FC Porto boss accuses Arteta of insulting his family

FC Porto manager Sergio Conceicao could be called a sore loser after he accused Mikel Arteta of insulting his family.

He was impressed by his team’s performance in the first leg and ran his mouth in several interviews after that game.

Porto’s game plan had worked to perfection in Portugal, but Arsenal were better prepared for the game last night.

It was an intense fixture, just like the first leg, and tempers flared at several stages of the match, among players and officials.

After the game, the Porto gaffer claims Arteta insulted his family. He said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘The result was unjust. Our team deserved to go through.

‘What Arteta said, towards the bench in Spanish, he insulted my family. He should focus on training his team.’

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This is not the first time that Conceicao has accused a manager of insulting his family, and the story is becoming stale.

We do not expect him to be happy after his team lost, but it makes no sense for him to divert the attention towards something else.

The most important takeaway from that game is that we have broken our Champions League curse, and we now expect to make progress in the competition.

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  1. He is known to be a VERY bad looser this guy and trying to cover up his boring tactics.
    His players almost got laying wounds to their skin at the end.

  2. The article writer and all of us have not got a clue, what was said by Arteta. We all hope he didn’t cross the line and for now, we are all in the dark. And what a rediculous thing to write in the Just Arsenal Opinion.

    1. Exactly WHAT was “ridiculous” in JA Opinion Reggie??

      All I saw there was extremely fair comment . YOU seemingly dont agree with it but many will ,VERY MANY indeed!
      Just THINK whether it is likely that MA would actually “insult” the rival managers family ,in Spanish, Chinese, English or Double Dutch. The likelihood of him doing so is about the same as Donald Trump becoming a social worker.

      It was VERY FAIR COMMENT INDEED, to real thinkers on JA!

      1. I wouldn’t normally reply to Fox. BUT seeing as though you are short of intelligence to see why. The article was about, the accusation that Arteta has/had insulted the opposition manager. If he didn’t, which, NONE of us know if he did or didn’t, then yes, the most important thing WOULD have been the qualification. BUT if he did, then the OPINION in JA opinion, seems to be. Well it doesn’t matter, if he did, we qualified and it doesn’t matter, if our manager insulted him. The article was NOT about qualification!!!!!!!!

        1. And I dont care, if you think or dont think Arteta did or didn’t insult him. YOU DONT KNOW!!!!!!!

  3. “The result was unjust. Our team deserved to go through”. And how the hell did we not deserve to go through? his side did’nt got a goal ruled out neither were they denied a blatant penalty, They even MISSED TWO penalties in the shootout, only for this bozo to say to the press that “the result was unjust”. sums it up for me, he is indeed a SORE LOSER hence going as far as making false accussations.

  4. The JA opinion is spot on BTW, The guy needs a psychotherapist! That’s some TOXIC TRAIT from him.

  5. The story emerging is that Arteta referenced a sensitive area of Conceicao’s deceased mother’s anatomy, with an insult that’s quite common in Spain.

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