Fascinating news coming out of Arsenal right now!

Is it my imagination or is everyone at Arsenal trying desperately to avoid the elephant in the room, i.e. the bloody transfer window! There is still 12 days to go and even the media is running out of stories to make up, but at least on the official site they are trying to distract us with totally pointless articles.

First of all, can you believe that Theo Walcott has been with us for nine years? That’s a big anniversary and warrants an article on its own. Even Wenger gets in the act saying: “He has become very mature, he has gone through difficult periods so he is a very strong man,”

“He is a man today, when he arrived here he was a boy, a little boy who discovered a world where he did not know anything about it.

“Of course he had to go through bad injuries and disappointments and I believe he is a man today, a man who knows what he wants and has been faithful to our club. It was a great signing.”

Really? Can you believe a 16 year-old has grown up in nine years. That’s amazing! You can imagine the writers at Arsenal.com thinking out loud…. ‘Hmmm what else can we talk about? I know! Let’s ask Ozil if he likes living in London, and let’s call it “The Big Interview”!’

Okay so here’s what Mesut says: “I’ve always felt at home here,” he nods. “London is a different calibre, a city with so many different cultures and that’s something I’ve never seen before. That gives me the opportunity not just to learn one culture. Wherever I go, you get to meet so many different types of people and that’s something that fascinates me.

“That’s also why I love living in London. It’s just unparalleled and when my family who live in Germany come to visit London, they are all really positive about the city and how nice it is. I can only confirm that.”

Ahh that’s nice. His family like London too. That will give the fans something to drool over. So, what’s next? Well, we have some stuff about Ramsey liking to go for a game of golf between games, whether we win or lose. Very interesting….

They even found an old “Big Interview” with Petr Cech which was obviously written just after he signed as he even talks about having Szczesny as healthy competition. So they have now well and truly scraped the barrel down to the bare wood….

All I can think is they must be preparing us for the big punchline by skirting around talking about the transfer window, or is there simply nothing to talk about at the moment? I’m going for the second choice myself….

What do you think?

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    1. lollllll this article is jokes.
      everyones gone bit mental.

      i actually enjoy people losing there mind to transfer madness…
      some of you lot have been comedic gold

      *grabs cup of kenco

      1. and you’ll be going mental with the rest of us when we complete another 4th place R16 exist season. Even if we get someone like Benzema we still have Arsene Wenger playing midfielders as wingers.

  1. Ffs nobody gives a damn about our current players’ feelings, they do more talking than walking. All we want to see are actions and results, no more freaking talk and false hope on transfers

  2. Hope us gooners can get some good news before the transfer window closes! Hoping wenger has a surprise up his sleeve! Coyg!

  3. Funny thing was that I was just scrolling through the homepage before I came here and noticed the same thing. The people who are running the club are a joke. How are they letting AW get away with this? Any other top club Wenger would have had the sack a while ago. Only at Arsenal are the fans, and people in charge too scared of moving forward without AW. His time has come. Dont care if people say its too early in the season, we all know deep inside the inevitability of us getting 4th, and booted out UCL at R16. This is the best Wenger can do and its not good enough anymore. I want Arsenal to do better than this. C’mon, tired of these wasted transfer windows. Refuse to buy any Arsenal jersey or anything like it until this club gets serious. I feel bad for fans that go to Emirates every few weeks. The most expensive ticket prices being paid while the higherups are just hoarding the money for the sake of hoarding it. Ridiculous. AW is OUT of excuses and I’m so tired of fans making them up for him.

    1. You weep and cry like Jose MouMou. Why don’t you become a Chelsea supporter. The weeping and moaning is non-stop over there.

      1. Lol, so wanting to win now means I’m a Chelsea fan? Way to insult Arsenal. I want THIS club to do well because its the club I love. Wenger is a fraud and has been living off his past success, and its time for a change. Can’t continue any longer.

        1. @RSH instead of winging about AW I suggest you Look at the votes you have, and re think your loyalty!

          1. Lol, I think down votes are his interpretation of up-votes. Trolling is a lifestyle to some folks 😛

            1. I’m rarely drawn in to commenting on this site but you sir are a moron.
              He is not trolling at all, he is just venting his frustration at the mediocrity that is Wenger. Some of us do have the opinion he has reached his limit and it is a valid opinion. I hope to god wenger does have a plan this season as phooey every season, but I honestly think he doesn’t have it in him anymore.

