Fast start, consistency, and Arsenal could be INVINCIBLE again

There have been many discussions about Arsenal’s failings last season and how they can improve on those performances in the next campaign. Most Arsenal players think that we have improved considerably as the season progressed, and Hector Bellerin simply thinks we need to keep up our end-of-season form to figure in the title race next year.

Hector told the Star: “We didn’t do that great at the beginning of last season but we showed by the end how we can perform, that we have great players and we were really doing well as a team. So we just need to keep that momentum up for the new season and start on the right foot.

“It will be really important to start strong, to let people know that we have the same way of playing last season and can get the same results.

“We want people to know that we will be aggressive and that we are coming to fight for the title.”

Thomas Rosicky also thinks that we didn’t see the true Arsenal team until after the New Year, but agrees with Bellerin that we need to start in the same way we finished the campaign, and most importantly, maintain some consistency all year.

“I thought we would challenge last season but obviously the first half of the season was not good,” Rosicky said on Sky Sports. “We did not play well at all and it wasn’t the Arsenal style of football we were playing. You could see from January we started to play our way and it was Arsenal. Now we have to show we can produce these kind of performances for the whole season and not just for half.

“Every player realises we have to carry on that momentum,”

The Czech international has been at the club for nine years, and believes that this is the best collection of players he has seen here. “It’s definitely the strongest squad,” Rosicky continued. “Numbers-wise it’s the most talented squad I have played with.

“Is it the best team I have played in? It’s difficult to say. The 2007/08 side was a great team as well and we were top of the Premier League until February. Three or four injuries was the reason we weren’t champions that year.

“But the current squad in terms of its depth is the most talented since I’ve been here.”

That is a very telling statement from the veteran midfielder, but who better to make a comparison with our previous squads than our very own legend Thierry Henry, and he is hoping that the current crop can emulate the feats of his own generation. “It’s a difficult task to win the FA Cup back to back, but they have done that,” Thierry told Arsenal Player.

“You could see right from the start [against Villa] that Arsenal were going to win the game, and that made it easier for us fans to watch; it was less nerve-racking than the year before.

“So, the progress is there. Now, what we are waiting for is the consistency in the league, because that is very important. That is where you can judge a team, in the league.

“Having said that, our generation started by winning the cup and went on to win a double and stayed unbeaten — that is all I can hope for this group to do.”

That is all that every Arsenal fan hopes for. The signs are good for next season and we just have to maintain our supreme confidence through the summer, and come back fighting!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. It sounds like some of the players are restless and frustrated like us fans,

    if it wasn’t for Coq coming good I don’t know if we would of been in the CL this season

    Arsenal didn’t buy a DM did we NO we took a chance with a player we had that wasn’t wanted before,

    going back the season before last if we had a striker and a deacent DM we would of won the EPL

    Why can’t they just buy what we need instead of taking huge risk by playing players out of position to make do that’s us MAKE DO

    I realy hope this transfer season we buy top players becouse if we don’t do well I fear some of our talented players will leave

    1. Our 2 best players Sanchez and Cazorla can see we need to strengthen with top quality players,I just hope Wenger is thinking along the same lines as they are

      1. Dee@ease
        the truth is that we are just short of being great great team and I think all professional,s agree and say the same thing we need Couple of top players NOW not one every season, it’s no longer about finances we are strong in that play

        Arsenal board thought that with the FFP rools salaries and signing fees would go down and all be equal, what with our new stadium with extra incom and new sponsership they thought we will do well without spending big, but unfortunately FIFA is droping FFP they can’t control it like they thought Manchester City already saying they are not following rools this season and they are spending big eaven if it means huge fines

        1. FFP has been a complete failure in my books,teams like Man City,PSG etc are still going to spend ridiculous sums,we must be smart and act fast this transfer window we just can’t have Wenger dilly dallying over transfers!

  2. Do not forget the “elephant in the room”….”The urgently needed great striker”.
    Fast start, consistency and no quality needed = 4th place again.
    Just like 2013/2014 season. We started well and we where consistent for sometime but not enough quality was present to sustain the consistency for 38 games.
    Same with this squad but just the reverse happened this recently concluded season…it was a slow start.
    If we don’t have a great striker (or we still have Giroud as the main striker), another quality DM, a cb that can take Mertersacker’s position (whether Gabriel steps up or we get another cb) and to a lesser extent a goalkeeper, **we will not win the EPL and CL.**
    Until then we are not invincible, we are just vulnerable.

  3. Everybody knows we need a striker…but unfortunately,Wenger is confused..why? Cos we are stuck with Welbeck…no wonder Wenger wished it had been a loan deal….cos Welbeck is a serious gamble and for now,its nt paying

  4. 2 goals less than Chelsea.
    25 goal striker ?
    We got one
    called Sanchez.
    Giroud Walcott Sanchez Ox Ramsey Wellbeck
    DM? We got one called Coquelin.
    Just add Cech and cover for Coque and we are fine.

    1. @phelyx
      I bet you’ll like it when he appoints his son, brother and or buddies to run the club into relegation…
      Keep hope alive dude…

  5. I think we still need a natural wide right player – for the last few games of the season it was Rambo, and that makes the entire play narrow! Reus or Isco could play there, but tbh anyone who is a natural at that role that AW finds good enough for the XI will be good

  6. I think we still need a natural wide right player – for the last few games of the season it was Rambo, and that makes the entire play narrow! Reus or Isco could play there, but tbh anyone who is a natural at that role that AW finds good enough for the XI will be good for us all

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