Fast Arsenal start vital after Man City loss to Chelsea

Arsenal fans will have been hoping for a draw from the big Premier League match of the weekend earlier today, when Antonio Conte took his in form Chelsea team to face Man City, or if there was to be a winner I think we would all have preferred it to be Guardiola’s team, not just because they were not so far ahead of Arsenal but to halt the dangerous momentum the Blues are building.

It really should have been a win for Man City as well as Chelsea looked shaky at the back. Unfortunately the City players wasted a number of great chances both before and after their only goal and that allowed Chelsea to first get back on level terms after De Bruyne had missed an open goal from a few yards out, and then to punich them further with a second and a late third.

That result has certainly piled the pressure on the Arsenal players and made it even more crucial that they respond to the manager’s call for a fast start, reported on the Arsenal website.

The prof said, “It’s important to start well because that’s where you dictate your authority on the game, and because it’s our style. You want to be faithful to your style.

“You also get in a zone where you want to be straight away. It’s always difficult to get in the zone of playing with speed when you start slowly. It is important and it’s a kind of race.

“You cannot start to accelerate halfway through the race, you have to be strong from the start. That’s why we want to get used to not having any slow starts. We always want to be on the front foot from kick-off.

“That’s always the speech you have before the game. After that you face individual rituals. Every player has their own ritual to prepare for the game, and his own way of feeling, struggling with his doubts.

“As a unit, the team is not always on the same energy level and our job is to prepare the team to have the right energy level from the start.”

The big question now is whether the pressure from the Chelsea win will help Arsenal to start like the boss wants or whether it will affect the players in a negative way.



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Chelsea are excellent this season
    Liverpool is very good too

    We need to go on a big winning streak

  2. Ramterta says:

    chelsea are gonna be a very hard team to beat this season.
    Most of their goals are coming from counter attacks and quick reactions.
    For a team to beat chepsea its gotta keep 100% concentration the entire match

  3. kabeer says:

    I think Wenger should extend his contract to 2018. That will be after the 2018 World Cup. By that time Henry would have gained valuable experience as a coach. From there, he can replace Wenger.

    What’s best is that he could become our version of Zidane. He loves the club, the fans love him, and he has a similar philosophy as Wenger’s. Win for everyone

  4. HA559 says:

    It’s sad days that you have to look at the opponents lineup and see if Arsenal will win. West Ham have made many changes. I think this turns the match in Arsenals favour. Arsenal have a more solid lineup defensivley.

    Arsenal to win 2-1.

  5. David says:

    Sorry guys Off topic..
    the red card for City Aguero and Fernando is it a 3match suspension?

    if it is thy are missing Arsenal game! ?

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