Far too early to conclude Dani Ceballos will return to Real Madrid

As things stand today the signs are that Dani Ceballos will return to Real Madrid at the end of his loan spell at Arsenal but as well know, things can easily change in football.

There have been articles over the last few days about the reasoning behind the loan agreement between Arsenal and Real Madrid not containing a buy clause of some sort and an article in Teamtalk best summed it all up with attribution to the original Spanish publications breaking the story.

The bottom line apparently is that Ceballos himself demanded that no buy clause be included because he had fallen out with one of his representatives and did not want him cashing in on any future deal and also that he believes he still has a future at the Bernabeu following talks with manager Zinedine Zidane.

Well, forget the representative angle, that will be resolved over the next ten months or so, it is simply untenable that it will not be.

So, we are left with Ceballos believing he has a future at Real Madrid.

He may well do but so much can change, for starters, it is far from guaranteed that Zidane will be in charge at the end of the season, secondly, even if he was he can easily change his mind about Ceballos and thirdly, Ceballos may actually love it in North London playing for Arsenal and want to stay.

So, yes, while it may seem today that the 23-year-old is only with us until the end of the season it does not mean that he will definitely leave. There are too many variables to just dismiss the possibility that his loan deal will become a permanent one.


  1. Truth says:

    Nothing is definite in football but it seems more likely that Ceballos will move back to Real at the end of the season than that he will want to stay.

    Furthermore, the better he plays the more likely Real would want him back.

    Would Real signing Pogba or Erikson mean anything for Ceballos’ playing time?

    One thing is for sure, we want him to be a big success at Arsenal. And if he is a big success we would have to invest a lot of money in his replacement because we don’t have and desperately need a player like him.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Well said

      We should only bid for Ceballos if he is successful at Arsenal and if we still want to play with no 10 tactics next season

      He is too adventurous to play in deeper midfield area and has lost possession many times in dangerous area. But maybe we can try him there in easier matches, to see whether he can replace Xhaka or not

      1. 350oz says:

        Technically he can play deeper, but what a waste. Players with exquisite ball control and vision should be placed between the lines, so he can wreak havoc in the final third.

    2. Austin Lorenz McCoy says:

      Truth is, I feel if he continues playing the way he is, we just have to accept and wish him well cause he proved his worth.

      We needed him given our constraints

      My only hope is that arsenal consoles us by signing Kai Havertz

    3. 350oz says:

      Agree Truth, he would command a hefty fee and we still have to pay for Saliba and Pepe. Sadly we don’t have players like him, Emily Smith Rowe could be in the future as long as he stays fit and don’t regress because of his injury problems.

  2. Drunk on Daniels says:

    Just 4 games and will he or won’t he ,would he or should he. After the season ends he will assess his performance and see if he wants to move or not. None of us can change his decision whether good or bad. For now one should worry if Emery can get the best out of him. Thinking way above our heads can turn out to be disappointing.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yeah, I’m also worried about Emery

      He could use defensive strategies last season due to the lack of high quality players in the squad. But using similar tactics with his half-a-billion team in this season would be overkill

      After two consecutive disappointing results in EPL, I’m afraid Emery would revert to a three-CB formation in Watford

  3. Not a coach says:

    Let’s just face the reality. I think Cebalos will use his loan spell in Arsenal as a chance to prove his worth to Zidane. Of course things can change and he wants to stay after a good season here but don’t forget Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two names no player will say no to the offer, even when there is no guarantee they will be a regular. Remember Morata? A lot of potential and never let down as a substitute, still found it hard to break into the starting eleven. Sold to Juve, showed his true potential there. Then, came the offer from his old employer. No hesitation, though. He just left the club and fans who treated him like a hero. Well, we know the rest of the story.
    What I mean, I highly doubt it if Ceballos would stay whenever there’s still a chance for him to play for Madrid.

  4. Not a coach says:

    I don’t know how to put it as I just enjoy watching it, no real understanding about tactics or formations, but for me Klopp is a kind of coach who really knows the type of players he needs and how to make the best of them. He helped Lewandowsky, Kagawa, Sahin, and Goetze to be such top players that attract big clubs, MU and Bayern. However, only Lewandowsky remains at the top while the others flopped.
    And then in Liverpool he did the same with Salah, Firmino, Mane, Coutinho, and some others. Salah was good at Roma but did you think when he arrived at Liverpool he would be this good. The same with Firmino and Mane who were probably seen not as good as Auba or Laca perhaps. Even many pundits laughed when Klopp decided to buy Van Dijk, but now. Well of course he also made terrible choice with Karius, and..time to build his team.
    I think that’s what Emery shoud do, bring confidence to his players. How? Well, that’s his job

    1. 350oz says:

      Yeah, the players are suitable for his system so they look really good. He sold Benteke, Lucas, etc because they are slow and kept Sturidge because while he has low work rate, he still had impact coming from the bench. Maybe Emery would use Ozil like that because he is going nowhere.

  5. Tommogun58 says:

    Realistically I think Dani will go back,the only hope is that he has a good time here enjoying his football so much that he would like to stay,even then Real would have to agree and will demand a large fee, I think it is more likely that whatever happens he will be going back.

  6. Sergio says:

    Why all the speculation here?

    There is no option to the buy in the contract = he will definitely return to RM at the end of the season.

    If we decide we want to keep him. And RM accept then it will be a normal player transfer (probably at market rate) though as someone has said above if he plays well for us this season RM will obviously want to keep him.

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