ll try to adapt to our opponents on the pitch, phuck no!! Let’s have our game plans and play with pride and joy every game, not wait to be bullied

    1. Exactly. We are better than Spurs. Also, we have a shot at the title. Liverpool won’t repeat last season form. We can compete with the very best for the league. Just to have a fit squad and good team selection. Also paying attention to details. We can win the league

    2. Spurs are more consistent away from home??

      If they had lost against City, which they would have without amazing luck, it would have been their SEVENTH consecutive away loss. Their worst away form in 2 decades.

      They may improve this year, but playing away the end of their last season was worse than the end of Wenger’s last season. Food for thought.

      1. Diogenes, come back and discuss football when you tell me the number of games Arsenal lost away from home for the past two seasons.
        You think we can mock Spurs for losing 7 consecutive away games? How many have we won for the past three seasons?

  3. As u deed say its too early to predict but in confidence we are there in top four bcz if all our defense is fit to crate more competition and we dont have major injuries then sky will be the limit come may.

  4. Until the season is over that we can’t judge them. Remember Chelsea did played well in their previous games but unfortunately, fate wasn’t by their side. At Old Trafford, they had 7 great attempts on target while the woodwork denied them two golden goals.

    I’m sure they are gonna respond in their subsequent matches so, do not leave them out yet.

  5. Honestly, we won both our first two matches by only 1 goal against lower teams than Liverpool. Now we play Liverpool at their stadium. They won their home match by 3 goals. We won ours by 1 goal. My confidence isn’t high at the moment. I think we need to start Torreira, Ceballos, Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe

    How we deal with Liverpool will say a lot about our team though.

  6. There’s nothing like luck was against them,you telling me that losing 4:0 to united was luck being against them? I also believe we have a team to challenge for the top4,it all depends on the coach now,I will be so happy if we can go to anfield and place attacking football,play Ceballos wilock Pepe laca auba and torrera.

  7. OT:why do I keep seeing Nigerian names popping up Every time I try to read something about our academy players eg:balogun, Miguel azzez,olayinka,okonkwo,Saka,and many more I can’t recall all doing well,and a close friend of mine here in UK who is a Nigerian told me that the arsenal unregistered fan base community runs into ten’s of millions please I want to know how true it is please our Nigerian friends here how true is this and please admat apart from the UK where do arsenal have the largest fanbase

    1. Greetings Samson. I read that in USA Arsenal is the most popular EPL club. I’m amazed that so many people greet me if I’m wearing anything Arsenal.

      1. In fact in most of Africa Arsenal and Man U are the most popular clubs with Chelsea coming a distant third. Even in the Middle East Arsenal seems to be the most popular.

  8. May I humbly remind Admin that there are no entrenched positions for any team. All the positions from 1st to 20th are open. This talk of top two being for Man city and Liverpool is utter nonsense! EPL is not La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga or Italian league. Any team like Leicester can swing a surprise. As for 2nd position it changes almost every season. So stop those fickle predictions. If in the past two seasons City and Liverpool have dominated that might just be about to change. Remember Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea have all dominated EPL at different times and fell out.
    This is a new season where different teams have strengthened their squads. It is,therefore, premature to begin crowning Champions based on last year’s results. Besides the season has just started and there could be a lot of twists and turns. For example, did anyone anticipate the injury of the Liverpool goalie? Let us not forget that there are a number of new coaches in EPL who could greatly change the situation. Unai Emery was a new manager to EPL whose English language left a lot to be desired. Today he is definitely a better communicator. Similarly he was a stranger to the rigours of the English league. Now he is fully aware. Last season Emery was relying largely on players he found in the team but currently more than half of the team are his recruits and he has tuned them to his style of play. Nobody can pretend that nothing has changed at Arsenal. Thus I feel very positive about our team this season. Time will tell but the ingredients for a good season are in place.

  9. Suggesting the Spuds are nailed on for 3rd makes my blood boil………a load of f##king knuckle dragging morlocks whose children are born with night vision eyes after so many years in our shadow !………and where are they positioned at the moment ?…………………my grandson is not allowedc to say their full name, instead he spits when mentioning them……harggg purttt !

  10. Far too early to talk of title,but it’s good to have encouraging signs.
    The games against Liverpool and Spurs will provide an interesting benchmark (no pun intended)

  11. Our manager should stop tinkering and have a clear first fifteen players to choose the match day squad from. He should also cut down on over emphasis on strategy and tactics and just play the best players…Klopp plays virtually the same players every game ..his first eleven is predictable but our Emery chops and changes the team up to the point of frustrating some of our players. Players like Torreira should play 90% of our games if fit. Jus play your best players man and stop your never ending experiments

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