    2. Never mind the fans that go Emirates, paying expensive tickets, every ticket I buy for every away match is more expensive than the home ones. Even palace v Arsenal.is more than I pay for Arsenal.v palace. All this shit about we are the most expensive, forget it, every away ticket will cost more than my average home ticket price of £38.

      1. Not really. £64 is the lowest priced ticket for this weekend’s game vs Liverpool. Show me another PL club where the lowest price is that high. Ridiculously expensive. And yes, I have a right to moan, I bought it.

  4. @Fred Cowardly, from last article
    “In my opinion
    Costa and Aguero > Giroud
    Giroud > Rooney, Kane, Lukaku, Bony
    Giroud = Remy, Benteke

    Giroud is definitely one of the Top 5 CF in the PL

    However, we need an even better CF like Benzema, Lewandowski, Muller, Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Higuain.”

    This is a brief analysis of all those players including Giroud.

    Rooney – 29 to be 30 soon, debuted in the EPL at 16 and the rest is history. Are you kidding? Should this even be a freaking argument? NEVER COMPARE PLEASE. We’ve all seen Rooney play. Today, tomorrow, yesterday, 5 years from now….Rooney. No bloody arguments. He had a bad season
    Kane – 22, scored 21 in the league last year in his first season as a starter. Talented lad, young, loads of potential. Skillful, very good finisher and a definite class player. Giroud has been starting of Arsenal for 3 years and highest tally is 16 in the league.

    Lukaku – 22, introduced at the same time to english football as Giroud. 44 goals in the PL till now, highest tally of 17 in the league while playing at lesser teams like West Brom and Everton. Loads of potential, loads of talent, and isn’t near his best yet but looks like he is almost world class. Big guy with a silky style of play. Fast, flair, tricky, dribbles, very strong and fantastic footwork. To me, the MUST have of the bunch.

    Bony – 26, highest tally at 16 goals in the league in 2013/14 as a starter for Swansea City. Quicker, better footwork and stronger. He is at Man City behind Aguero where Giroud will face the same fate. In fact with Bony there, he would be 3rd choice. Better footballer IMO.

    Benteke – 24, introduced at the same time to the EPL as Giroud. 43 in the EPL and highest tally in the league of 19 while playing at Aston Villa. Loads of potential, talent and equivalent to Lukaku in style of play.

    Giroud – 29, highest tally in the league at 16 goals since 3 seasons at Arsenal. Plays with world class creative players…Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla etc and still can’t hit 20 in the league. No pace, no skills, no dribbling and makes to likes of Tevez, Messi and Aguero look like they have super-human strength. No more potential and as we’ve seen is not a very talented footballer.

    All of those players are definite improvements to Giroud.

    1. ok thats all well an good but have any of them got good hair?!

      what was that? cant hear u!


    2. Rooney had a bad season and manage 12 in league last year and 17 in 2013/2014. That’s what shallow-minded analysts don’t get. He has an bad season or 2 and is played out of position and manages those figures. The only time shallow-minded analysts can compare Giroud to world class players like Rooney is when world class players have a horrible season. This tells you all you need to know about his footballing talent.
      They should not be put in the same sentence in the first place.

  5. Hahahahah excellent article.
    We have to laugh.

    I D love to read about Ramsey growing a beard.
    About feelings of cech towards his hat.
    About who is Arteta hairstylist
    About Alexis on TV with his Chilean accent.
    So many ….so short time.

  6. We should give Ozil and Sanchez new contarct worth 200 k each. If Wenger screws us in this transfer market by not signing top striker and DM they would not want to stay with us for long
    so give them long term deal and huge salary.
    By the way what a pathetic article Admin.

  7. Every two days someone at bullfeces.blog says “let us wind up some Arsenal crazies” and shortly after appears the clickbait headline “Benzenma washes his hair, that means…” , and the lightheaded Arsenal fans go bonkers and want to know why Wenger does not have shampoo for Karim. ” Wenger out,out, out out.”
    RSH is here frothing in anticipation. Why do you do this to yourselves ?

  8. The amount of negativity on this site by some supporters “who proclaim to be gooners” is beyond sad!

    1. U cant blame them for showing their anger becoz Wenger and the transfer management team
      has disappointed us Arsenal fans by showing lack of ambition in transfer market for the last few years. I admit they have signed quality players like Ozil, Sanchez and Cech but to be real title contendors we need to be ruthless and sign players we need the most like DM and ST. We have the money to buy top striker and DM but why are we delaying. We could have easily signed a DM by now like Schneiderlin, Vidal or Krychowiak but Wenger’s blind faith has cost us. Ddnt u see how poor we were againt aveage west ham ?

    2. i dont like to talk bad about Arsenal and i’m sure none of us do, but some people on this forum treat Arsenal like a religion or their child. Arsenal isnt perfect, and we all see that. I cant say out with Wenger cuz he’s done a lot while keeping us in the top teir, but Arsenal is now up there with barca, man u and the other big boys in terms of brand. But we must must start winning now and it doesnt seem like we are doin enough to achieve something better than fa cup.
      I’d like us to win the fa cup again plus something else at the very least.

  9. OK we all know that most of what is written on Arsenal’s website is biased and misleading. Especially when we lose a match, then 2-3 of our players must say that we need to bounce back and when we don’t sign a player there are articles about how good our current squad is etc. etc….
    Now Theo is the solid and mature CF who will lead us through the campaign, I wonder who believes ree eally that bul$$hit??

  10. Walcott was signed for us as “potential” talent in 2006 for what ended up being a transfer fee of £9.1m.
    Since 2006 he’s scored a pathetic 50 league goals and from being on £90,000 pw , he’s now on £140,000 pw and doesn’t seem to be a first choice player.

    Maybe my stats are wrong but an awful lot of money seems to have been thrown at this guy in the hope he’d be great when we would have been far better buying someone proven from the start. This is all with the benefit of hindsight but we do seem to thrown hugh wages at unproven players.

    1. Walcott will be sold next year or even this year if we could sign someone like Gotze who has been heavily linked and Agent Alexis has said we have offered 35 m for him. It could be just a
      rumour but this is exactly what I feel will happen.

      1. 35m for Walcott is as close to fantasy as Ramsey to barca for 40m …. Keeps the crazies on this site drooling over mediocrity and nodding at the idiot grenouille’s philosophical drivel … Should have been sold in the window might have got 20m from the scoussers and could have bought griezman or other quality options

  11. OT…anyone with a link to Arsenal last season review (ie all games)…wanna download asap…(not too heavy, if possible…nevertheless)…thanks

  12. What’s happened to all these people on this site that went around saying we were all acting like spoilt children for complaining about a lack of transfer activity back in early July? ‘The window’s only been open for 5 days’ they said. ‘We’ve already signed Cech, be patient, there’s still two months to go’ they said.

    Can’t see any of those comments now. No more signings have been made. The season has already started and 3 points have already been lost.

    1. Thats called keeping blind faith in Wenger. I can understand we not signing a top striker becoz Real wanted us to wait to sell Benzema earlier but we should have atleast signed a DM by now. We are in a position now that we need DM and ST every season but Wenger says our team is good enough to win. What a joke.

  13. Why did Wenger gave Walcott 140 k pw new contract if he is gonna keep him on the bench ?
    I will tell u why becoz he wants to sell him to a high price this season or next season.
    Wenger’s first choice striker is Giroud. Wenger prefers Ramsey on the wing to other wide players
    like Ox and Walcott. Aleixis is our guarented lw so Wenger needs to wake and pick players in
    their right position. He needs to be ruthless and drop either Cazorla or Ramsey and play balanced
    team with two wide players Walcott/Ox on right. I wont mind if he plays Walcott as CF sometimes.

    1. @moneytalks
      He only played him at CF prior to him signing a new contract and he plainly prefers Giroud, Ramsey and Ox to him so I agree he’s there as back up.
      £140k pw is £7.3m pa plus I’m sure he got a contract renewal fee and he will get loyalty bonuses. The same will happen if we ever sell him- unless he demands a transfer he’ll get a chunk of the transfer fee. Payments like these would have been given to him every time he signed a new contract.

      I’m not anti Walcott, I’m just thinking a ridiculous amount of money has been paid for a pretty poor return and this idea of paying players big money in the hope we can sell them later at a profit is flawed when you take inflated wages and bonuses into account. If he plays well we want to keep him so selling on price is irrelevant but if he plays badly or doesn’t play then his price goes down in which case all the inflated salary and bonuses are nonsense.

      It’s logic like this that left us with Bendtner on the books for years on silly money and what did we sell him for ?

      A bit of a rambling rant.

  14. Walcott will not move to a bigger or equal club if he moves, if that i’m certain. So that means he wont go for more than 15mil pounds.

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